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Physical Preparation with Eric Cressey


Eric Cressey and I have been good friends for years. Whether it was writing articles for T-Nation or giving presentations, it’s been awesome to watch him grow and evolve over the years. In this show, Eric and I talk about how he got into the world of physical preparation, how he built an incredibly successful […]

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Physical Preparation with Chad Kolarcik


A few years back at one of the Seattle Sounders seminars, I was listening to Chad Kolarcik talk about his strength training program with the team. And the more he detailed his program, the more I realized that he and I think very similarly with regards to athletic development. In this episode we’re going to […]

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RTS Coaching: Hips Up on RDL’s


Like I mentioned last week, the RDL can be a very difficult lift to coach. Another common mistake I see is when athletes want to bend the knees excessively, or almost try and “squat” the weight down. Not only does it make for a terribly inefficient lift, but you fail to load the hips and […]

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31 Random Thoughts on Speed and Agility Training

NY Jets vs. Buffalo, Oct 2009 - 43

Speed and agility training has been a focus of mine for several years now. Around 2010 I came to the realization that if I wanted to become a more complete coach, a true physical preparation coach, that I had to get better at programming conditioning and coaching speed and agility work. Since then, I’ve made […]

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Physical Preparation with Lee Taft


Lee Taft is a guy that has been absolutely integral in my development as a physical preparation coach. While I’ve always been comfortable around the weights, a topic like speed and agility requires someone to mentor you, and in many ways, Lee has been that mentor for me. In this episode, we’re going to discuss […]

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RTS Coaching: Chest Over the Bar on RDL’s


I’ve been a firm believer for years that the Romanian Deadlift, or RDL, is the most difficult lift to teach in the gym. Whether it’s poor stability patterns through the spine, failure to move through the hips, or too much knee motion, there’s just a lot going on in this seemingly simple exercise. As such, […]

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Dissecting the Wall Drill


When it comes to speed development, no topic is more polarizing than the wall drill. (Except maybe the speed ladder, but that’s a discussion for another day.) Some coaches love wall drills and use them as their go-to tool when teaching acceleration mechanics. Others feel that they are absolutely worthless, and would never consider using […]

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Physical Preparation with Doug Kechijian

Staff Sgt Douglas P. Kechijian, 2015 AIr National Guard Outstanding Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year. (Air National Guard photo by MSgt Marvin R. Preston/Released)

  Doug Kechijian is a guy I initially met a few years ago when he was a PT student for Bill. We immediately connected because of our similar age and affinity for everything 80’s, but Doug is an awesome guy and someone I’m excited to have on the show here today. In this episode we’re […]

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RTS Coaching: The Knees Extended Bear


A few months back, I introduced you to a new core training exercise: The Bear. I love the bear because it really targets the obliques, and also reinforces good reaching patterns for my athletes. However, if you’re anything like me, you always want to get to the next level. Enter, the knees extended bear… Now […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Coaching


I don’t know about you, but when I went to school there wasn’t a textbook or a course for coaching. We could get all the anatomy, physiology and biomechcanics that our little heart desired. But when it came down to the nitty gritty details of helping a real, live person get better? Sorry, but that […]

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Physical Preparation with Loren Landow


Loren Landow is a guy I got turned on to a few years back from my good friend Joe Kenn, and needless to say, he’s a wealth of knowledge and someone I deeply respect. In this show, Loren and I talk about his journey in the world of physical preparation, his best cues and drills […]

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RTS Coaching: Foot-Knee-Hip on Unilateral Work


  A few weeks back, I wrote an article about five of the biggest benefits of single-leg training. If you haven’t read that, take a few minutes and review it first, as I think it gives unique insight into the true role of unilateral training. And if you want the Cliff’s Notes version, here goes: […]

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