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Andy McCloy on Training, Business and LIFE

Andy McCloy is one of the most authentic and real people I know. In high school, Andy found his passion for athleticism and fitness. He cultivated and followed this passion and, at 18 years old, started his own business, and later found his calling in mentoring young athletes. As the owner of BCI Sports Performance […]

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How to Perform the Half-Kneeling Lat Pulldown

One of the biggest issues I see with clients and athletes alike is a lack of mobility. Whether it’s their hips or shoulders, these key areas can make or break how you move and feel. So how about one exercise that can work to address both of these common problem areas? The half-kneeling lat pulldown […]

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Sean Muldoon on How a “Non-Soccer Guy” Became Successful in Soccer

Sean Muldoon is currently in his 3rd season as the Seattle Sounders’ Head Strength & Conditioning Coach. Before joining the Sounders staff in 2016, Sean—a “non-soccer guy”—coached at the collegiate level, serving as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for UNC Charlotte and as the Interim Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of […]

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Get Off That Right Side with the Offset Split-Squat!

One of the biggest issues we see with clients and athletes alike is a tendency to get “stuck” on their right leg. So while most would assume just “doing more single-leg work” would fix the issue, unless you offset the load, you can actually just reinforce the asymmetry! If you struggle to load the left […]

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David Sutton on Communication and Relationships Across Cultures

David Sutton has been delivering Strength & Conditioning and Sport Science support for over 21 years. He has a unique track record of working in 16 different sports at the elite level and maximizing the physical preparation of athletes worldwide. In the UK, David—a known positive disruptor—worked with the Northants County Cricket Club and helped […]

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Erica Suter on Building Humans First, and Soccer Players Second

Ever since she was in middle school, Erica Suter has been strength training, and her love of athleticism was encouraged and supported by her parents. Soon, Erica played collegiate soccer while studying at John Hopkins University, where she was recognized as an Outstanding Female Athlete. Erica eventually played soccer semi-professionally in Brazil, where she also […]

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The Best Hip Flexor Stretch and Glute Bridge Combo?

When I first started working in the gym, I used to love a good hip flexor stretch and glute bridge combo. I felt like the hip flexor stretch did an awesome job of “stretching” my “tight” hip flexors and the glute bridge was fantastic for “activating” my glutes. Now while the rationale, thought process, and […]

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Jason Feariheller on Building Multi-Directional Speed and Power

How do athletes reach their fullest potential? This is the question that got Jason Feairheller deeper into the world of physical preparation. Jason – Strength Coach and Co-Owner of Function and Strength in Bridgeport, PA – began specializing in speed and agility training at Lightning Fast Training Systems, where he trained high school, college, and […]

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Reverse Crunches Too Easy? Step Up to the Dragon Flag!

So reverse crunches are awesome…we’ve already addressed that. In previous editions we’ve unpacked how to perform both the standard reverse crunch, as well as the reverse crunch to press out. (And if you missed the previous installments, check them out here: How to Reverse Crunch and The Reverse Crunch to Press Out.) So if you’re […]

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Lou Schuler on Writing, Communication and Media in the Fitness Industry

  Lou Schuler is a journalist, author, presenter, and Editorial Director of the Personal Trainer Development Center. You could say Lou wasn’t the fastest or strongest kid on the block when he was young, but that didn’t stop him from getting into working out when he was 13 years old. His passion for health & […]

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The Reverse Crunch to Press Out

If you’re on this site, you probably already know I’m a huge fan of the reverse crunch. And while it can be difficult initially, in a lot of cases, it also gets easy fairly quickly as well. So if you want to upgrade that core training, you need to try the reverse crunch to press […]

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Nick Grantham on Being Brilliant at the Basics and the Lost Art of Coaching

Considering the fact that Nick Grantham grew up in a sporty family, it’s no surprise that sports plays a prominent role in his life. He started playing football, and rugby, until he found Taekwondo, for which he competed internationally. After six years of working in banking & insurance, Nick’s passion for Taekwondo led him to […]

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