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Are you tired of suffering from lower back, hip or knee pain? Or constantly injuring yourself in the gym?

Would you like to have a set of great-looking abs?

And shouldn’t your core training be transferring itself to improved athletic performance?

Let’s be honest – if your core isn’t strong and stable, you are failing to achieve peak performance, and unnecessarily exposing yourself to injury.

What’s worse? Almost all the core training “exercises” and gadgets you see on TV are absolute garbage! They’re NOT going to give you the results you want, and in fact, are actually increasing the likelihood that you end up injured!

Finally! A Unique Core Fitness Product Unlike Anything Else!

If you’re ready to hurt less and improve your performance both in and out of the gym, Complete Core Fitness is exactly what you need!

watchinstantlyComplete Core Fitness is 3 hours’ worth of core training materials, broken down into 7 individual modules. In this informative webinar series, you’ll learn the following:

Module 1: Introduction and Philosophy

  • Myths and misconceptions about core training, and where most people go wrong.
  • The two true roles of the core: Re-Directing and Re-Distributing Force.
  • What you must know about core training to get maximal benefit.

Module 2: Functional Anatomy of the Core

  • The difference between upper and lower back rotation, and why it’s of critical importance if you want to stay healthy and improve performance in any rotational sport!
  • How the rectus abdominus is often trained incorrectly, and why crunches and sit-ups are rarely a part of my programming.
  • The most overrated and underrated muscles in the core!

Module 3: The Core Assessment

  • The exact tests I use to evaluate my clients and athletes.
  • Why breathing patterns and rib position are critical assessment tools!
  • How your assessment drives your program design and coaching process.

Module 4: Foundational Core Training

  • The concept of high- versus low-threshold core training, and why you need to apply both in your training regardless of your goals.
  • Why the pelvis is critical (maybe even more than the back!) if you want to improve posture, alignment and performance.
  • How to decide between tall or half-kneeling exercises with your clients and athletes – and yourself!

Module 5: Isolative Core Training

  • My five “branches” of isolative core training – this alone will radically change how you train the core!
  • The exact progressions I use to get someone started within each branch.
  • Program design examples that show you how to fit isolative core training into your current training routine.

Module 6: Integrated Core Training

  • How to bridge the gap between isolated exercises and integrated performance.
  • The single factor you can manipulate to increase core activation in every single exercise!
  • Why jumping right back into big lifts like squats and deadlifts after an injury could get you injured again!

Module 7: Sports- and Performance-Specific Core Training

  • How to transform your newfound core strength and stability to improved on-the-field performance.
  • Discussions on core training for the following sports: baseball/softball, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and powerlifting. And if your sport isn’t included, I show you how to determine exactly what you need for your specific sport!

These seven modules encompass virtually everything I know about core training.

In the final four modules, I give you everything necessary to start building your own core training programs: Sets, reps, time under tension, rest periods, the works!

Furthermore, I’ve included a ton of videos in this product as well. After all, if you can’t “see” what’s right and wrong about an exercise, how can you be sure you’re doing it correctly?

Finally, I’ve included the exact coaching cues I use as well, to make sure you’re getting maximal benefit from all your core training exercises.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit here; let’s take a step back for just a minute.

I must confess… I’ve made every core training mistake in the book!

Let’s be honest, guys – I’ve made more mistakes than I care to count over the years.

I got started in the fitness industry back in 2000 with our women’s volleyball team at Ball State, and I had them doing all kinds of ridiculously intense ab circuits and exercises. When I inherited that team, I’m pretty sure every single girl had some degree of back pain or dysfunction.

I did everything in my power to help them. All I wanted to do was make these girls feel better and perform at a high level.
But at that point in time, I still thought high-rep “ab circuits” were the way to go.

I thought exercises like sit-ups, crunches, side bends, and Russian twists were “good” core training exercises.

We did a ton of rotation, especially focusing on the area around the lumbar spine.

