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Ben Eisenmenger on Strongman Training, Competition and Life

Ben Eisenmenger’s passion for training and physical preparation began early in his life, when he started doing workouts from muscle magazines in his basement using his father’s weights. Much of his inspiration came from his father, who lifted weights despite having cerebral palsy. Ben eventually pursued wellness and training full-time after college and trained for […]

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Ron McKeefery on Creating Community, Culture and Success

The best rewards of working in the world of physical preparation and strength and conditioning aren’t always financial, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build monetary stability while doing what you love as a strength coach. Ron McKeefery, Assistant Athletics Director for Fresno State University, exemplifies how that’s possible. In fact, Ron—who is recognized internationally […]

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Scott Caulfield on the Wide-Ranging Journey of a Physical Prep Coach

If you’re passionate about helping people, coaching is one of the best careers you can have. But Coach Scott Caulfield didn’t initially know he could make a full-time career in physical preparation. After completing his undergraduate degree in Physical Education from Castleton University, Scott only coached at a local gym as a side-hustle. Once he […]

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Bill Miller on Tracking, Competition and Developing Rotational Power

Bill Miller has been enamored with baseball, strength training, and physical improvement for as long as he can remember. When Bill was in 5th grade, his brothers became enthusiastic about strength training, and he found himself following their footsteps, using baseball as his avenue for physical improvement. He took his passion for the sport and […]

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David Grey on Co-Contractions, Systemic Movement and Knee Health

David Grey was originally an athlete himself, but as he was playing in relatively higher-level sports, he was plagued with pain and injuries. He followed the “traditional” model of rehabilitation, which included isolated stretching and strengthening, and soon found himself frustrated by the process. David knew he had to take matters into his own hands, […]

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26 Tips for Bulletproof Knees!

Let’s be honest – knee pain sucks. You see, waaaaayyyyy back in 2008 I created a manual called “Bulletproof Knees,” and my goal was simple… …to see less people suffer and “deal with” knee pain. And even though I’m admittedly biased, I thought the program was pretty darn good. But like all things in life, […]

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Tyler Williams on Process-Driven Load Management in the NFL

“You have to fail forward. You can’t be afraid to fail.” That’s Tyler Williams’ advice on using sports science technology alongside implementing load management – but he might as well be talking about life. Like many in the industry, Tyler had always been interested in sports despite his lack of genetic advantages. He worked to […]

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Mike Camporini on the Journey from PT Student to the Real World

Mike “Campo” Camporini got his first taste of the physical preparation world while in elementary school. A long-time athlete, Mike’s passion for physical fitness and playing sports led him on a career journey to become a physical therapist. Today, Mike works as a PT and strength coach based in Phoenix, Arizona. He holds a DPT […]

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Adam Menner on the Role of Speed Development in Basketball

Adam Menner started his college career as a psychology major, but when he interned at Defrancos Training Systems, where he did rehab work and contributed to coaching and programming, he discovered his passion for the world of physical preparation. Though the internship inspired Adam to change his major to Kinesiology & Exercise Science, he saw […]

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Derek Hansen on Con Ed, Microdosing, and Bringing Speed Training to the Masses

Derek Hansen is an international sports performance consultant specializing in speed development, strategic performance planning, return-to-competition protocols, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation programming. As a life-long athlete with a passion for speed and sprint training, Derek’s career initially began in Track and Field, where he provided coaching and training programs to sprint athletes of all ages. […]

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Zach Dechant on Movement over Maxes and the Mistake of Chasing Strength

Zach Dechant grew up in a farming community in Kansas, where the population is 300 people (or less, depending on the day). Their high school didn’t have a weight room, nor a coach who knew anything about strength and conditioning. But Zach knew that if he was going to become a college athlete, he’d need […]

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Dave Schoch on Experience, Stories, and Stimulating the Change with the Gen Pop

Though athletes and general population clients may seem different, they have the same reason they go to the gym: to change. Whether it’s to change their athletic performance or their capacity to do their daily chores, IFAST morning coach Dave Schoch suggests that the job of coaches and trainers is to facilitate the changes clients […]

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