34 Quotes from Charlie Weingroff

I think I can speak for everyone involved – the “Making a Monster” seminar was a huge success!

I really didn’t know what to expect, as we only had 5 weeks to pull the entire thing together. Regardless, we had over 50 attendees, and it was just an awesome day all-around.

For those of you that couldn’t make it, here are some of the most quotable quotes of the day. If nothing else, these could spur some nice discussion in the “Comments” section below!

  1. Joint centration is the ideal balance of mobilizers and stabilizers acting on a joint.
  2. Joint centration is also the ideal balance between agonists and antagonists.
  3. I only want you to do corrective exercise for as little time as possible!
  4. Every joint has a centrated position based on commonalities of posture in the developing infant.
  5. Every muscle has a stabilizing AND a mobilizing function.
  6. Loss of centration WILL OCCUR when phasic muscles are forced to act as stabilizers.
  7. If you’re constantly bracing or locking things down, you’re doing things wrong. You need to balance tension with relaxation
  8. You cannot go hard all the time – you can get more with less.
  9. Loss of centration anywhere in the body is a stress to the CNS.
  10. Shapes of joints decide position and function.
  11. Motor patterns live in the brain.
  12. Pain is often due to the perception of a threat.
  13. 3 Layers of Movement: 1 – Primitive Reflexes, 2 – Learned Movements, 3 – Volitional Movements.
  14. You can’t exercise out of your current posture. The brain wants to be there for a certain reason.
  15. 3×10 is arbitrary – it takes as many (or as few) reps as it takes to move correctly.
  16. If you want to fix your posture, I want you to feel wrong. Then, when you feel wrong, you can start to feel right.
  17. Losers do rehab so they can go back to hurting themselves.
  18. Stabilizers are there to strangle (centrate) the bone so the phasic muscles can move you all around.
  19. The diaphragm triggers intra-abdominal pressure.
  20. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth to stimulate baroreceptors (which determine pressure).
  21. Every joints needs mobility AND stability. Some need more mobility, while some need more stability.
  22. EMG is fraudulent and stupid – handle some weight and lift.
  23. You are not getting strong standing on an unstable surface – that’s crap.
  24. If you can see the muscles, they’re meant to move you. If you can’t see them, they’re meant to stabilize you.
  25. You don’t move into lumbar extension because you lack oblique strength; you move there because you lost segmental stability.
  26. If I use outer core muscles without timing from inner core muscles, that’s when we chip away at our CNS.
  27. Biomechanics and physiology don’t lie, but they don’t always tell the whole story.
  28. I’m not that smart, I just study more.
  29. Stability isn’t always gained in efficacious ways.
  30. The position of your pelvis will influence your ability to move your neck.
  31. If you’re doing something right with your corrective exercise, you should get an immediate change you can roll with.
  32. If you don’t believe in isolating VMO, why are you trying to isolate serratus anterior?
  33. Morphologically the scapulae and pelvis are very similar
  34. There’s no such thing as muscle memory – it’s motor pattern memory.

Which one was your favorite? I’d love to hear from you in the Comments below!

Also, if you missed the seminar but would like to learn more from Charlie, I can’t recommend his Rehab=Training, Training = Rehab DVD set strongly enough.

Charlie is one of my go-to resources for continuing education as he’s always getting better and taking his skills to the next level.

All the best


P.S. I’ll be announcing all the details for our 2012 Midwest Performance Enhancement seminar on April 6th of this year. Trust me, if you regret missing Charlie, you do not want to miss this years event!


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  1. Great post Mike.

    Wish I was in a location closer to the presentation. However, I saw the post above and remembered that you will be at the presentation in Richmond. Can you refresh me as to the name of that course? I am a young physical therapist in Richmond and would love to hear your content live! If you would like any recommendations for local places to eat/visit feel free to let me know, would love to talk shop with you and any other professionals in the area.

    Kyle Adams

  2. Is #32 saying that you should not isolate vmo or serratus anterior? I’ve had some success in correcting knee and shoulder issues with both. Great Post!

  3. Amazing stuff. Couldn’t be more happy to have made the trip.

    Did some self experimentation tonight. Pretty amazing.

    I’m a little surprised that the crossfit ‘dufus’ comment, he made regarding fwd head posture during overhead pressing, wasn’t in here.

  4. “Losers do rehab so they can go back to hurting themselves.”

    Kind of a strong/strange statement. Does that also apply to all the female soccer players that tear their ACL? Rehab is for losers?

    I’m a high school soccer coach. I think I might get run out of town by parents and
    PTs, if I told some kid that little gem!!

    • Ed –

      That’s not what he meant at all. He’s talking about meatheads that constantly injure themselves in the gym, and then rehab solely to get back in and injure themselves again.

      I know Charlie well and there’s no way he would mock a kid who tore their ACL.


  5. Hi Mike

    Firstly thanks for posting these up

    My question pertains to points 9 and 26

    For 9 how can one dtermine that joint centration has been lost

    For 9 and 26 how does one determine that the CNS is being chipped away at or being stressed and what are the effects of this occuring on performance and/ or movement. Thanks for your time

    • He means the joint is in the 100% neutral, aligned position. When it’s there it has the potential to display full range of motion in every direction

  6. All great. The two best: “Losers do rehab so they can go back to hurting themselves.” & “Losers do rehab so they can go back to hurting themselves.”

  7. Great post Mike!

    My favorites:
    22. EMG is fraudulent and stupid – handle some weight and lift.

    28. I’m not that smart, I just study more.

    Love it!

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