40 Thoughts for Turning 40

A few months back, I celebrated my 40th birthday.

So I’ve been thinking about this show for a while now. I knew I wanted to do a 40 Thoughts type show, but I also didn’t want to feel rushed when getting it out there.

We had a ton going on at that point in time, so it was the smart move to hold back, take my time and do it right.

Regardless, I’ve been marinating on this for close to two months now, and I think you’re really going to love this show.

I’ve broken it down into four unique sections, so you can listen to them in any order, or just focus on the ones that seem most pertinent and important to you.

All that I ask is that if you find value somewhere in this show, please help your boy out and share it with someone!

Okay, enough from me, here’s an overview of this week’s show:

Training, Nutrition and Mindset (0:00-35:00)

  1. Take care of yourself first
  2. Train appropriately for your age
  3. Movement is Medicine
  4. Find Ways to Keep Training (and your Life) Fun
  5. Be SAVAGELY good at the basics
  6. Breathe and meditate daily
  1. Make mobility a priority
  2. Train like an athlete
  3. Recover like an athlete
  4. Get greens/veggies in at every meal
  6. Get protein in at every meal

General Life Advice (35:00-1:19:30)

  1. Easy decisions, hard life – hard decisions, easy life
  2. The Slight Edge
  3. Read Daily
  4. Your Network is Your Net Worth
  5. Become a better communicator
  6. Ask better questions
  7. Times of discomfort equal growth
  1. Audit your friends and circle of influence
  2. Find ways to give back
  3. Find ways to teach and mentor others
  4. Be real and authentic
  5. Invest in experiences vs. things
  6. “Be where your feet are” – Ryan Horn
  7. Make everyone’s day better
  8. Open Ended Leads to Overwhelm
  9. Balance Is a Myth in the Micro, But Possible in the Macro

Business (1:19:30-1:41:40)

  1. Invest in your people
  2. Get To vs. Have To
  3. If you own a business, implement the Profit First system
  4. Take a Year of Your Life and Dedicate it to Learning about Productivity
  5. Scheduling is CRUCIAL to your Success
  6. You MUST Learn about Marketing and Selling
  7. Dedicate Yourself to Your Craft
  8. Enjoy Your Free Time – You Deserve It!
  9. Hustle Short Term, but Play the Long Game

Inside Baseball (1:41:40-1:52:30)

  1. Say I Love You DAILY!
  2. Growing up with anxiety and speech issues
  3. My family is my everything

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  1. Wow! You hit the nail right on the head here. The life, kids, career & love – nail. Used 15 sec rewind button several times to repeat. Being over 40 myself with 2 kids this episode is like a reflection upon my own life. It gave me new tools and insights I will use. Thank you!
    This and Nick Littlehales sleep episode make a difference – like a good book you can go back to.

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