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Physical Preparation with Joe Kenn


Joe Kenn is not only a world-class physical preparation coach, but also someone I feel privileged to call a good friend. This guy has been successful at every level of athletic development – from college to the pros, and in both the public and private sectors. And to prove it, he’s the only guy to […]

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How to Perform Rear Foot Elevated Split-Squats

rear foot elevated split-squat

I’ll be honest: For several years, I was not a huge fan of rear foot elevated split-squats (RFESS)/Bulgarian split-squats/whatever the cool kids are calling them these days. My biggest issue with the exercise was the execution: If you you do a Google search for the exercise, you’ll see pictures of athletes crushing their lumbar spines, […]

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Physical Preparation with Nick Winkelman


In this episode of the Physical Preparation Podcast I have Nick Winkelman from EXOS, formerly known as Athlete’s Performance. Nick is the head of the Combine Development program at EXOS, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in coaching science In this show, Nick and I cover his deeply rooted story for getting into physical preparation, […]

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RTS Coaching – Whole Foot on RDL’s


One of the key things we focus on at IFAST is feeling your feet when you train. Feeling your whole foot is critical for optimizing center of gravity, which in turn allows you to load and feel the appropriate muscles when training. I often joke that strength training is the only sport where it’s beneficial […]

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Regardless of whether your goal is to get bigger, get stronger, or to simply shed some body fat, learning how to deadlift properly can help you achieve your goal faster. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no clue how to deadlift properly, and as such, end up getting injured. In this article, you’ll learn how […]

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Physical Preparation with Derek Hansen

Derek Hansen

Derek Hansen is one of my go-to resources when it comes to speed training and physical preparation. This guy has been around some true legends in our game – Al Vermeil, Al Miller, and the incomparable Charlie Francis to name just a few – and I guarantee you can learn a thing or two from […]

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RTS Coaching – The Breathing Push-up


At this point, we all know that push-ups rock. They train the serratus anterior, strengthen the rotator cuff, and tie the upper and lower body together. So how do we take an awesome exercise and make it even more awesome (and a lot more challenging)? Simple – we add focused breathing into the equation. Below […]

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6 Ways To Be a Better Coach Today

Better Coach Today

As you get older, it’s natural to reflect on your early days, especially when it comes to your career. From 2000-2002, I was an intern/volunteer/assistant strength coach at Ball State University. There, I got my feet wet as an aspiring strength coach, and absolutely fell in love with the job. Looking back, I can’t help […]

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Strategic Deconditioning for Athletes

Strategic Deconditioning

This is a guest post by Travis Hansen This particular training concept or technique was originally brought to light by Bryan Haycock. 1 I read a statement from Christian Thibadeau and I think he references its definition very well. Paraphrasing of course, Strategic Deconditioning is the improvement of our muscle cells “trainability” or responsiveness to […]

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Physical Preparation with Kevin Boss

Kevin Boss

Kevin Boss made it to the top of the mountain with regards to his athletic development. Not only was he one of the few who made it to the elite ranks by playing in the NFL, but in doing so he took home a world championship with the New York Giants. However, as you can […]

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RTS Coaching – The Bear


I have a confession to make… I’m obsessed with ab exercises. And not because I’m trying to make my athletes look like a cover model or something like that. Instead, I know how important and valuable strong abs are. Whether it’s making us stronger and more powerful, or simply making us more bulletproof, abs can […]

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4 Ways I’m Evolving as a Coach

Evolving as a Coach

I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as staying neutral. Either you’re getting better, or you’re worse. Period. As a coach, I’d like to think my core philosophy is in place. But while the big rocks are pretty firmly placed, there’s a lot of room for evolution and growth. After all, in […]

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