How Long Should You Stay on a Program?


It may sound incredibly basic, but I get this question all the time from young and old trainees alike: How long should I stay on my program? It’s such a simple question – but like most things, the answer isn’t quite that simple! Let’s dig a bit deeper, and see how your goals directly affects…… More

No More Pulled Hamstrings!

Male athlete stretching hamstrings, foot on hurdle, low angle view

With spring right around the corner, there are a few things you can bank on: More broskis in the gym curling their way into oblivion, Tons of people out “running to get into shape,” and A handful of new hamstring pulls at your local physical therapy clinic! I joke, but I’ve seen it first hand.…… More

Interview with Ty Terrell

Ty headshot

Ty, thanks for taking the time to be with us here today. Could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself? Absolutely. I am currently a coach at IFAST and have been there for about a year and a half. Prior to that I was a director at a YMCA and ran an…… More

Ep. 45 – In the Trenches with Carlo Alvarez

Pirates Training Facility

Show Notes Post #2 of baseball week features one of my favorite coaches in our industry, Carlo Alvarez. Carlo has worked at literally have level of sports – from high school, to college, to the pros. Here’s a brief overview of our discussion: How Carlo got into the sports performance world. The differences between high…… More

Ep. 44 – In the Trenches with Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey Headshot

Show Outline It’s baseball week here at Robertson Training Systems, so who better to start it off week than Eric Cressey? Eric is a world-class strength coach, and he’s been a good friend of mine since 2003. Needless to say, he’s super smart and there’s a ton of great info in this episode. Here’s what…… More

Why Failure is our Friend


Failure is our friend. I know this is may sound like an oxymoron, but I can guarantee you it’s important – especially for me. You see, by all outward means I’m very successful. I’ve got an amazing family, with the most awesome wife imaginable and two beautiful kiddos. I’m running two successful fitness businesses –…… More