Physical Preparation with Luka Hocevar


Luka Hocevar is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, and more importantly, he’s someone I consider a close friend.

The bottom line is if you want someone who knows both the training and business sides of his industry, he’s definitely someone you want to know about.

In this wide-ranging interview Luka and discuss how his love of basketball led him to a career in physical preparation, why you absolutely SHOULD copy other coaches, and how to build an awesome team training environment.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this week’s episode:

  • How his love of basketball led him to a career in physical preparation.
  • Luka defines his training philosophy, and how he came to it.
  • The people he has learned from over his time in the fitness industry.
  • Luka is a continuing education junkie – but here he gives us a few of his favorite courses of all time.
  • How he strives to create balance in all of his athletes.
  • Luka’s thoughts on what we need to do to improve the training of our athletes, along with specific strategies to help YOU get better results.
  • The positives of team training/bootcamp style programs, and why he’s having such great success with them.
  • The KEYS to running a great large group session (this applies to bootcamp, team training, and even large athletic sessions!)
  • One thing you can start doing right now, today, to be more awesome at life.
  • The BIG Question.
  • A great lightning round, where we discuss the best athlete in the Hocevar family (HINT: they’re all studs), his favorite training music, a ton of book recommendations, and how he’s taking Vigor to the next level.

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