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The IFAST 4 Step Athletic Assessment Process


One thing that we’ve always been known for at IFAST is our assessment process. We’ve had people come from all parts of the world (including Japan, Bulgaria, Europe and Australia) to have us take a look “under the hood.” However, I’m a firm believer that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you can […]

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Physical Preparation with Kevin Neeld


While I’m admittedly not the biggest hockey fan out there, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obsessed with learning more about athletic development in all sports. Kevin Neeld is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ice hockey training, and someone that we can all definitely learn from. In today’s show we’re […]

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Physical Preparation with Charlie Weingroff


Charlie Weingroff is a guy I’ve known for years, and he’s definitely one of the most entertaining guys in our business. While he went to school to become a physical therapist and works with clients in that fashion, Charlie views himself more as a strength coach versus a PT, gives him a truly unique perspective […]

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5 Thoughts on Off-Season Baseball Training


When you think of elite baseball development, it only makes sense to think of Cressey Sports Performance. Whether it’s the 39 guys they had in the major leagues last year, or the 100’s of minor league and developmental guys they training, it’s obvious they’re pretty darn good at what they do. At IFAST, we may […]

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Physical Preparation with Andy McCloy


If you haven’t heard of Andy McCloy before today, then I’m glad this will be your first exposure to him. Andy is not only a guy I deeply respect, but someone who is truly making a difference with the young athletes he coaches. In today’s show we’re going to talk about Andy’s unique path in […]

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Physical Preparation with Bill Hartman


I’m almost ashamed of the fact that Bill Hartman and I have been good friends for 10 years, we run a business together, AND I’ve recorded almost 60 podcasts over the years yet never had him on as a guest. But quite simply, Bill is not only one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met, […]

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Physical Preparation with Mike Roncarati Part 2


  I know what you’re probably thinking… “Hey Mike – didn’t you just interview this guy last week?” And while I did interview Mike last week, this show is going to be pretty darn unique. After last week’s show, Mike and I agreed that we could go even deeper into what he does with the […]

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Physical Preparation with Mike Roncarati


Mike Roncarati is coming off a dream year. As a physical preparation coach for the Golden State Warriors, they achieved what every team sets out to do: To win an NBA championship ring. And while the easy move would be to stay in San Francisco with the Warriors, he’s since made the move across country, […]

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Bar Core Training For Athletes

Bar Core Training

This is a guest post by Travis Hansen of Reno Speed School It’s no secret at this point that core training has been absolutely addressed to death in the industry. We all pretty much know what it consist of anatomically, how it operates, so on and so fourth. However, providing an extra progression for high-level […]

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4 Ways Joe Kenn Made Me a Better Coach


I never have, and never will, claim to be a perfect coach. Like most of us, the deeper I dig, the more I realize I really don’t know. But one thing I feel helps keep me at the top of my game is surrounding myself with other great coaches. I know that if I spend […]

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Physical Preparation with Pat Davidson


Pat Davidson has got to be one of the smartest meatheads I’ve ever met. With a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and a career in strongman, the guy has pushed the limits both physically and mentally. In this show, Pat and I are going to discuss his diverse athletic background, why he got into education, and […]

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Lat Activation for Bigger Pulls


Ever missed a heavy deadlift, clean, or snatch because the bar got out in front of you? I have – and it sucks! You get the bar moving off the floor, but then, the bar drifts out in front, rounding you over, and putting you in a horrible position to finish the lift. Not only […]

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