2012 Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar

Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar

Are you ready to become the best strength coach or personal trainer in your area?

The 2012 Midwest Performance Enhancement seminar is quickly becoming the premiere event in the Midwest, and this years event promises to be our biggest and best EVER!


Friday – Business Day and “Futures” Presentations

Saturday – The Main Event

Sunday – All Dan John, All Day


Friday and Sunday:
Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training
9402 Uptown Drive, Suite 1600
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Indianapolis Hilton North
8181 North Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Friday, August 24th – 9 am – 6 pm (ONLY available to early-bird sign-ups!)
Saturday, August 25th – 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday, August 26th – 9 am – 4 pm


Friday is FREE for all Early-Bird Sign-ups

Saturday ONLY

$199 Early Bird (Before August 13th)
$299 At the Door

Saturday and Sunday (Dan John)

$399 Early Bird (Before August 13th)
$499 At the Door

Please Note: There are only 10 spots left for the second day of the seminar, so please register ASAP to ensure you get a spot!

Hotel Information

Indianapolis Hilton North
8181 North Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46250
317.849.6668 – Tell them you are with the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar

We have applied for .6 NSCA CEU’s for EACH DAY of this event
Register for the whole weekend and receive 1.2 NSCA CEU’s!

Saturday Presentations

Facts and Fallacies of Corrective Exercise
Mike Robertson

What is corrective exercise? If you think corrective exercise is simply foam rolling, some stretching exercises, and/or glute and core activation work, you need to see this lecture!

Mike will detail what every coach and trainer needs to know regarding mobility, stability, and how to get more out of every exercise they use in the weight room!

Mike Robertson has helped clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their strength, physique and performance related goals. Mike received his Masters Degree in Sports Biomechanics from the world-renowned Human Performance Lab at Ball State University. Mike is the president of Robertson Training Systems, and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, which has been named one of America’s Top Ten Gyms in 2010 and 2011.

Multi-Directional Speed for Sport Unleashed
Lee Taft

Training an athlete to be quicker and faster in sport is more than just doing a few ladder drills and sprints. It is about understanding how the athlete needs to move his or her body to be most effective and efficient in any situation. It is about understanding how to use indirect methods to improve multi-directional speed as well as direct methods. Allow Lee to show you methods that are in harmony with how the body naturally moves and also show you how to remedy dysfunctional movements.

Lee has been involved with sports and performance for over 20 years. Lee has developed many teaching videos and manuals to help those who wish to coach athletes. He travels nationally and internationally speaking on athletic development and coaching methodology.

What’s Working: Secrets of America’s Best Gyms
Pat Rigsby

In this presentation Pat Rigsby is going to share the marketing, sales and business building systems and strategies that are proving effective in the top gyms all around the country.

As CEO and Co-Owner of Fitness Revolution, the fastest growing training franchise in the world, Pat has a bird’s eye view of the most effective ways fitness professionals are building highly successful businesses – and he’s going to share them all with you!

Pat Rigsby is the Co-Owner of several businesses in the fitness industry including Fitness Revolution International, Athletic Revolution International, the International Youth Conditioning Association and the Fitness Consulting Group.  He’s also a best-selling author, speaker and business coach to fitness professionals worldwide, helping them build high profit, high integrity businesses doing what they love.  He reaches over 50,000 trainers and coaches each week through his newsletter and blog

Waiting to Exhale: The Basics of Core Training
Bill Hartman

If you’re not concerned with how your clients are breathing, you really don’t know much about core stability!

This presentation will provide you with an understanding of how to identify aberrant breathing patterns, and the potential kinetic chain dysfunctions associated with them. Corrective exercises to correct breathing patterns and methods to integrate effective breathing into regular exercise will be include

Bill Hartman is co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. He has been a physical therapist and sports performance coach in Indianapolis, IN for over 17 years. Bill graduated with distinction from Purdue University in 1988 with a degree in Movement and Sports Science and received his degree in Physical Therapy from the Indiana University Physical Therapy Program.

Kettlebells: Low Tech, High Concept
Rick Huse

Since the reintroduction of the Kettlebell into the American strength and conditioning world in the summer of 2001, its popularity has steadily grown year after year. This presentation will discuss how this primitive cannonball with a handle, that was used as a scale weight to measure dry goods 350 years ago, became the powerful training tool it is today and answer the questions of why a Kettlebell would be incorporated into a training program and of course, how, as discussed in terms of technique options and program designs.

