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Physical Preparation with Gary Schofield


Gary Schofield is the head physical preparation coach at Greater Atlanta Christian, and a guy who is doing some really amazing work with his young athletes. In this episode Gary and I cover a ton of different topics including how he manages 409 athletes per day, his 5 principles for training, and what he means […]

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RTS Coaching: The Plate Squat


Anyone who is serious about training likes to squat. Well, let’s be honest – it’s probably more of a love-hate relationship. Maybe a better way to put it is that everyone who is serious about training respects the squat. But this leads us to a big question: How do you teach someone to squat safely, […]

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5 Steps to Building Better Athletes


Today I’m giving you the goods. Not that I ever really hold back, but today, I want to give you something that will make a profound impact on how you train your athletes. As my good friend Joe Kenn says: The days of taking a kid and putting a bar on his back Day 1 […]

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Physical Preparation with Mike Coval


Mike Coval is a gym owner in Ann Arbor Michigan, and a guy who is doing some amazing work with his young basketball players. He’s also a former IFAST intern, and I couldn’t be more excited to have him on the show. In this episode Mike and I are going to go in-depth into his […]

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RTS Coaching: The Crossover Step-up


If you’ve been training for any extended period of time, you’re familiar with the step-up. The step-up is a fantastic exercise for many reasons: It builds single-leg stability and control, It can help iron out side-to-side strength imbalances, and It’s a functional, real-world movement. Like most weight room lifts, however, the step-up is very sagittal […]

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RTS Coaching: The Sprinter Step-up


Step-ups are one of my favorite single-leg exercises. (Well if we’re being transparent, I think of them as pseudo single-leg exercises. But I’ll discuss that more in the EADS 3.0 videos coming soon!) There are numerous benefits to the step-up over similar exercises: It leads with a concentric (versus eccentric) movement. You can easily adjust […]

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Why YOU Should Keep a Coaching Log


If you’ve been training for any period of time, chances are you’ve kept a training log at some point in your career. A training log is an invaluable tool, because it goes a step further than then typical tracking of sets, reps, etc. Instead, a training log digs deeper into each training session. What was your […]

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RTS Coaching: Thorax Rotation


Earlier this week, you and I had a little talk about alternating function. Needless to say, whether you want to play rotational sports, go for a leisurely jog from time-to-time, or simply want to be a better moving human being, you should find ways to emphasize alternating function in your programming. However, when I first […]

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The What, Why and How of Alternating Function


(Lead photo courtesy of Keith Allison) One thing I’ve always tried to do is grow and evolve as a coach. When you’re just getting started you’re somewhat limited in your perspective, and we all have a tendency to model the coaches we spent time with early on. When I started coaching I was strongly influenced by powerlifting, […]

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RTS Coaching: Push-up to Downward Dog


We’ve focused a lot on the push-up in recent weeks (and in case you missed it, you see what I mean here, here, here, and the big push-up article here). With all of this focus on coaching and cuing, something I wanted to throw in this week was one of my favorite push-up variations of […]

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Programming and Coaching


As coaches and trainers, we’re constantly looking for tools to make us better. Maybe it’s a new style of programming. Maybe it’s a new exercise you’ve heard a lot about. And maybe it’s  coaching and cuing one of our big-bang exercises in a slightly different way. The bottom line is that we coaches will leave […]

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Physical Preparation with Greg Robins


Greg Robins is a guy who I’ve followed for years now. Not only is he a great coach, but someone who I feel is constantly educating himself and taking his own game to new levels. In this show, Greg and I talk about his wide-ranging path to working at Cressey Sports Performance, his personal philosophy […]

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