2014 Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar

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LogosWhere were you in 2008?

I can tell you this much – life was a lot different for me back then.

Bill and I were in the process of opening IFAST, my wife and I had just moved into our first home, and I didn’t have any kids.

Needless to say, things have changed a bit since then!

But I can tell you one thing that hasn’t changed: my dedication to continuing education and getting better.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest reasons I started hosting the Midwest Performance Enhancement seminar 6 years ago:

I wanted to put on a world-class seminar, right here in the Midwest.

  • Are you looking for an amazing event to improve your coaching and training?
  • Would you like to network with other like-minded coaches and trainers?
  • And would you like to earn continuing education units while you do it?

If so, you need to register right now for this year’s Midwest Seminar!

Mike – Who Will Be Speaking?

Friday Presentations

Managing the In-Season Athlete
Mike Robertson

Everyone loves to talk about off-season training, and how to make your athletes bigger, faster and stronger.

But what do you do in-season? How do you maintain those gains, while simultaneously keeping your athletes fresh and ready to play?

In this presentation I’ll discuss where you focus needs to be to maintain performance and mitigate losses in strength, power and conditioning.

If you don’t know me, I’m the President of Robertson Training Systems, co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST), and the performance coach for the Indy Eleven soccer team.

I’m one of the most sought after physical preparation coaches in the country, and I’m famous for getting elite and professional athletes in the best shape of their careers. My unique approach focuses on intelligent and systematized training, versus following fads, gimmicks and out-dated training methods.

But that’s just me – what about the rest of the line-up?

How To Implement a Speed and Quickness Program Into Your Athletic Program
Lee Taft

Lee Taft 2013Lee Taft is my go-to resource when it comes to speed and agility training. Every year that I’ve hosted the course in its current format, I’ve brought Lee in.

He’s that good.

Would you like to learn how to effectively and efficiently develop and speed and quickness program that is built on progressive skill development?

In this presentation, Lee will share with you several systems, progressions and regressions of how to implement linear and lateral speed, cutting, retreating, change of direction, deceleration, and much more. If you base your teaching on skills, and not drills, you can teach your athletes very efficiently.

His bio: Lee has been an instructor of athletic development and fitness for 25 years. He has developed many training techniques and concepts that are commonly used today in the world of multi-directional speed. Lee’s is an instructor, lecturer, and coach. Lee has produced many informational home study courses that are used around the world. Lee also is the owner of Sports Speed Etc and

Understanding and Optimizing Movement in Performance
Bill Hartman

This session is really going to take your thought-process to the next level!

Bill is legitimately one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and if you aren’t thinking about “training the brain,” this may be the most important lecture of the weekend!

A biomechanical approach has predominated in regards to restoring or training movement in the rehabilitation and sports performance environments. While the biomechanics are important, it is the nervous system that ultimately controls movement and where adaptations that impact performance begin. Understanding how the nervous system processes its various inputs to produce ideal movement and example coaching strategies will be discussed and provided.

His bio: Bill Hartman, PT is co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sport Training and IFAST Physical Therapy. He has over 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance fields at all levels of experience and competition. His treatment approach and clinical success has made Bill an in-demand clinical instructor for physical therapy students from all over the country with many of his students going on to successful careers in a variety of environments including professional sports.

Bill has been featured on numerous national publications and sits on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health Magazine. He also is currently participating in formal research interests that include the influence of the nervous systems on movement and performance.

Myths and Realities of Recovery & Regeneration StrategiesJoel-Jamieson
Joel Jamieson

Joel has changed the game with his BioForce Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology, and with it, his ability to improve the quality of training via recovery and regeneration methods.

In recent years recovery and regeneration strategies have become a hot topic in the world of strength, conditioning and performance. When utilized correctly, recovery and regeneration methods and techniques can help prevent injuries and improve performance. When used incorrectly, however, they can actually do more harm than good.

In this presentation, an overview of how recovery and regeneration strategies should and shouldn’t be used through an annual training plan. Special attention will be paid to the individualization of the process that’s necessary for best results and a complete outline of how to build an effectively recovery and regeneration program will be detailed.

