Pat Rigsby on Building Your Ideal Fitness Business

Pat Rigsby is a guy I’ve known for years now, and he’s my go-to resource when it comes to running my businesses.

And I’ll say this – IFAST and RTS wouldn’t be where it is today without Pat and his guidance.

In this show, Pat and I talk about how a collegiate baseball coach pivoted into the fitness industry, why selling isn’t a dirty world and is all about exchanging value, the two questions you should ask every potential client who might want to work with you, and how to get started with an online coaching business, even if you have no clue where to start.

Show Outline

  • Shameless Plug: The 2018 Physical Prep Summit
  • Intro and Monologue
    • Happy kiddos
    • Athletes killing it
    • Monologue: Productivity Hacks (aka How to Get More Done)
  • Q&A: Sara has two questions:
    • What are the best questions to ask potential online/distance clients? And
    • How do you keep them accountable?
  • Interview with Pat
    • How a college baseball coach pivoted and became an industry leader in the fitness business game.
    • The biggest issues he sees when new coaches/trainers open a business.
    • Why people have so many issues when it comes to marketing and selling.
    • Specific questions you MUST ask your clients/athletes in the assessment process (this alone is worth your time for the whole show!)
    • Pat’s obsession with building his ideal business – and why you every fitness business owner should be asking themselves what their ideal biz looks like.
    • Why online coaching is such a viable platform, and the one thing you should start working on right now if you want to take your business online.
    • The BIG Question
    • A really fun lightning round where we talk about business failures, impactful books, and the one piece advice he’s give someone who is getting ready to open a new gym.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been trying to register for the online coaching specialist certification and the link does not seem to be functioning.
    Please advice.

    Thank you!

    • Tony –

      The updated cert won’t be live until tomorrow. Check back then and it will be good to go!


  2. Hi Mike!

    I have paid online for the course (think twice, as I was rushing between sessions?) haven’t received anything yet in my inbox


    • Our tech support guy is going to reach out. He said the emails had been delivered but you hadn’t opened them yet 🙂

      Thanks for the support Tom!


      • Hi Mike!

        I should be thanking you for your support, done all of your online courses over the last few years and gone from a personal trainer delivering 30 hours a week to 60, with a member of staff now working for me, truly changed my life, thank you for all the content,


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