3 Ways to Level Up Your Coaching


Back in the day, I was a huge video game nerd. Growing up in the country, there wasn’t much else to do. If it was nice I’d go outside and hit baseballs, kick the soccer ball, or shoot some hoops. But if it rained? There wasn’t much else to do other than go inside and…… More

From Books To Barbells: Another Intern Aspiring to Survive in the World of Fitness

Books to Barbells

By Mike Reinhardt, IFAST Intern There are a few simple reasons that Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Performance (IFAST) has been named one of the top ten gyms in the nation. Over the years, they have created a welcoming, challenging, and accountable community for their members while simultaneously using their vast expertise to provide their clients…… More

4 Tips for Unconventional Fat Loss

4 Unconventional Fat Loss Tips

The fat loss industry is an interesting space. You’ve got the supplement guys and their magic pills. You’ve got the fad diets that all proclaim to be “The last diet you’ll ever need.” And of course, you’ve got trainers with zero experience and no real-world results claiming they’re a fat loss expert (on the Internet,…… More

What is Athleticism?

What is Athleticism

by Ty Terrell, IFAST Coach Who do you think of when you think “athletic”? Is it LeBron James? Russell Westbrook? What about a gymnast – is he/she athletic? And one more question: Who is more athletic – Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook? You said Westbrook didn’t you? I don’t blame you. But let’s define what…… More

How Long Should You Stay on a Program?


It may sound incredibly basic, but I get this question all the time from young and old trainees alike: How long should I stay on my program? It’s such a simple question – but like most things, the answer isn’t quite that simple! Let’s dig a bit deeper, and see how your goals directly affects…… More

No More Pulled Hamstrings!

Male athlete stretching hamstrings, foot on hurdle, low angle view

With spring right around the corner, there are a few things you can bank on: More broskis in the gym curling their way into oblivion, Tons of people out “running to get into shape,” and A handful of new hamstring pulls at your local physical therapy clinic! I joke, but I’ve seen it first hand.…… More