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Kim Schaper on Why Women Are NOT Small Men

Kim Schaper is a holistic wellness coach and certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping women claim their health and wellbeing. At age 19, Kim developed anorexia, which eventually paved the way to anxiety and depression. She frequented many different treatment centers over the years that followed. When she finally overcame her struggles in […]

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IFAST Podcast #9 – The Evolution of Exercise Selection and Programming

As trainers and coaches, it’s only natural that you evolve over the years. And one area where this can be really obvious is with regards to exercise selection! In this show, Bill and I cover our humble beginnings as strength athletes, how that impacted our programming, and how things have evolved over our careers. Here’s […]

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Videos to Watch – Week of 1.13.20

All right my friend it’s a new week, so you know I got some new videos! This week we covered exercise technique, loading schemes, and other random stuff. Let’s do this! How Do You Load 5×5? This was came from the DM’s… “How do you load 5×5?” There’s a lot of ways to do this, […]

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4 Key Ingredients to Client and Athlete Success

An athlete’s triumph lies in more than just training inside the gym or following a routine. After all, while many coaches take their clients and athletes follow specific training programs, not all of them achieve success on the field. In that case, what separates good athletes from great ones? What are the key factors that […]

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IFAST Podcast #8 – The What, Why and How of Staff Development

After talking about continuing education in our last episode, we wanted to circle the wagons and talk about staff development this week. Staff education may not be the sexiest topic in the world, but it can absolutely separate the good teams, businesses and cultures from the rest. In this show, Bill and I talk about: […]

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Videos to Watch – Week of 1.6.20

First and foremost, I hope your New Year is off to a great start! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, and my “routine” has been anything but. However, in the coming weeks I’ve got a ton of great new video content to share with you, so let’s jump right into it! Glute Bridge Floor […]

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Venus Lau on Movement, Energy and Flow

Venus Lau is a certified trainer specializing in movement & flow since 2007 and located in Los Angeles. She has coached professional athletes, other coaches & movement professionals, celebrities, physical rehabilitation, kids, elderly, your average Jill & Joe, and everything in between. Venus has created several online fitness programs— and just launched her own VenusFit […]

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Menachem Brodie on Strength Training for the Competitive Cyclist

Involved in the health & fitness fields for nearly 25 years and coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie’s last 12 years have focused on strength training for cyclists & triathletes. Over that time he has become the world leader on strength training for cyclists & triathletes, speaking & presenting internationally on the subject and having developed the […]

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IFAST Podcast #7 – The Evolution of Continuing Education

Continuing education is a critical piece of any professional’s growth. But where do you START with con ed? And how that process evolve over the years? In this episode of the IFAST podcast, Bill and I talk about: Our initial forays into continuing education, The role of seminars – including the best type of seminars for […]

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Successful exercise selection and session organization includes both the ability to choose the right exercises for a specific individual within a specific context and to coach that individual through the proper execution of those exercises. Thus, exercise selection by the coach requires both establishing a strategy for decision making and strategies for proper execution. Let’s […]

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Brian Pannuzzo on Building Habits and Long-Term Success

Despite a successful, high-paying career in Wall Street, Brian Pannuzzo risked it all to move across the country with his family and start a new career. He worked as a financial advisor and bond trader for firms like Merryl Lynch, but after realizing that his stellar career came at the cost of his health and […]

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IFAST Podcast #6 – Why We Train ALL Of Our Clients Like Athletes

When you get started training clients and athletes, it may sound cool to train “exclusively” elite athletes. But at the end of the day, few (if any) facilities make the majority of their revenue training high-level athletes! Instead, the general population is where most fitness facilities pay their bills. The athletes are cool, but the […]

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