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10 Quotes and Mindset Tips to Help You Level Up in Life

With the recent launch of my Complete Coach Certification, traveling to Seattle to speak at Joel Jamieson’s Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach seminar, and fostering a new doggie, time has been limited to say the least! However, even though I didn’t link up with an industry insider this week, I think there’s a ton of great […]

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Jae Chung on Coaching, Cuing and Building Relationships

Jae Chung worked as a coach at IFAST for seven years, coaching mostly general-population and fat loss clients. Before working at IFAST, Jae taught martial arts (primarily T’ai Chi Ch’uan), taught English in the Peace Corps, tutored writing to undergraduates and graduate students at Indiana University, and also taught violin lessons. Jae is currently enjoying […]

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How to Bench Press without Lower Back Pain

Most everyone who goes to the gym enjoys bench pressing. And while it’s an awesome exercise for developing upper body strength, at the same time, it can really beat some people up. Sometimes it’s is the shoulders. Sometimes it’s the elbows. And sometimes, it’s the lower back. But in the words of Roberto Duran, “No […]

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Daniel Bove on Variability, Load Management and Winning in the NBA

Daniel Bove is currently serving as the Director of Performance for the Phoenix Suns. With the Suns, Daniel is tasked with managing the strength & conditioning and sports science departments. Before coming to Phoenix, Daniel worked as a strength & conditioning coach and applied sports scientist for the Atlanta Hawks.  With a diverse background in […]

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Back Squat vs. Front Squat: What’s the Difference?

While people love to debate about whether the back squat or front squat is “better,” I think there’s a far more important question to ask… Namely, what are the DIFFERENCES between front and back squatting? In this short video I break it down for you. Enjoy! Now that you’ve watched the video, a few quick […]

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Eric Cressey on Building the Bulletproof Baseball Shoulder

Eric Cressey is the president and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities in Hudson, MA and Jupiter, FL. Eric has worked with clients from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks, but is best known for his extensive work with baseball players, as more than 100 professional players train with him each off-season. […]

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What’s the Difference between a Trap Bar and Barbell Deadlift?

One of the most common questions I get asked is: “What are the differences between a trap bar and barbell deadlift?” In this short video, I talk about the two major differences I see, and how they can help you determine which lift is best for you, your clients, and/or your athletes to perform. Check […]

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Chris Chase on the Evolution of Strength & Conditioning in Basketball

Chris Chase is the Director of Performance for the Memphis Grizzlies. In this role, he’s in charge of managing Grizzlies performance staff and weight room, writing all performance programming, and serving as one of the strength and conditioning coaches. In this show, Chris and I cover a ton of topics, including the education necessary to […]

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What Hand Position is Best for Chest Supported Rows?

Back in the day, I used to LOVE doing some chest supported rows. And while it’s obviously an effective exercise for building the mid-back, I often get one question time and time again when coaching it: Which hand position is best? In this short video, I describe to you the differences between a neutral and […]

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Dr. Ramsey Nijem on Developing Young NBA Talent

Dr. Ramsey Nijem begins his sixth season with the Sacramento Kings, and his fourth as the team’s head strength and conditioning coach. Dr. Nijem spent two seasons as the Kings assistant strength and conditioning coach prior to his current role. Before joining the Kings, Dr. Nijem was the head strength and conditioning coach at Santa […]

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Build That Back with the Dumbbell Row

The DB row is one of those exercises that many assume is easy, simply because everyone does it. But if you walk into most commercial gyms, it’s really evident that most people DO NOT know how to do this exercise correctly! If you want a quick tutorial on how to get the most out of […]

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Casey Zavaleta on Building a Strong and Healthy Female Body

Casey Zavaleta is a functional strength coach at All Day Fit, a personal training gym based out of Toronto, Canada. Prior to her time there, Casey also worked for Toronto FC of the MLS, and got a double-major in neuroscience and dance from Indiana University. I originally crossed paths with Casey a few years back […]

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