His bio: Joel is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports. He has more than 7 years experience working with many of the top athletes in the sport and has trained over 30 of the biggest names in MMA, including 7 world champions. He formerly served as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for Pride FC and currently works in a similar capacity for Dream.

Athletic Power: Unlocking Explosive Performance for Athletes
Wil Fleming

You can’t talk about the training spectrum without talking about power.

You can train strength ’til you’re blue in the face, but at some point, you must convert that strength to power.

In this presentation, Wil will go over his keys to training athletes for more power. He will examine different methods including: maximum effort training, Olympic weightlifting, and plyometrics. In this presentation, you will learnBLOOMINGTON to implement safe coaching strategies and effective programming for athletes across the spectrum from middle school to professional.

His bio: Wil Fleming is the owner of Force Fitness and Performance in Bloomington, IN. At his gym he has produced over 50 division 1 athletes, and professional athletes in 4 major sports. Aside from coaching, Wil is a national level Olympic weightlifter, Olympic Trials participant in track and field, and a former resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center.

Secrets of the Super Strong
Chase Karnes

ChaseYou may not have heard of Chase Karnes before, but I guarantee you can learn something from him.

Chase is not only one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, but one of the strongest as well.

And getting really strong is more than just sets/reps and moving weight. To get really strong it requires much more. From mindset and staying healthy to technique and programming, learn what it takes to go from average lifter to the ranks of the super strong.

His bio: Chase Karnes has been training clients and athletes for over 10 years through Argonauts Fitness in Paducah, KY. He’s also coached and programmed for strength athletes from across the globe including national and world level strongman competitors.

Chase isn’t afraid to strain under heavy loads himself as he has 15 years of under the bar experience. He practices what he preaches with some of his highest strongman accomplishments being a 2nd Place finish at the 2012 North American Strongman National Championship and a 7th Place finish at the 2014 American Strongman Corporation Arnold Strongman Fitness World Championship.

Why Long-Term Athletic Development?
Grant Gardis

Last but not least, we have Grant “Rufus” Gardis.

Rufus is a guy I’ve learned from for almost a decade now, and if you train young athletes, you’re going to love this presentation.

If you are a middle school or high school sport coach, one of the biggest problems is that you can’t pick and choose (recruit) what kids come out for your program.  The only way that you help improve your situation is by taking it by the horns and start developing the kids in your system to be better athletes.  Using the principles of LTAD and building a foundation of Physical Literacy, you can make your team more competitive by making your athletes better and building more depth in your program.

rufus HeadIn 1980, Rufus got his first coaching job at a small, Catholic high school in Indianapolis as an assistant football coach.  He soon came to the realization that the school administrators weren’t much interested in sports and didn’t care whether they won or lost.  He soon came to the realization that he had to build his own athletes out of the ones he was getting.  So the search began as athlete development.

For the last 20 years or so, Rufus has been involved in training young Olympic Weightlifters for USAW.  Over the years several of his young have won medals, including Gold, at various Jr and Youth USAW National Championships.  Rufus’ main area of interest is working with young kids in developing into athletes using the principles based on LTAD and Physical Literacy.

Saturday Presentation

Learning to Train ONE
Mark McLaughlin

In this special all-day event, Mark McLaughlin is going to take you step-by-step through his assessment and training system.

Over the course of the day, you will learn:

  • How to develop your own philosophy to anchor the methods and practical application.
  • The basic principles of the training process.
  • The models of the biological process and why they are important.
  • Various training methods and how to produce the proper biological adaptations.
  • The assessments Mark uses with his athletes, and how to compare them to elite level performers.
  • What tests are important, and why they are important!
  • How to build an individualized program based on the assessments, which are guided by the biological principles and methods discussed earlier.
  • Why you should use daily assessments, and how to adapt your system to the readiness levels for training.
  • Nutritional and regeneration methods based on the individual.

Needless to say, this is going to be an amazing, behind-the-scenes look at what Mark does and you do not want to miss out!

Mark-Bio-150x150Mark attended college at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. He is a native Oregonian currently living in Portland. His passion of all athletics flourished throughout his teen years. He participated and competed on various teams and in a variety of sports.

Through his years of participation in sports and later in his education, Mark developed a deep commitment not just to sport but also to the complete well being of the athlete. This passion and commitment leads to continual self-education in the field of athletic performance enhancement.

