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Michelle Boland on Resets, Asymmetry and Variability Days

  Michelle Boland is the owner of Michelle Boland Training and coaches at Northeastern University Sports Performance. She works with women’s ice hockey, field hockey and rowing, as well as assisting with men’s basketball. Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, master’s degree in strength and conditioning, and Ph.D in Exercise Physiology. One thing I […]

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Michael Mullin on Breathwork, Models and Integrative Training

Michael Mullin is a clinically-based athletic trainer with over 27 years of experience in physical therapy, rehabilitation and performance training.  He is the owner of “Integrative Rehab Training LLC” which provides fitness rehab services, consulting and educational programming. He specializes in the treatment, rehabilitation and training of individuals and groups and has worked with all […]

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Lance Walker on Speed Development, Deceleration and Thinking Bigger

Lance Walker is the Global Director of Michael Johnson Performance, and is a former NFL, NCAA, and High School S&C coach. Lance has been in the physical preparation world for over 25 years, and his career spans over 30 professional, elite, collegiate, and high school sports. His client roster is pretty darn elite as well, […]

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Jordan Syatt on Building Consistency and Making Fitness Fun

Jordan Syatt is an Elite powerlifter, Gary Vayernchuk’s personal fitness coach, and a 27th degree black belt in chugging coffee. He owns and operates his online fitness brand, Syatt Fitness and he also runs Unicorn Magic Coffee Co, a politically incorrect membership-based coffee club. In other words, Jordan has severe ADD and has his hands […]

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Darren Burgess on Training and Life in the English Premiere League

Darren Burgess is the head of high performance for Arsenal Football Club. Prior to this, he’s held similar roles for Liverpool , Port Adelaide of the AFL, and the Australian national soccer team. This is Darren’s second time on the show, and one thing I love about chatting with him is how it feels like […]

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Joe Kenn on Coaching in the NFL and “Chasing Simplicity”

Joe Kenn is a 30-year vet in the strength and conditioning game, which includes the last 8 years where he’s been the head strength and conditioning coach for the Carolina Panthers. Joe is a guy I first met years ago, when he and Adam Feit had me come down to speak at Louisville for the […]

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10 Reasons to Attend the 2018 Physical Prep Summit

It’s hard to believe, but our 2018 Physical Prep Summit is right around the corner! There’s always a ton of work that goes into this event, and this year is no exception. Whether it’s locking down the speakers, coordinating things with the event site, or just marketing and promoting the event, I will go to […]

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Aaron Cunanan on Sports Science, Athlete Monitoring, and Being Evidence Driven

Aaron Cunanan is a doctoral fellow in the Sport Physiology and Performance PhD program at East Tennessee State University. He received his master’s degree in kinesiology and wellness from LSU Shreveport. Aaron served as an assistant coach under Dr. Kyle Pierce at the USA Weightlifting Center for High Performance and Development in Shreveport, La., from […]

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Random Thoughts: June 2018

Let me start today’s article with an admission: I’ve been a bad, bad boy. I love creating content, but there are times when training, IFAST or just life get in the way. So while I’d love to write a new article every single week, I’ve been waaaaayyyyyyy off that pace so far in 2018. But […]

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BJ Gaddour on Bringing Intelligent Fitness to the Masses

BJ Gaddour is a former fat guy turned cover model and the former fitness director for the Men’s Health brand. You can follow him everywhere on social media @BJGaddour and access all of his programming at BJ is a guy I’ve known for years. Between our time speaking together at the Elite Fitness Workshops, to […]

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Matej Hocevar on Microdosing Info, KPI’s and World Travel

  Matej Hocevar is a guy I often refer to as the World’s Most Interesting Man. Whether it’s speaking multiple languages, traveling the world, or simply his curiosity and zest for life, he’s a guy I feel honored to call a good friend. Matej is also the owner of Vigor Move and Live in Ljubljana, […]

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How to Get Started with Online Coaching

Between my website, social media, and my podcast, I get asked a ton of questions. But one question I get asked time and again: How did you get started training clients online? So let’s start this off with a little history lesson… The year is 2006, and I’ve been writing quite a bit for major […]

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