MR Radio Show: Acceleration Exercises, Gen Pop Programs, and Advice for Introverts

This week we have another MR Radio Show.

However, unlike last week’s show where I just monologue for 2 hours straight, this show is going to focus on YOUR specific questions and concerns.

But enough from me, let’s do this!

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of this week’s show (along with time stamps, because I’m nice like that!):

  1. Show Intro
  2. Writing a Gen Pop Program (7:15)
  3. Structural Balance in the Upper/Lower Body (14:18)
  4. Exercises to Improve Acceleration (21:54)
  5. Key Indicators that you’re not taking care of yourself (27:32)
  6. Advice for young coaches who are introverts (34:30)
  7. How to implement “corrective exercise” into a team setting (41:14)
  8. How to write recovery workouts or “low” days (46:30)
  9. Best practices on writing your first article (49:30)
  10. The MR Lightning Round (57:22)
    1. Coming to SF/Oakland?
    2. How did you grow IFAST?
    3. How do you know what you’re worth?
    4. Best way to help athletes with achy knees?
    5. Are you a boss?

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