Exercise of the Week: Split-Stance Cable Push

I’m going to start a new segment of the blog, appropriately titled “The Exercise of the Week.”  In this case, I’ll post a new or old exercise and reasons why you may want to include it in your programming.  The first exercise up on our list is the split-stance cable push.

This exercise is excellent for many reasons – you get some serratus activation with the push, but the real benefit here is getting hip extension and preventing rotation around the lumbar spine.

When performing this exercise, think about the following:

– Tight and tall – Lengthen your entire torso, and tighten up your core/trail leg butt cheek

– Don’t allow movement at the hips/core!  Stay stable throughout.

– To add in a little serratus, think about actively pulling your shoulder blade back on the eccentric, and pushing it as far away as possible on the concentric.

So that’s it for this week.  What exercises would you like to see featured in the future?  Drop me a note in the comments section and I’ll do my best to cover them!

Stay strong



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