5 More Thoughts on Energy System Development


A few weeks back, my article 10 Nuggets, Tips and Tricks for Energy System Training got some great reviews. However, I don’t feel as though people should take what I say as gospel, either. There was one comment in particular from a reader that stood out: Not that I’m against this style of training, I…… More

The Cardio Competition


Note from MR: Last week in my 10 Nuggets post, Tip #10 was to make energy system training fun whenever possible. Jen Sinkler is someone I really respect in our industry, and with her background as a National caliber rugby player, I know she knows a thing or two about conditioning. If you want some…… More

10 Nuggets, Tips and Tricks on Energy System Training


Energy system training (EST) is always a hot topic in the fitness and athletic development industries. And unfortunately, I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to EST. With everyone looking to get leaner, more “toned,” or just look and feel like a sexy beast, it’s natural to assume that glycolytic and/or…… More

How NOT to RDL


The RDL, or Romanian deadlift, is a staple exercise for Olympic lifters and athletes alike. It’s universally popular because it not only serves as a teaching tool for bigger lifts (full deadlifts, cleans, etc.), but it also builds the hamstrings and teaches people to flex and extend their hips properly. However, I will go to…… More

Building a Movement Foundation

Building a Foundation

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring Steve Long and Jared Woolever. Together, they are known as “Smart Group Training,” and they are helping make large group exercise more personalized, fun and effective. While we often talk about building a foundation, I don’t think it’s always clear exactly what we…… More

Built by Science

Built by Science

March is “Movement” month here at Robertson Training Systems, and I see no better way to kick it off than with some hard core anatomy. In September, I flew out to Boise, Idaho to the headquarters, and shot material for five days to develop what’s now called the “Built by Science” video trainer. In…… More