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Chris Chase on the Evolution of Strength & Conditioning in Basketball

Chris Chase is the Director of Performance for the Memphis Grizzlies. In this role, he’s in charge of managing Grizzlies performance staff and weight room, writing all performance programming, and serving as one of the strength and conditioning coaches. In this show, Chris and I cover a ton of topics, including the education necessary to […]

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What Hand Position is Best for Chest Supported Rows?

Back in the day, I used to LOVE doing some chest supported rows. And while it’s obviously an effective exercise for building the mid-back, I often get one question time and time again when coaching it: Which hand position is best? In this short video, I describe to you the differences between a neutral and […]

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Dr. Ramsey Nijem on Developing Young NBA Talent

Dr. Ramsey Nijem begins his sixth season with the Sacramento Kings, and his fourth as the team’s head strength and conditioning coach. Dr. Nijem spent two seasons as the Kings assistant strength and conditioning coach prior to his current role. Before joining the Kings, Dr. Nijem was the head strength and conditioning coach at Santa […]

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Build That Back with the Dumbbell Row

The DB row is one of those exercises that many assume is easy, simply because everyone does it. But if you walk into most commercial gyms, it’s really evident that most people DO NOT know how to do this exercise correctly! If you want a quick tutorial on how to get the most out of […]

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Casey Zavaleta on Building a Strong and Healthy Female Body

Casey Zavaleta is a functional strength coach at All Day Fit, a personal training gym based out of Toronto, Canada. Prior to her time there, Casey also worked for Toronto FC of the MLS, and got a double-major in neuroscience and dance from Indiana University. I originally crossed paths with Casey a few years back […]

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Build Your Abs AND Upper Body with the Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

When it comes to training, I’m all about maximizing bang for my buck. After all, why do multiple exercises when ONE exercise can give you a ton of benefit? In this case, the single-arm dumbbell bench press is an awesome choice, because it not only strengthens the upper body, but builds a strong and stable […]

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5 Ways to Build Relationships and Rapport Faster as a Trainer or Coach

In today’s training space, there’s a lot of lip service and cliché talk about “soft skills,” “culture” and “rapport.” Am I devaluing those things in any way, shape or form? Absolutely not! In fact I believe they’re critical to maximizing your success as a trainer or coach. But here’s the thing… …with lots of so […]

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Loosen Up Stiff Shoulders with the Kettlebell Arm Bar

As I discussed a few weeks back in my face pull video, a lot of clients and athletes struggle with shoulder mobility issues. As such, we need to constantly be widening our training toolbox if we want to help those people move and feel better! The kettlebell arm bar is yet another exercise that you […]

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Matthew Ibrahim on Slow Cooking and Communication in Training

Matthew Ibrahim is the Co-Owner, Director of Strength & Conditioning and Internship Coordinator at TD Athletes Edge in Salem, MA. He has been an invited guest speaker nationally in over 10 U.S. states, which was highlighted by his presentations at Google Headquarters, Stanford University, Equinox and Lululemon, in addition to guest speaking internationally in Milan, […]

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Build Total Body Power with the Kettlebell Swing

Many people would assume that if you’re dealing with a lower body injury, that you can’t train lower body power. And that’s simply not the case! If we go way back to 2012, my good friend BJ Gaddour was talking about how he loved the kettlebell swing for developing lower body strength and power. BJ […]

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10 Keys to Building Better Basketball Players

Growing up, I was absolutely obsessed with basketball. It wasn’t uncommon for me to spend 4, 6, and sometimes upwards of 8 hours a day working on my game. And while I loved playing the game, I might love coaching basketball players even more. In this show, I cover 10 ways we can help make […]

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Face Pulls for Healthy Shoulders

When it comes to training, nothing can slow your roll faster than a set of beat up shoulders. And while your standard pressing and pulling exercises might be able to help, one of my favorite shoulder friendly exercises is the face pull. In this short video I’ll explain not only why I like the face […]

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