Ep. 38 – In the Trenches with Greg Everett

Show Outline

Greg is an amazing Olympic weight-lifting coach. Moreover, he’s also an anatomy and coaching geek like myself, so that made for a pretty amazing interview!

In this interview, we cover the following:

  • Greg’s general background, and how he originally got into Olympic weightlifting.
  • Answers to common questions such as:
  • Where do you place your hands on the snatch?
  • Elbows “locked” or “long” on the pull?
  • What is ideal neck position in the squat and/or pull?
  • How do you improve wrist flexibility to front squat and/or catch cleans?
  • A discussion on how to catch the bar on multi-rep sets of jerks or push presses.
  • An awesome cue Greg uses to get the abs working correctly in the squat.
  • The final question – one big mistake Greg has made, and what he’s learned from it over the years.

Links Mentioned

Catalyst Athletics Home Page


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