Besides being certified as a CSCS and NSCA-CPT, Rick Huse was one of the very early Russian Kettlebell Instructors (RKC – 2002) and the first RKC to qualify for the Certified Kettlebell – Functional Movement Screen (CK-FMS). He is also a World Kettlebell Club (WKC) competition coach. Rick’s involvement with fitness began at age 10, in 1957, lifting pieces of scrap metal his uncle brought home from his plant while reading workouts ordered from the back of comic books. This life long passion has taken him down many fitness paths: bodybuilding, powerlifting, distance running & cycling, rowing, yoga and martial arts (hard & soft) but his best contribution to the fitness world is coaching others to help excel and to reach their goals.

Dietary Supplements: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Chris Mohr

With over 29,000 dietary supplements available, it’s tough to sort through the multi billion dollar supplement industry. From the information your clients read online, what they see on TV or read in magazines, they’re confused. This talk will help you separate fact from fiction, discussing the science and application with some of the most popular supplements to date. From fish oil to krill oil, beta alanine to fat burners, and many in between. You will walk away from this talk able to steer your clients in the right direction with exact strategies and application of the information presented.

Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD is a leading expert in sports nutrition and is the co-owner of Mohr Results, Inc. He is a consultant to numerous companies and works closely with Gatorade, Under Armour, Nordic Naturals, the Whey Protein Council and more. As the sports nutritionist to the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, he has had the opportunity to work with the most elite athletes to help them improve their performance. He is on the advisory board for Men’s Fitness Magazine, has consulted on numerous books, including NY Bestseller LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout, and is regularly featured in such publications as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Prevention and more. He is a featured speakers all over the world on the topic of nutrition and health, supplements, and sports nutrition.

A Proactive Approach to Programming
Dan John

The issue with most training programs is simply: everything works.

Well, everything works for about six weeks. Then what?

By actively looking at Red/Yellow/Green Light situations and “Filling the Gaps” with movements and appropriate correctives, we can take programming to something beyond simply one day at a time or the newest fad on the block. This workshop will cover appropriate tools for programming.

Dan John has been teaching and coaching for 32 years. He is an American Record Holder in the Weight Pentathlon, and National Champ (Masters) in Discus Throwing, Olympic Lifting and Weight Pentathlon. He is the editor of Get Up!, a free online newsletter for lifting and throwing and the author or “Never Let Go,” “Mass Made Simple” and Easy Strength.

Block Programming for Strength and Power Sports
Joel Jamieson

Discover the keys to Block Training and how to organize and distribute strength and power methods within the Block Training System, first developed by Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky.

In this presentation, the basic principles of the Block Training System will be discussed along with how it compares and relates to other training models. A sample block training program will be shown that can be used to dramatically improve strength and power in record time.

Sunday Presentation – Dan John

What is the impact of the strength coach to sport? Shouldn’t it be obvious? Then, why doesn’t the team with the best gym numbers ALWAYS win?

Should a 1,000 pound deadlifter jog, swim and bicycle? Play in a local basketball league? Should a 12-year-old boy rest five minutes between his sets of 92% max on his squat?

What’s a quality, anyway?

Why do the lousy guys do so much more work than the great guys?

“Do you want to be stronger or lift more weight?”

Have you earned the right to train “sport specific”?

Why does it need to be “Strength & conditioning,” not “conditioning & more conditioning”?

Do you really need plyometrics? Or, any other new hot idea?

If a training principle was considered backwards and unproductive in the early 1960s, why would you model your career after it?

The Incredible Hulk, Sir Galahad and Bobby Fisher get into a contest. Who wins? How does armor help an athlete and when does it hurt?

The goal is to keep the goal…what? Why does everybody miss this point?

Where is Peggy Lee? Is that really “all there is?” Why does five minutes of work on a piece of paper with a few lines radically increase the chances of success?

Five Moves. Three Points. Why do I feel like maybe those zeroes are a bad thing?

Why is my favorite sports diet Frogs, Elephants and Alpo Dog Food?

Losers get more out of losing than winners get out of winning. Strong statement…but true?

Also, hands on training and Q and A throughout the sessions.


Refunds will be given based upon how much time there is between your cancellation and the actual seminar date.

Before August 1 – 100%

August 1-10 – 75%

August 11-17 – 50%

August 17-23 – 25%

After August 24th – No Refunds

Lead image courtesy in part by Phil Roeder