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5 Reasons Your Workouts Aren’t Working

If you train long enough, chances are there will come a point in time where your training isn’t going well. And while there are a lot of things that may be more important in life than our workouts, at the same time, it really sucks when it feels like you’re spinning your wheels in the […]

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Andreas Saltas on Training, Rehab, and Becoming the Bodmechanic

Andreas Saltas is a licensed Physical Therapist practicing in the state of New York. He attained his Bachelors Degree in 2009 studying physiotherapy at the Institute of Lamia in Greece. Andreas achieved his dream of working with both professional bodybuilders and powerlifters once he moved back to the states. But in addition to that, he […]

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How to Lunge Without Crushing Your Knees

Lunges are one of my all-time favorite leg exercises. Once I got through over the “my legs are already big enough phase” and started training seriously, squats, deadlifts and lunge variations were always staples in my training routines. Now for some reason, many people assume that just because lunges are a common exercise that they’re […]

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5 Simple Hacks You Can Use in the Gym TODAY

One of the biggest issues I see when people train is missing (or poorly executing) lifts due to a poor set-up. Now this is might be obvious when it comes to big-bang lifts like squats and deadlifts. Let’s take the squat for example: If you’re doing a back squat and your weight is pushed forward […]

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Steve Calarco on Leveling Up Training and Nutrition with the Gen Pop

Steve Calarco is a Strength and Conditioning coach based out of Cromwell, Connecticut. During his ten years as a trainer. he has worked with a variety of clients, ranging from athletes as young as 9 years old, professional athletes, weekend warriors and of course the general population. One of the reasons I asked Steve to […]

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Skinny vs. Showy Abs

A long, long, long, long, LONG time ago when I first started working out, I had numerous goals. Obviously I wanted a huge bench (like every teenage boy does). Second, I want to have big arms (again, like every teenage boy does). And last but not least, I wanted to develop that “6-pack” in my […]

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5 Things Clients and Athletes Want from Their Coach

A few years ago I had an amazing chat with my good friend Eric Oetter of the Memphis Grizzlies. And while EO and I always seem to have amazing chats, the discussion we had that day still stands out in my mind. That discussion focused on writing programs, and specifically, the idea of checking boxes. […]

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Joel Smith on Developing Linear Speed in Team Sports Athletes

Joel Smith, is an NCAA Division I Strength Coach working in the PAC12 conference.  He has been a track and field jumper and javelin thrower, track coach, strength coach, personal trainer, researcher, writer and lecturer. Joel also runs the incredibly popular website, where he has a ton of awesome articles and podcasts. In this […]

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How and Why to Stack the Ribcage on the Pelvis

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about stacking the ribcage on the pelvis. And two questions in particular keep coming up… What does it mean to stack the ribcage on the pelvis? And Why is it important? In this short video, I describe not only what it means to stack the ribcage on top […]

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Why Rotating Exercises Is Critical for Long-Term Success

As trainers and coaches, one of our biggest goals is to help our clients and athletes train at their highest possible level, without breaking down. Sounds easy, right? You clean up their movement a little bit, teach them the basic movement patterns, and you’re off to the races. Not so fast, Bucko. Unfortunately, many of […]

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5 Big Mistakes Trainers and Coaches Make When Opening a Facility

As trainers and coaches, it’s one of our missions in life to help and serve others. That’s why we get up early, stay at work late, and grind our days out – all because we love helping people. After a while, many of us decide that we want to live life on our own terms. […]

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How to Use Band Resistance to Improve Power and Explosiveness

I’ve learned a lot from Lee Taft over the years. In many ways, he’s the closest thing I’ve had to a true mentor when it comes to speed and agility training. One of the most impactful things I’ve taken from Lee’s work was watching him use band resistance to control the momentum of his athletes. […]

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