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How to Hack Team Sports Conditioning Tests

Over the past couple of years, team sports conditioning tests have become the bane of my existence. Well, let me preface that – bane of my existence along with early sports specialization, everyone being a nutrition expert, and a host of other things. But I digress… First and foremost, these tests are often stupid and […]

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Interview with Alan Stein

Alan, thanks for taking the time to be with us here today. Could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and your current position? My pleasure. It’s always an honor to share my journey! I am a father, husband, coach and business owner / entrepreneur (in that order). I am currently the […]

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Exploring The Coach-Athlete Relationship

As I’ve grown and evolved as a coach, it’s made me a think a lot about the coaches I’ve had in the past. I went to a very small high school (graduating with 47 people!), and we didn’t have some of the big, alpha male sports like football, wrestling, etc. As a result, my two […]

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