And the worst part? There was no assessment process, and there was no customization of the program to the individual.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t know enough at that point in time to truly make a difference.

Ever since then, I’ve made it my job to learn as much about training the human body as possible, and core training is literally the centerpiece of human movement.

My name is Mike, and I’m the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our gym was ranked one of the Top 10 Gyms in America by Men’s Health magazine in 2009 and 2010.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in virtually every training environment imaginable. I spent 2.5 years as a research lab assistant and volunteer strength coach at Ball State. I spent 3 years working with all sorts of injured lower backs in a chiropractic rehab facility.

3 more years doing one-on-one, in-home personal training.

And the last 3+ years of my life have been dedicated to building IFAST into one of the premier gyms in the US.

Along the way, I’ve worked in everything from one-on-one, to small group, to big group settings. I’ve also seen the entire spectrum with regards to clients – from beat-up and beat-down lower backs to some of the highest-level athletes in the world.

My consulting business, Robertson Training Systems (RTS), has allowed me to write for virtually every big-name magazine in the book – Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, etc. You name it and I’ve probably either written or been featured there.

And RTS has also allowed me to travel the world as a speaker and discuss my favorite topic – making people bulletproof.

I don’t tell you all this to brag, or to act as if I know everything. If you met me in real life I think you’d realize I’m humble, down-to-Earth, and always trying to get better.

This product is the culmination of 11+ years of in the trenches research and application, and I’ve used these principles time and again with people of all shapes and sizes.

The results have been nothing less than amazing.

Real Testimonials From Fitness Professionals

Don’t take my word for it. Click below to check out these success stories and reviews from actual trainers:

Exceptional! – Jonathan Fass

I was totally blown away! – John Izzo

When I received Complete Core Fitness by Mike Robertson, I knew I had the latest, up-to-date information on core development–literally
in my hands! The webinar modules are easy to understand, and Mike does a fantastic job breaking down the research and information that
keeps it continuously interesting and usable. The modules on anatomy and breathing alone, are worth every penny! The info in Complete Core
Fitness has been implemented immediately into how I train my clients and myself; and I can say without a doubt, I have set myself apart
from my competition simply because I am armed with this valuable information. Thanks Mike for doing the work and simplifying it so that coaches like me can use it immediately in our training!

-John Izzo

I am amazed and impressed – Lou Schuler

I thought I knew all about the core — I wrote an entire book on the subject, after all — but I’m amazed and impressed by the depth of information and advice Mike provides in Complete Core Fitness. I filled pages of notes as I went through it. I think this product is a winner.

-Lou Schuler, CSCS, coauthor with Alwyn Cosgrove of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.

Research with practical application. – Evan Osar

Mike Robertson’s product – Complete Core Fitness – is that rare product which combines research with practical application that the fitness professional can immediately apply and use with their clients. The section of alignment, breathing, and core integration resonates with my approach to improving function.

-Evan Osar

This is a must have – Brian St. Pierre

How to train the core is one of the most controversial topics in the history of the strength and conditioning world. To finally settle the debate Mike comprehensivly breaks down the anatomy and role of the core musculature and the unit as a whole, and relates this into a proper core training philosophy and protocol. Mike provides an easy-to-understand slideshow, interjected with a little humor and anecdotes from his vast training experience that makes this product worth every penny. If you are a strength coach, physical therapist or a fitness enthusiast then this is a must have for your training library!

– Brian St. Pierre, CSCS, CISSN

Mike leaves no stone left unturned. – Tony Gentilcore

Not that it has to be said – knowing his track record with releasing high quality products – but Mike Robertson has done it again, going out of his way to provide what’s arguably his most comprehensive project to date: Complete Core Training. Covering everything from functional anatomy to his philosophy on what core training actually entails (trust, me it’s A LOT more than just doing some crunches), Mike leaves no stone left unturned. What’s more, and this is something I feel only a few can pull off, Mike has an uncanny ability of taking complex material and watering it down into an easy to follow format that can be implemented immediately. Whether you’re a fitness professional, or even someone who just has a passion for fitness, you’d be remiss not to check it out.

