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Brian Buck on the Intersection Between Sports Science and Coaching

Brian Buck grew up a huge sports fan. The love of sports eventually parlayed itself into an opportunity to play college baseball in Southern California, and eventually, play in the minor leagues. This experience in professional baseball led him to the field of sports performance, working as a coach and trainer for several teams and […]

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One Simple Tip for Better Intern Training

Here at IFAST, we get a lot of questions about our internship program. After all, we’ve been running a very successful program since 2009 – and while we’ve been successful, we’ve definitely made our share of mistakes along the way, too! So when my guy Will Alli of Indiana University asked me what he could […]

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How Do You Get Better Buy-In on Resets?

One of the most common issues I hear from trainers and coaches alike is getting their clients and athlete to “buy-in” to doing resets, breathing, correctives, etc. And trust me – I know how it feels! It can be really tough to get your fast-paced, high-energy, or massively driven clients to slow down and do […]

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Geoff Girvitz on Programming and Coaching for the Gen Pop

Sports and athleticism used to feel like learning a second language to Geoff Girvitz, but he felt compelled to dig deeper into fitness. Today, as a fitness coach, writer, and the Founder of Bang Personal Fitness, Geoff supports his clients in making fitness a part of their life by reducing the complexity and confusion around […]

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IFAST Podcast #15 – The Journey of a Massage Therapist (with Jenny Owens)

We FINALLY have our first guest! Jenny Owens is a massage therapist and the owner of the Gingko Tree in Carmel, Indiana. Jenny is not only one of our most trusted resources within our professional network, but an amazing human being to boot. Here’s a brief overview of our show with Jenny: How Jenny’s uncle […]

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What is Physical Preparation?

What’s happening my friend…anything new? 😉 Of course, things are a little crazier across the world than usual. But with all that craziness, I’ve chosen to focus on the things that I have some control over. Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano used to say. “Control the Controllables” – and while it sounds a […]

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Lee Taft Talks Training Adults, Combines, and Strength Training for Speed

  Lee Taft – aka the Speed Guy – is a highly-respected and world renowned athletic movement specialist. Lee is devoted to sharing his training philosophy and teaching his multi-directional speed methods to performance coaches and fitness professionals worldwide. As a former physical education teacher, Lee has been teaching foundational movement to beginners and helping […]

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IFAST Podcast #14 – Considerations for Successfully Training Senior Clients

When you first start training in your 20’s or 30’s, it’s easy to assume that everyone you train is just like you. You know – young, healthy, fit, no previous injury history, etc. That’s why when you get your first “older” client, it can be quite a shock! In today’s episode, we break down what […]

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Erik Huddleston on The Life of a Serial Intern

Erik Huddleston is the Director of Performance at IFAST. Determined to become the high-level coach that he is today, Erik worked five Strength & Conditioning internship roles for private facilities and universities, including Texas Tech University and Indiana University. Erik received his degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University and his Master’s in Exercise […]

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Videos to Watch – Week of 3.2.20

Okay my friend sorry for the delay in posting these, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks. And on top of that, I caught some sort of bug which has knocked me out for the past 2.5 days – so I’m just excited to be back in the land of the living! So without […]

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Martin Rooney on Coaching, Motivation and Culture

Martin Rooney is a fitness expert, entrepreneur, presenter, and the best-selling author of Coach to Coach. A child of a physical education teacher and sports coach, Martin has always loved sports and fitness. He later received a track-and-field scholarship and completed his Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy degrees at the Medical […]

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IFAST Podcast #13 – What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

We’ve all had “one of those days.” The day where you just don’t have your mojo, and the last thing you want to do is work out. But whether that’s due to an illness, fatigue, or just lack of motivation, this episode will help you figure out what to do when you don’t feel like […]

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