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5 Ways to Use Discomfort to Unlock Massive Growth

No one likes the idea of being forced to do something you’re just not good at. It makes us feel uncomfortable, unconfident, and weak. However, the road to optimal growth involves walking the road less traveled. It’s certainly easier said than done, and you can definitely make one too many mistakes if you don’t know […]

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Fergus Connolly on Winning and Success at Every Level

Fergus Connolly is hailed as one of the best performance and conditioning coaches in the world. He is the author of the book Game Changer, where he explains how he trains his athletes to achieve peak physical condition through the art of sports science. He’s among the top choices for performance and conditioning coaches when […]

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Andy McCloy on Impact, Influence and Finding Balance

Andy McCloy is the owner of BCI Sports Performance and Fitness, an Alabama-based fitness company providing a wide range of performance enhancement and strength training programs to clients ranging from high school and college players to pro athletes. Their goal at BCI is to have each client reach a higher level of athleticism which will […]

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Building World Class Strength with Matt Wenning

Matt Wenning is a private strength coach, elite powerlifter, and strength training seminar facilitator. He is the founder of Wenning Strength as well as the Director and Co-Founder of Ludus Magnus, a premier performance center in Columbus, Ohio. Matt is also a government contractor who has helped thousands of civilian and military personnel, from ground […]

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Weight Training in the World of Soccer

Weight training practitioners were shocked by recent comments from English Premiere League coach Maurizio Sarri, where he claimed to ban his players from lifting weights. Those controversial statements emphasized the apparent disconnect between the prevailing “old-school” mindset in soccer training and current perspectives on strength and resistance training. What approach can be taken in reconciling […]

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How to Build Elite Olympic Weightlifters with Travis Mash

Travis Mash is the founder of Mash Elite Performance, a world-class training company responsible for coaching the most successful weightlifting team in America – Team Mash Elite. Travis’ company also coaches and trains several NBA and NFL players, elite powerlifters, children and high school athletes as well as ‘Average Joes.’ He is a former World […]

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Kelly Starrett on Building the Mobility WOD Empire

Kelly Starrett is a physical therapist, coach, speaker, and author of the book Becoming a Supple Leopard. He is also the Founder of Mobility WOD, a fitness program that focuses on giving people the ability to do basic maintenance on themselves through pain elimination, injury prevention, and performance optimization. Kelly joins me today to share […]

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Training Young Athletes at Game Time Sports and Training with Drew Massey

Drew Massey is the Executive Director of Game Time Sports and Training, a premier sports and performance training facility based in Columbia, TN. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 2003 from Bethel College and in 2008, he obtained his master’s degree in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from California University in Pennsylvania. Following […]

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4 Keystone Habits for Training, Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re an experienced enthusiast trying to create a program for yourself or your clients, developing healthy habits is critical to achieving your goals and seeing profound results in your fitness routine. But, beyond merely going to the gym and working out, how can you develop healthy habits […]

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3 Loading Types You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Note from MR: Chris Merritt is one of my favorite coaches when it comes to program design, and finding ways to be creative about your programs. That’s why when he asked to write a guest post for the site on different loading types, I was all ears! Needless to say, there’s some cool stuff in […]

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Lachlan Wilmot on Preparation, Culture and the Art of Coaching

Lachlan Wilmot is in his second season as the Head of Athletic Performance for the Paramatta Eels of the National Rugby League. Prior to this assignment he spent time with the GWS Giants, AIS-AFL Academy and NSW/ACT AFL Academy. In this show, Lachlan and I cover a ton of ground and discuss what it’s like […]

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5 Random Training Thoughts

I’m BAAAACCCCKKKKKK. It’s been a little while since I wrote a new article, and while the podcast is still humming along, there’s something very humbling about writing that I have really missed. As such, I’m going to jump back in today with a “Random” article, with the hope being that this will spur me into […]

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