BJ Gaddour on Bringing Intelligent Fitness to the Masses

BJ Gaddour is a former fat guy turned cover model and the former fitness director for the Men’s Health brand. You can follow him everywhere on social media @BJGaddour and access all of his programming at

BJ is a guy I’ve known for years. Between our time speaking together at the Elite Fitness Workshops, to collaborating together on his StreamFit project, he’s a guy I’ve got a ton of respect for and who really tries to bring great information to the masses.

In this show, BJ and I talk about how an econ major started slanging training programs for $100 a piece in college, the simple advice he gives to someone who wants to get in shape, once and for all, and what he means when he says that consistency is the most anabolic substance on the planet.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of this week’s episode:

  • Shameless Plug: The 2018 Physical Preparation Summit
  • Show Intro:
    • NBA Summer League
    • Weekend Plans, and
    • How to better market your product/service by using the right message:
  • Q&A: What are the similarities and differences between training gen pop clients and athletes?
  • BJ Gaddour Interview
    • How BJ (an econ major) got started in the world of physical preparation.
    • Why he’s so passionate about helping people get into shape.
    • The StreamFit Project: What it was, why it failed, and what he learned from it.
    • Insights into BJ’s time with Men’s Health, including what he learned, and the pros and cons of working with a major media company.
    • Why he went back out on his own, and how he’s made it a goal to reverse engineer his ideal lifestyle.
    • The BIG Question
    • Our always popular lightning round, where we talk life lessons, podcasts, the Garden of Gainz, and what’s next for my guy BJ

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