Mark has been active in the field of athletic performance enhancement since 1997. Mark has trained over 700 athletes on every competitive level ranging from Olympic, professional (NFL, MLB, CFL), college, high school and grade school athletes.

As well as working with individual athletes, Mark works and consults with professional organizations (NFL, MLB, NBA), NCAA universities, high school, club, and youth sport organizations. In addition to Mark’s training and consulting services, he conducts speaking engagements with various organizations locally, nationally as well as internationally.

This Sounds Awesome Mike!
Give Me The Details…


The 2014 Midwest Performance Enhancement seminar will be held at the beautiful Indianapolis Hilton North.

We’ve held numerous seminars here in the past, and they are always gracious hosts. Here is the address.

Indianapolis Hilton North
8181 North Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46250


We have reserved a small block of rooms at a seminar, discounted price. If you are coming from out of town, please reserve your room ASAP via the link below:

Reserve Your Room for the Midwest Seminar HERE

Dates, Times and Agenda:

Friday, November 7th, 9 am – 5 pm

9 am – Mike Robertson
10 am – Lee Taft
11 am – Bill Hartman
12 pm – Chase Karnes
1 pm – Lunch
2 pm – Wil Fleming
3 pm – Grant Gardis
4 pm – Joel Jamieson

6-8 pm – Bar/Social

Saturday, November 8th

9 am – 4 pm – Mark McLaughlin

5:30 pm – Private VIP Dinner (more information below)


Super Early Bird (Before midnight, September 27th) – $297
Early Bird (Before October 25th) – $397
At the Door – $497

Private VIP Dinner:

We will be hosting a small, private dinner for presenters and other VIP’s on Saturday night at a location still to be determined.

If you would like to attend, there will be a $50 “upgrade” you can purchase during registration. All of this money will be going to the Hamilton County Humane Society, a cause that I have supported in various ways over the years.

I will also match any and all donations that are made by attendees.

Please note that there are only 20 VIP spots available. If you are interested in this option, please register ASAP!


Refunds will be given based upon how much time there is between your cancellation and the actual seminar date.

Before October 3 – 100%

October 4-18 – 75%

October 19-26 – 50%

October 27-November 7 – 25%

After November 7 – No Refunds

But Wait…Check Out Our
“Fast Action Bonuses!”

I know people like to wait and sit on things.

You know, really think it through to make sure this is going to be the right event from them.

But I’m beyond confident this is going to be one of, if not the best, seminar you attend all year.

As such, I’m going to give you a little added incentive to sign up as quickly as possible.

The first 20 attendees to register for the 2014 Midwest Seminar will be entered to win:

  • 3-months of online training with yours truly ($1,347!),
  • A free copy of Bulletproof Athlete ($147), or
  • A free copy of Mike Robertson and Joe Kenn’s “Elite Athletic Development Seminar” DVD’s ($297), or
  • A free seat to next years’ Midwest Seminar!

The first 35 attendees to register will be entered to win:

  • An econo prowler,
  • An “All-IFAST” swag bag,
  • A 30-minute phone consult with Mike, or
  • A free copy of your favorite RTS product.

Between our fast-action bonuses and raffle items, we have over $5,000 worth of prizes and swag. Plus, everyone in attendance will be receiving a small swag bag courtesy of our sponsors, but the fast-action bonuses are only available to those who register early!

And There’s More…
We have 1.3 NSCA CEU’s!

This is going to be an amazing event, and you’re going to learn a ton.

I can guarantee you of that.

But it’s also a reporting year for the NSCA, and I know many of you need CEU’s.  As such, the 2014 Midwest Performance Enhancement seminar is accredited for 1.3 NSCA CEU’s.

 My 100% (And Then Some)
Money Back Guarantee…

Whether this is your first event with us or your last, this is going to be our best event E-V-E-R.


No questions asked.

However, if you’re still on the fence, here’s my guarantee to you:

If you don’t feel as though you’ve gotten your money’s worth by the lunch break on Friday, tell me personally and I will refund you not only your registration fees, but any travel fees as well.

How’s that for confidence?

Quite simply, I think you’ll take so much away from our first three presentations that the rest is just a bonus.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign-up today – you literally have nothing to lose.