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4 Ways I’m Evolving as a Coach

Evolving as a Coach

I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as staying neutral. Either you’re getting better, or you’re worse. Period. As a coach, I’d like to think my core philosophy is in place. But while the big rocks are pretty firmly placed, there’s a lot of room for evolution and growth. After all, in […]

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Putting the C in S&C: An Energy Systems-based Approach

Putting the C in S&C

By Marc Lewis and Travis Pollen Don’t get us wrong: when it comes to building durable athletes, strength is the foundation. However, oftentimes coaches become so single-minded that they practically forget about conditioning. Or at the very least they misapply it. Consider the following scenario: It’s day one of pre-season for [insert intermittent high-intensity sport], […]

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Physical Preparation with Patrick Ward


Patrick Ward is someone I greatly admire and respect. Not only does he have a tireless work ethic, but because of his evolution as a coach and sports scientist over the years. In this show, we discuss the long and winding road Patrick has taken to get with the Seattle Seahawks, his current views on […]

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RTS Coaching – Feelin’ the Heels


One of the biggest issues I see when it comes to squatting and deadlifting is a poor center of gravity. Too often people get pushed forward in their big lifts, and end up on their toes. Here’s a simple cue that should make a world of difference in your lifting: Now keep in mind, this […]

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Robertson Training Systems 3.0


It’s been several months in the making, but Robertson Training Systems 3.0 is here! Now I’m sure you’re probably wondering, “Mike – why on Earth would you change what was already a solid site?” The answer isn’t necessarily simple. Yes, the old site and design were great. But I also needed something fresh – and […]

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Physical Preparation with Fred Eaves


Fred Eaves is the head strength and conditioning coach at Battle Ground Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. And while you may not have heard of Fred before, I promise – this is a guy you can learn from. Fred is on the forefront and making a real difference with regards to the long-term athletic development of […]

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Physical Preparation with Brett Bartholomew


Brett Bartholomew is a sports performance coach at EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance), and heads up their entire NFL off-season development program. Brett is a guy whom I greatly respect, and someone that I think is really pushing the world of coaching to the next level. Show Notes Here’s a brief overview of our show: A […]

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Physical Preparation with Lori Lindsey


Lori Lindsey is not only an exceptional soccer player, but an exceptional human being as well. In this interview, we talk about the driving principles that made her an elite soccer player, and how she’s now using those same principles to become a great physical preparation coach. Show Notes Here’s a brief overview of what […]

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Physical Preparation with Mike Robertson


Yes, yes – the rumors are true…. The podcast is BACK! Well, it’s back – sort of. I guess you’ll just have to listen to see what I mean! Show Notes Here’s a brief overview of what I covered in this (VERY SHORT) episode: Why I’m creating a podcast, More specifically, why I’m creating a […]

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Knowledge vs. Experience


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend online lately. It probably started a few years ago, but it seems to becoming more and more prevalent as the weeks and months roll on. Here’s what I see happening: Too often, people are trying to replace experience with knowledge. What’s the difference, you might think? It’s a big difference. […]

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Miscellaneous Writing – June 2015

Physical Preparation 101

Just in case you feel like I haven’t written enough lately, I wanted to let you know: I have, in fact, been writing. Plenty. It’s just been for other people, versus here at RTS! There’s two reasons for this: #1 – In case you missed my internal launch, you can get my Physical Preparation 101 […]

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The Random Post – Goals and Updates


Hidy ho there neighbor! On my monster list of to-do’s, projects and other miscellaneous items, one piece of writing that has slipped through the cracks for weeks now is an update of my Mike’s 2015 Goals post. I think one of the biggest issues with goals is that people set them at some point during […]

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