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Leo Totten on Coaching the Olympic Lifts at Every Level

Leo Totten has always had a fondness for athleticism. As a child, he knew he wanted to be a teacher and coach, so after completing his degree in Health and Physical Education at West Chester University, he became a high school P.E. teacher, coaching students in several sports. This background in physical education helped Leo […]

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IFAST Podcast #12 – Beyond the Workout: The OTHER 23 Hours

When it comes to trainers and coaches, we love to talk about “working out.” But in so many cases, it’s not the 3-hours per week they spend in the gym that’s screwing people up… …instead, it’s the 165 hours per week they spend OUTSIDE it that’s really holding up their progress! So in this episode […]

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Matt Hauck on Sports Science and Load Management in Professional Soccer

Matt Hauck was once a high school athlete who was curious about how he can improve his performance. This thirst for knowledge drove him to become a collegiate athlete and began his career in sports science while he was studying. Later, Matt graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Cum Laude at Western Oregon […]

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Stephanie Mock on Developing Better Systems, Coaches, and Athletes

Stephanie Mock is the Head Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach at Mississippi State University. While attending West Virginia University for her Bachelor’s in Sports Science, Stephanie played on WVU’s Women’s Volleyball team and it was during this time that she found her niche and passion for strength conditioning – and how her training in […]

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IFAST Podcast #11 – Helping Clients Understand Their Needs (vs. What They THINK They Need)

When it comes to training clients and athletes, one of the biggest issues you can run into is meeting their needs. After all, everyone is coming to you to get a result – but what if what they THINK they need, is differently from what they ACTUALLY need? In this episode, Bill and I talk […]

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Marcus Martinez: How to Unleash the Power of the Kettlebell

Marcus Martinez has loved fitness and physical training from an early age. He always wanted to own a gym, so he studied finance at Chapman University to learn how to run it as a business. While he was in the finance and accounting world, Marcus continued working on fitness training and received his first training […]

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IFAST Podcast #10 – The Importance of Building Relationships and Client Rapport

As trainers and coaches, we love to get caught up in the X’s and O’s of training. What exercise is best? What set-rep scheme should I be using? But at the end of the day, arguably the most important aspect of coaching is forging strong relationships and bonds with your clients, athletes, and patients. In […]

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Radley Haddad on Assessment, Evaluation and Coaching in Pro Baseball

Ever since he was a child, Radley Haddad has been passionate about baseball. Born and raised in Indiana, Radley started playing when he was six years old with his friends in their backyard. He played travel ball in high school and soon started his baseball career at West Carolina University, where he played for two […]

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Kim Schaper on Why Women Are NOT Small Men

Kim Schaper is a holistic wellness coach and certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping women claim their health and wellbeing. At age 19, Kim developed anorexia, which eventually paved the way to anxiety and depression. She frequented many different treatment centers over the years that followed. When she finally overcame her struggles in […]

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IFAST Podcast #9 – The Evolution of Exercise Selection and Programming

As trainers and coaches, it’s only natural that you evolve over the years. And one area where this can be really obvious is with regards to exercise selection! In this show, Bill and I cover our humble beginnings as strength athletes, how that impacted our programming, and how things have evolved over our careers. Here’s […]

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Videos to Watch – Week of 1.13.20

All right my friend it’s a new week, so you know I got some new videos! This week we covered exercise technique, loading schemes, and other random stuff. Let’s do this! How Do You Load 5×5? This was came from the DM’s… “How do you load 5×5?” There’s a lot of ways to do this, […]

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4 Key Ingredients to Client and Athlete Success

An athlete’s triumph lies in more than just training inside the gym or following a routine. After all, while many coaches take their clients and athletes follow specific training programs, not all of them achieve success on the field. In that case, what separates good athletes from great ones? What are the key factors that […]

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