3 Keys to Long Term Bench Press Success

Mike Westerdal bench pressing

Today I’m going to link you over to the CriticalBench.com site.  I wrote a guest blog over there that I think you’ll really enjoy, especially if you’re interested in driving your bench press numbers up!

3 Keys to Long-Term Bench Press Success

Got questions about the bench press? Be sure to leave them below and I’ll answer them ASAP!

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  1. Extremely through post! The thoracic extension work has probably helped my strength workouts (esp bench and pullups) more than any corrective work I've done! Scap wall slides and foam roller t-spine mobilization are present in almost all of my clients programs now, and they're all seeing the benefit after just a few workouts. Thanks for the great info!

  2. Mike,
    I have seen a few wild claims out there that seated cable rows lack integrity as a movement and should be dumped in strict favor of inverted rows (and possibly chest-supported rows). I have always been a big fan of mixing in lots of seated cable row work for bench support.
    Do you think this movement may have been unfairly thrown under the bus, because people chose to extend contraindications specifically pertaining to those with poor hip mobility (and likely T-spine and GH mobility, too) and overall motor control to populations who have no good reason not to make use of the seated cable row as an option in the upper back / bench support arsenal?

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