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Physical Preparation with Buddy Morris


Buddy Morris is the physical preparation coach for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, and is easily one of the most well-read and most knowledgeable coaches I’ve ever met. Now I’m going to tell you, this is NOT your average interview. In fact, I don’t think Buddy even let me ask a question until we […]

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RTS Coaching: Ab Wheel Rollouts


Ever since I got into training, I’ve been a huge advocate of core work. Quite simply, if your core isn’t strong enough, you’re not going to be able to demonstrate the speed, strength, or power that you’ve worked so hard to create. One of my favorite all time ab exercises is the ab wheel rollout. […]

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31 Random Training Thoughts


  Whenever I start prepping for seminars, I feel like my brain is one big, jumbled mess. (Yes – even more jumbled than usual!) I have my current thoughts/ideas/philosophies about training, but then I’m also “uptaking” a bunch of new material as well. It’s like taking a neat and tidy room, and then throwing a […]

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Physical Preparation with Joel Jamieson


I’m forever indebted to Joel Jamieson. His book, Ultimate MMA Conditioning, completely changed the way I looked at conditioning and energy systems training. But most importantly, this book gave me the tools to help build better athletes. In this episode, we’re going to dig deep into the topic of conditioning. We’re going to talk about […]

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RTS Coaching: Push-up to Single-Arm Support

Push-up to SA Support

Much like the Renegade Row (which we covered last week), a push-up to single-arm support is a terrific total-body exercise. First and foremost, you get the benefits of reaching which I’ve touted numerous times here. But furthermore, when going into a single-arm support position you really overload the core, and stress its ability to resist […]

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Physical Preparation with Keith D’Amelio


When Patrick Ward tells you he’s got someone you need to interview, you listen – so I made it a goal to connect with Keith D’Amelio and make this happen. Keith’s professional career is broad and wide-ranging – from stops with the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Stanford University and now Nike, Keith is both well-traveled […]

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RTS Coaching: How to Renegade Row

Renegade Row

I’m a HUGE fan of Renegade Rows. I mean, who wouldn’t want an exercise that can bulletproof your shoulders, strengthen your core, and make you feel like a superstar athlete all at the same time? If you’re a rotary sport athlete (i.e. golf, tennis, baseball, etc.) Renegade Rows will give you the anti-rotary stability that’s […]

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The Road to 600

The Road to 600

This is a guest post by Nick Rossencutter The 600 pound deadlift.  It is a milestone that I chased and wanted  for quite a long time. Flash back to early 2009, my final year of college.  I had just competed about 5 times in 8 months and was determined to pull a 600lb deadlift. I […]

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Physical Preparation with Bryan Mann


Almost three years ago, I was attending the Sounders Sports Science seminar in Seattle. A group of us went out to dinner after a long day of learning, and over the course of drinks I struck up a conversation with a guy across the table. We had both competed in powerlifting, so naturally we hit […]

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RTS Coaching: Reaching vs. Shrugging


While everybody and their mother likes to talk about the bench press, I’m a huge believer in focusing on reaching exercises to keep my athletes healthy and strong. In fact, if you’ve reviewed my Physical Preparation 101 DVD’s, you’ll remember that I break all of my upper body movements down into reaching and rowing variations. […]

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How to Hack Team Sports Conditioning Tests


Over the past couple of years, team sports conditioning tests have become the bane of my existence. Well, let me preface that – bane of my existence along with early sports specialization, everyone being a nutrition expert, and a host of other things. But I digress… First and foremost, these tests are often stupid and […]

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Physical Preparation with Joe Kenn


Joe Kenn is not only a world-class physical preparation coach, but also someone I feel privileged to call a good friend. This guy has been successful at every level of athletic development – from college to the pros, and in both the public and private sectors. And to prove it, he’s the only guy to […]

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