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9 Tips for Having More Success with Gen Pop Clients

You’ve asked for it, so I’m about to deliver! I’ve had a lot of people ask lately for a show that’s solely geared towards gen pop training. And while I don’t train that population as much these days as I have in the past, I’m hoping that doesn’t discount the 18-19 years of work that […]

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Build Stability, Mobility and Strength with the Half-Kneeling Shoulder Press

A while back, I was really struggling with my home workouts. I love trying to sneak stuff in on my off-days, but the days of the home gym are long gone. Unfortunately, all my equipment has ended up at the various training spaces we work out of, so now I’m down to two kettlebells and […]

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John Rusin on Authentic Movement, Injuries and Pain-Free Performance

Dr. John Rusin is one of the fitness and sports performance industry’s leading experts in the pain-free performance training model that blends the world of strength and conditioning with clinical movement based diagnostic treatment. Dr. Rusin’s present and past client list include MLB All-Stars, NFL All-Pros, Olympic Gold, Bronze and Silver Medalists, World-Record-Holding Powerlifters, Elite Bodybuilders […]

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A Challenging Variation of the Front Squat

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a huge fan of the front squat. Whether it’s shifting the center of gravity back, unlocking the body’s mobility, or just providing a great workout to the core and quads, pretty much every client and athlete I train is going to front squat. But here’s the […]

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JL Holdsworth on World Records, Epic Failures, and the Life in Between

Huge accomplishments mean even bigger failures. As an entrepreneur, father, husband, world champion powerlifter and grip sport enthusiast, JL has had his share of both. He is the founder of The Spot Athletics, which has two, 20,000sq. ft. private training facilities in Columbus Ohio and Co-Founder of Reflexive Performance Reset. With these experiences, JL is […]

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Training Trunk Rotation in the Push-up

A long time ago, I thought that if you weren’t bench pressing, you were wasting your time with regards to your upper body training. Luckily with age (and a little bit of experience), I realized that there was actually a lot more to upper body development than just bench pressing three times per week! Nowadays, […]

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Craig Rasmussen on Goal Setting and Building Confidence with the Executive Athlete

Craig Rasmussen is the Director of Coaching and Programming at Results Fitness in Newhall, CA. Results Fitness been named one of the top 10 gyms in the United States by Men’s Health on multiple occasions. Craig has well over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry working with all levels, ages, and types of […]

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CRUSH Your Core with the Side Bear

When I first started coaching, I really thought I knew everything about training the core. As someone with a Masters Degree in biomechanics, it only made sense that if you CAN train and move your core in every plane of movement, that you SHOULD do it. Right? Not so fast friend. Just a year or […]

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Connor Ryan on Training, Therapy, and Working to Blend the Model

Dr. Connor Ryan is currently working with the Arizona Coyotes as the physical therapist and also see’s patients in his own office in North Scottsdale AZ. He finished his undergrad in Exercise Physiology (2010) and then Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2013). Prior to working with the Coyotes he worked […]

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How to Trap Bar Deadlift

You asked, so I’ve delivered! These days, the trap bar deadlift (TBDL) is my go-to deadlifting progression for both gen pop clients and athletes alike – and for good reason. The trap bar is awesome for a few reasons: The high handles reduce mobility needs, and makes setting-up easier. This combo helps you spare the […]

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7 BIG Mistakes I Made in the Fitness Industry

Look let’s be honest here… …very people like to admit their mistakes. And perhaps more importantly, even fewer want to be vulnerable and share them with the world! But that’s exactly what I’m doing in this episode. I’m giving you a sneak peak into some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the years. And […]

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Learn to Control Anterior Pelvic Tilt with THIS Exercise

Many clients and athletes have some degree of anterior pelvic tilt (APT). And while APT isn’t the awful disease or malady we once thought, the fact of the matter is if it goes unchecked, bad things tend to happen. As such, as a trainer, coach or athlete, you need tools in the toolbox to help […]

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