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, co-founder Cressey Performance

Incredible! – Ryan Ketchum

A great coach is able to make something very complex seem simple and easy to understand for their athletes and clients. Mike Robertson does just that with Complete Core Fitness! Not only is the information easy to understand it is easy to implement immediately into your program or your clients program to increase your results. Mike provides an incredible amount of information, backed by science and research, that will change the way you think about core training!

Every coach and fitness enthusiast should have this information in their arsenal to ensure
maximum results with their fitness programs!

-Ryan Ketchum

Actual exercises – Shawn Strickland

I really enjoy learning the actual exercises used by Mike to train his clients. A lot of products will tell you the science part or even what exercises not to do and it was nice to see the actual exercises and to learn why they are incorporated into the training.

-Shawn Strickland

By far one of the best! – Vince Gabriele

Mike Robertson is by far one of the best educators in our field. He continues to put out exceptional information at an incredible rate. Complete Core Fitness is a must in your library.

-Vince Gabriele

This will change the way many people train! – Chase Karnes

When Mike Robertson speaks, I listen. That’s why when I heard he was doing a webinar covering core training I was pretty excited to check it out. Needless to say, Mike definitely lived up to my expectations with Complete Core Fitness. I have no doubt this will change the way many people train their core and the way many coaches/trainers will train their athletes/clients core. From the anatomy, to the assessments, to Mike’s personal progressions for core training – It’s all covered in an easy to understand, yet educational format. Whether you’re a trainer, coach, athlete or just someone who appreciates proper training this is one webinar you don’t want to miss.

– Chase Karnes, CSCS
Strength Coach/National Level Strongman Competitor

Mike covers the core like no one else. – Kevin Larrabee

We all know that training the core is important for all demographics, from elite athletes, to the common office jockey, but still so many don’t know how to really effectively and safely train the core. From performance to injury prevention, Mike covers the core like no one else. He takes you through the kinesiology while making it interesting, and breaks down everything he does with his athletes and clients. The best part is that Mike has made it all available on demand. With Complete Core, you can learn at your own pace and learn the how and why behind building a strong athletic core.

-Kevin Larrabee

A must-have resource! – Eric Cressey

Mike and I have been friends for years. It’s always great to see what he’s doing and applying it with his clients and athletes, and he does a fantastic job of taking complex topics and making them very easy to follow and apply.

Complete Core Fitness is a must-have resource for any coach, trainer or really anyone who wants to improve their performance in the gym, or on the field.

-Eric Cressey


What Else Do I Get?

I think Complete Core Fitness, at any price under $200, is an awesome deal.

But I think like a consumer – I want a ton of value, and I love it when I feel like I’m getting more than my money’s worth.

And for that reason alone, I’ve got tons of cool bonuses and add-ons to make sure this product is 100% AWESOME.

#1 – Complete Trunk Conditioning Webinar (Webinar) – Evan Osar

Evan Osar is a guy I’ve learned a great deal from, and he’s outdone himself in this case!

Evan has provided a 2-hour webinar on the topic of core training, and how you use his concepts to maximize your performance. This bonus alone is almost worth the entire purchase price!

#2 – Underground Core Training (Webinar) – Jim “Smitty” Smith

Smitty is one of the most creative guys in our industry today – bar none.

In this webinar, Smitty shows you some of the advanced core training exercises he’s using with his clients and athletes, while still adhering to the basics of smart core training.

This is an awesome bonus if you work with high-level athletes!

#3 – Spice Up Your Core Training (E-Manual) – Nick Rosencutter

The original IFAST intern, Nick shows you some awesome core training exercises that he uses with his clients and athletes. After reviewing this, I got some new ideas that I’m going to have to try with the people I’m currently training!

#4 – 7 Exercises to Prevent Hip Injuries (E-Manual) – Rick Kaselj

The hips and the core are intimately linked. While core training is an integral component of all training, keeping the hips healthy also takes some work and dedication.

