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Connor Ryan on Training, Therapy, and Working to Blend the Model

Dr. Connor Ryan is currently working with the Arizona Coyotes as the physical therapist and also see’s patients in his own office in North Scottsdale AZ. He finished his undergrad in Exercise Physiology (2010) and then Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2013). Prior to working with the Coyotes he worked […]

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How to Trap Bar Deadlift

You asked, so I’ve delivered! These days, the trap bar deadlift (TBDL) is my go-to deadlifting progression for both gen pop clients and athletes alike – and for good reason. The trap bar is awesome for a few reasons: The high handles reduce mobility needs, and makes setting-up easier. This combo helps you spare the […]

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7 BIG Mistakes I Made in the Fitness Industry

Look let’s be honest here… …very people like to admit their mistakes. And perhaps more importantly, even fewer want to be vulnerable and share them with the world! But that’s exactly what I’m doing in this episode. I’m giving you a sneak peak into some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the years. And […]

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Learn to Control Anterior Pelvic Tilt with THIS Exercise

Many clients and athletes have some degree of anterior pelvic tilt (APT). And while APT isn’t the awful disease or malady we once thought, the fact of the matter is if it goes unchecked, bad things tend to happen. As such, as a trainer, coach or athlete, you need tools in the toolbox to help […]

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Long-Term Athletic Development Applications to Speed Training

Note from MR: The following is a guest article from Boston Bruins strength coach Kevin Neeld. If you enjoy this article, I’d highly suggest picking up a copy of his new released Speed Training for Hockey book as well. Enjoy! Anyone that has been around sports for a long time has seen both of these […]

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Adam Loiacono on Coaching and Culture Across Professional Sport

Adam Loiacono, PT, DPT, CSCS is a physical therapist and performance coach with 10 years’ experience in sport. Adam has worked with various populations including men, women, and youth athletes. His experiences thus far have included opportunities in the NBA, MLS, and NWSL in various roles including rehabilitation, performance coaching, sport science, and a sport […]

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Coaching and Cuing the Glute Bridge

  One of my favorite books as a young coach was Muscles: Testing and Function by Florence Kendall. It’s the book that really got me thinking about posture, alignment, and movement quality – not just moving maximal weights. When assessing the glutes, one of the tests I used for years was a prone hip extension […]

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Donnie Maib on Growing and Evolving as a Coach

Donnie Maib has been the Head Coach for Athletic Performance for Olympic Sports since 2011. Maib oversees all aspects of athletic performance efforts for all sports at the University of Texas with the exception of Men’s/Women’s Basketball and Football. I first met Donnie at one of the PLAE summits a few years back, and he […]

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How to Single-Leg RDL

The single-leg Romanian deadlift (RDL) falls into the camp of “awesome exercises that are also really hard to do.” Many people assume that because a single-leg RDL uses less load than a trap bar, conventional or traditional RDL that it’s somehow an “easier” exercise. That, my friend, would be a false assumption. In fact, single-leg […]

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A Perspective on Program Analysis and Design: Explore your Belief System

You’re sitting down to write out the new phase of your team’s training program… What is your process? What are the underlying training principles you reflect on to create the sheet your athletes will use? Where do these principles come from? When you are determining what your athletes and their sport require, you are tapping […]

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Tony Giuliano on Feedback, Internships and Becoming a Mentor

Tony Giuliano is the new Account Educator for EXOS at Google. Working under the Director for Talent Development, he is responsible for helping shape internal education for the account, introducing new hires to the EXOS methodology, and running the internship program. Before finding his way to Google HQ, he was pulling double duty as the […]

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How to Kickstand RDL

I’m going to start today’s post by dropping a serious bit of truth on you: Single-leg RDL’s are an awesome exercise – but they aren’t an easy exercise, and they’re definitely not suitable for beginners. Much like the the forward lunge, you clients and athletes should have to earn the right to do this exercise. […]

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