The Kettlebell Armbar

Since I know everyone loves kettlebell stuff, I figured this would be a great time to talk about kettlebell arm bars.

Arm bars are an exercise that very few people seem to know about and/or perform. Kettlebell arm bars are fantastic for a few reasons:

  • They can improve length through the anterior shoulder and even (to a degree) the opposing hip flexors.
  • They can improve mobility and rotary capacity through the thoracic spine.

For a quick demonstration of the kettlebell arm bar, simply click on the video below.

If I can make two quick suggestions, I think your body will thank you as well:

1 – Start off LIGHT! It’s not impressive to throw a bunch of weight around and dislocate your shoulder.

2 – Don’t try and get crazy with the range of motion. Keep your arm perpendicular to the ground throughout, and use the hips to drive your motion. Keep it nice and gentle, especially at the onset.

So you’ve got something new to try at the gym today. Enjoy!

Stay strong


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