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How to Do LESS in 2012 (But Enjoy Yourself MORE!)

It’s the New Year, and everyone and their mother has a New Year’s resolution that they’ve probably already broken. In fact, I wrote about this pretty extensively last week in my 2012 To-Do List post. BUT, here’s the thing with New Year’s resolutions – they almost always focus on adding things to our plate. Starting…… More

Examining the Turkish Get Up

As I alluded to in my Dan John podcast from a few weeks ago, we’re using more and more Turkish get-ups (TGU) in our programming.  Obviously, it’s a fantastic exercise, but it’s got me thinking more and more about why it’s so great. When you break down a get-up, here’s a short list of benefits…… More

Ep. 22 – In the Trenches with Brett Jones

Interview with Brett Jones (MP3) How Brett got into the industry. Brett’s ridiculous strength background (he’s done everything!) Brett’s current thoughts on mobility training. How Brett uses kettlebells in his own programming. What pisses Brett off about kettlebells. The mistakes Brett has made over this career, and how he’s since corrected them.

April 22nd, 2009

Robertson Training Systems Newsletter 5.09 In This Issue: – Robertson Training Systems Updates – Recapping the RKC Robertson Training Systems Updates Don’t forget about the Customer Appreciation Sale! You only have a day and a half left to save 15% on all Robertson Training Systems and products! Here’s what you can purchase, along with…… More

What I learned at this weekend’s KB seminar

This past weekend we hosted a KB seminar at I-FAST, with Master RKC instructor Brett Jones being the guest of honor.  We had about 17 attendees, and I’m pretty certain I can say that everyone learned a ton. I’m the first to admit I don’t know all that much about KB training.  Sure, movement is…… More