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Matej Hocevar on Training Adults, Sports Science and Movement Culture

Matej Hocevar is the Owner and Co-founder of VigorGround and the Head of Strength and Conditioning at NK Olimpija Ljubljana. For years, Matej has been helping people develop their physical performance and has worked with clients from all walks of life, from national and youth athletes to general population and senior clients. His passion for […]

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How to Build COMPLETE Athletes

When you start training athletes (or even gen pop clients) it’s easy to get overwhelmed writing their programs. Because let’s be honest…they want it all! Speed. Strength. Power. Conditioning. And while I can give an athlete all of those physical qualities, I can’t necessarily do it all in one program. So in this video, I […]

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How and When to Use “Ramp” Days

One of the biggest issues my clients and athletes used to suffer from was having crappy workouts on Monday. Were they having too much fun on the weekend? Not recovering enough? Or was there something I was missing? It wasn’t until I started tracking the recovery of my clients and athletes that I realized what […]

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The BIG Coaching Q&A Episode

Career development, continuing education, and program design: These are three KEY areas in coaching. But they could be a little overwhelming for everyone! From side-hustlers who want to coach full-time, to coaches who want to take their program to the next level, people raise a lot of questions about these topics: How do you design […]

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Q&A: Can You Do Multiple High-Intensity Training Days in a Row?

After my recent video about putting together training weeks, I got a fantastic follow-up question: Can you ever stack multiple high-intensity workouts back-to-back? For instance, could you perform a high-intensity lower body day, and then the next day come in and hit uppers hard? In this video, I breakdown 4 different lenses that you can […]

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Maria Mountain on Building Elite Ice Hockey Goalies

Maria Mountain began her career working as a trainer in a fitness center and worked her way up to become an Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and founder of Goalie Training Pro. In 2005, she opened her strength and conditioning company, Revolution Sports Conditioning (RSC), where she worked with athletes of different sports. Committing […]

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Building Better Training Weeks

We’ve all been beginners when it comes to writing programs. You remember the days…you walk in the gym, make something up on the fly, and call it “Training.” But the longer you do that, the more you realize it just doesn’t work. There needs to be a rhythm, an ebb and flow to how you […]

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Deep Thoughts on “Belly Breathing”

Back in the day, I was a huge proponent of “belly breathing.” After all, it only made sense that if you were going to get that nice, full breath cycle, that you should drive that air into the belly. Right? Not so fast boss. Over the years I realized that while air absolutely should move into […]

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Steffan Jones on Speed, Power and Stiffness in Cricket Bowling

Steffan Jones is a former professional fast bowler for Somerset, Northamptonshire, Kent, and Derbyshire County Cricket Clubs. As a graduate of Sports Science at Loughborough University, Steffan has always been driven to take ownership of improving his physical capabilities. This led him to do his own research on human performance, coaching himself to be the […]

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Movement Capacity, Fidelity and Variability

By: Jonathan Pope and Craig Weller Move well, move more It’s easy to simplify how we think about movement. You take something like a squat, and you work on doing it well. Then, you work on doing it a lot. You add weight, volume, density or complexity. A good bodyweight squat becomes a good goblet […]

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Alex Wanee on Success and Setting the Standard in Professional Motorsports

Alex Wanee is the Performance Director at PitFit Training, a motorsports performance training facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. After recovering from an illness that caused him to drop out of school, Alex discovered his passion for helping athletes realize their full potential. Inspired by this discovery, Alex began working in the human performance industry while he […]

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The Tabletop Approach to Fitness

Right now, the way we’re used to training is significantly altered. We don’t have access to the gym. We can’t use our favorite training equipment. And it probably feels like we’re getting weaker and losing muscle every minute! However, even though our training may be altered, I think now is the IDEAL time to focus […]

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