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Relative Strength: Seven Tips to Unlock Athletic Explosiveness

There’s a secret purveyed in most sports performance circles that is misguided. While, absolute strength gets all the glory as a cure all, relative strength reigns king for athletes. In other words, being strong isn’t enough. It’s vital to be strong for your size, too. Wait…What? 
“I thought being super strong was a cure all?” […]

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Everything You Need to Know About RPE’s

Writing programs for beginner clients is easy. Perform Exercise A, for X reps and Y sets, rest for Z seconds, and BOOM, you’re done. For higher level clients and athletes, however, it’s just not that simple. Using ratings of perceived exertion, or RPE’s, is a critical component of my programming these days. In this article, […]

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Filling in Your Knowledge Gaps

We all have knowledge gaps. Those little areas of our knowledge base that just aren’t quite up to snuff. Or perhaps, just not up to our standard. I like to think of it as a wheel, and your specific areas of knowledge are like the spokes that prop that wheel up. If you’re balanced and […]

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