Physical Preparation with Joe Kenn


Joe Kenn is not only a world-class physical preparation coach, but also someone I feel privileged to call a good friend.

This guy has been successful at every level of athletic development – from college to the pros, and in both the public and private sectors. And to prove it, he’s the only guy to be named Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by the NSCA at both the college and pro level.

In this show, Coach House and I are going to discuss what life looks life in the NFL, how he’s evolved as a coach over the years, and much, much more.

Show Notes

  • How Coach Kenn originally got into the world of physical preparation
  • What a “normal day” looks like in the NFL
  • What he attributes his success at all levels to
  • The biggest differences House sees between the collegiate and pro sectors
  • Coach Kenn’s evolving thought process on the squat, and what variations he’s using now with his athletes
  • Why he created the Tier system
  • An overview of his AMAZING periodization talk that he gave at this years’ EADS 2.0 seminar
  • What intermixed periodization is, and why he coined that term
  • The BIG question
  • Our super amazing and always awesome Lightning Round

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