Mike Rants – Exercise Technique


Last week, Kirsten (my amazing admin and the Wonder Woman of IFAST) posted a picture of me working with one of the new guys for the Indy Eleven. I’m an admin on the page, so I get a notification that another gym owner here in Indianapolis has commented: “Better check on that lunge form.” Now…… More

How to Find a Quality Coach


Hiring a coach isn’t an easy process. It’s not as easy as poking around on the Internet for 20-30 minutes, looking up a few websites, and plopping down some cash for training. Instead, finding a coach should be a (somewhat) slow and painstaking process. You are, after all, trusting this person with your single-most valuable…… More

5 Strength Training Tips for Females


Between my years as a strength coach, gym owner, and personal trainer, I’ve had hundreds of females come to me with a goal of getting stronger. Some want to get stronger as a goal in-and-of itself (i.e. to compete in powerlifting). Some want to get stronger to improve their athletic development. And others simply want…… More

Molly Galbraith Interview

Molly-202 cropped

Molly, thanks for taking the time to be with us here today. Could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? Sure, Mike! Thanks so much for having me! In terms of my professional life, I’m am a trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, co-founder and owner of Girls Gone Strong, and…… More

Thoughts on Training Female Athletes

Female athlete

Coaching is in my blood. Before I decided to become a strength & conditioning or “performance” coach, I thought I was going to be  a basketball or volleyball coach when I grew up. I remember as a teen watching the same recorded games time and again on old VHS tapes, breaking down mechanics, movement, and…… More



Every single client or athlete I train uses push-ups in their programming. And why not? They are simply a fantastic lift, whether your goal is to get stronger, burn more body fat, or become more athletic. Let’s start our journey by reviewing just a few of the reasons you might want to include push-ups in…… More