Physical Preparation with Eric Cressey


Eric Cressey and I have been good friends for years. Whether it was writing articles for T-Nation or giving presentations, it’s been awesome to watch him grow and evolve over the years.

In this show, Eric and I talk about how he got into the world of physical preparation, how he built an incredibly successful fitness business, and how to maximize the athletic development of your baseball players.

Show Outline

Here’s an overview of what we covered in this episode:

  • How Eric got into the world of physical preparation.
  • The origin story of Cressey Sports Performance, and how he got started in the world of athletic development for baseball.
  • Big goals Eric has for his baseball players during the off-season period.
  • The big mistakes he sees with regards to baseball players in their off-season development.
  • His thoughts on lifting for baseball players, including exercises he’s not a huge fan of.
  • The specific assessments that Eric uses with his baseball players to determine what kind of athlete he’s working with.
  • Should pitchers train differently than position players? And if so, how should their program be modified?
  • Eric’s thoughts on the Tommy John epidemic, and how the multi-pronged approach we should take to fix the problem.
  • How the programs at CSP will change between high school, college and professional baseball players.
  • The advice he gives to parents to help their kids get more out of training.
  • Of course, the BIG Question.
  • An awesome lightning round including his baseball walkout music, the book he’s reading now, what life is like with Twins, and a not-so-firm timeline on the CSP/IFAST Hawaii location.

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