In this informative manual, Rick takes you through 7 hip exercises that can make a profound difference in your hip health and function.

#5 – All the Powerpoints (PDF)

Download all the PowerPoints in a handout fashion so you can follow along, take notes, and get the most out of the product!

#6 – Audio Q&A (MP3)

I had lots of questions about core training, and I do my best to answer them here.

Okay, okay – how much does this cost?!?!?!?!

If you added up all the money I’ve spent on continuing education (books, DVD’s, webinars, travel to and registration for seminars, etc.) I know I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to acquire the “materials” I used to develop this webinar series.

Even if you paid to attend a seminar where I was speaking, chances are the registration fee alone would be at least $200, and that’s NOT figuring in travel, lodging, food, and the cost of spending time away from your friends, family or business!

Today, I’m going to offer you my entire Complete Core Fitness training system, plus ALL the bonus products and add-ons, for the ridiculously low rate of $127.


I’m sold – what do I do now?

First off, don’t wait!

Click on the button below to add the product to your cart. Enter your credit card information, and you’ll get immediate access to the entire Complete Core Fitness training system.
All the Best,




P.S. 4 Reasons You WILL NOT Buy This Product
(And Why They’re LOUSY Reasons!)

Everyone these days has something to “sell,” and the fitness industry doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation when it comes to selling and promoting its products.

Here are four of the primary reasons you may not buy Complete Core Fitness, and why I feel they’re all lousy excuses.

#1 – You don’t want to spend the money

Let’s be honest – dollars are harder and harder to come by these days. Unemployment is up, wages earned are down, and we’re all finding our money harder to come by.

But rather than focus on the cost, I’d like you to think about the value this product can offer.

If you’re a trainer or strength coach, you use core-training exercises with every single client, every single day.

Do you want to learn my assessment process? So you can find weak links and write better programs?

Wouldn’t you like to know the progressions I use with my clients and athletes?

Would you like to learn the cues I use to get better results with even basic or ordinary core training exercises?

This product will take you step by step through the process and give you all the answers you need to make well-informed decisions when it comes to programming and coaching core exercises.

But what if you’re an end-user? Someone who just wants to get more out of your core training?

This product is ideal for you as well!

Having an understanding of the various types of core training exercises (I currently use 4 distinct “phases” in my programs), as well as how to effectively perform all the exercises I outline, are critical to your success.

Listen, you’re going to use these materials every single time you’re in the gym, so $127 is a steal if you ask me.

#2 – It’s a Digital Product

Some people are unsure of purchasing digital products, and I understand their reservations.

However, if I packaged these up and shipped them to you, the cost for production, shipping, handling, etc. would increase the price. Huge portions of my customers are overseas, and we all know what a pain it can be to get things to your doorstep.

By going digital, I not only keep costs down (and pass them along to you!), but you now have immediate access to the materials so you can get started today!

#3 – You bought other core training products and they were garbage

I feel for you here – I’ve bought products in the past that weren’t worth 10% of what I paid for them.

Furthermore, I’ve always prided myself on the quality of my products. I rarely get returns, and while many would tell me I under-sell, I can tell you that less than 1% of our orders are returned because someone didn’t feel the materials were of high quality.

Check out my 100% money-back guarantee above; I’m more than willing to put my money where my mouth is if you don’t feel the materials are up to snuff.

#4 – This product won’t help, or won’t get me results

If you’ve already made up your mind that you have all the answers, or that this product won’t work, don’t bother buying it.

However, if you’re willing to dive in and explore my system, to understand the anatomy and why these methods flat-out work, I think you’ll love the program and the results you can achieve.

And again, if it’s not up to your standards, see my guarantee above.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to have strong, functional abs?

Are you ready to reduce or even eliminate low back pain and discomfort?

And aren’t you ready to see your athletic performance go through the roof as a result of your newfound strength and power?

If so, pick up a copy of Complete Core Fitness today!