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Jason Feariheller on Building Multi-Directional Speed and Power

How do athletes reach their fullest potential? This is the question that got Jason Feairheller deeper into the world of physical preparation. Jason – Strength Coach and Co-Owner of Function and Strength in Bridgeport, PA – began specializing in speed and agility training at Lightning Fast Training Systems, where he trained high school, college, and […]

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Reverse Crunches Too Easy? Step Up to the Dragon Flag!

So reverse crunches are awesome…we’ve already addressed that. In previous editions we’ve unpacked how to perform both the standard reverse crunch, as well as the reverse crunch to press out. (And if you missed the previous installments, check them out here: How to Reverse Crunch and The Reverse Crunch to Press Out.) So if you’re […]

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Lou Schuler on Writing, Communication and Media in the Fitness Industry

  Lou Schuler is a journalist, author, presenter, and Editorial Director of the Personal Trainer Development Center. You could say Lou wasn’t the fastest or strongest kid on the block when he was young, but that didn’t stop him from getting into working out when he was 13 years old. His passion for health & […]

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The Reverse Crunch to Press Out

If you’re on this site, you probably already know I’m a huge fan of the reverse crunch. And while it can be difficult initially, in a lot of cases, it also gets easy fairly quickly as well. So if you want to upgrade that core training, you need to try the reverse crunch to press […]

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Nick Grantham on Being Brilliant at the Basics and the Lost Art of Coaching

Considering the fact that Nick Grantham grew up in a sporty family, it’s no surprise that sports plays a prominent role in his life. He started playing football, and rugby, until he found Taekwondo, for which he competed internationally. After six years of working in banking & insurance, Nick’s passion for Taekwondo led him to […]

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Yoeri Pegel on Physical Prep, Player Development, and Creating Connections

Yoeri Pegel didn’t come to the world of physical preparation with an exercise science background. He went to Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where he studied business economics. But that didn’t stop him from following his passion for sports. He took his first steps in coaching by going to a local public gym, where […]

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Dr. Teddy Willsey on Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance

Ever since he was young, Dr. Teddy Willsey had always been interested in bodybuilding and science. This interest led him to the University of Pittsburgh’s Exercise Science program, and later to the Old Dominion University, where he completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. In 2016, Teddy pushed his passions further and founded Healthy Baller […]

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3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Be a Better Trainer or Coach

So the other day I got a blistering email response to an email I sent out titled “Should You Sit Back and Arch Hard?” Needless to say, this guy put me through the ringer. He told me about all the movement issues I suffered from… …he told me about all of the potential injuries I […]

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Matej Hocevar on Training Adults, Sports Science and Movement Culture

Matej Hocevar is the Owner and Co-founder of VigorGround and the Head of Strength and Conditioning at NK Olimpija Ljubljana. For years, Matej has been helping people develop their physical performance and has worked with clients from all walks of life, from national and youth athletes to general population and senior clients. His passion for […]

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How to Build COMPLETE Athletes

When you start training athletes (or even gen pop clients) it’s easy to get overwhelmed writing their programs. Because let’s be honest…they want it all! Speed. Strength. Power. Conditioning. And while I can give an athlete all of those physical qualities, I can’t necessarily do it all in one program. So in this video, I […]

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How and When to Use “Ramp” Days

One of the biggest issues my clients and athletes used to suffer from was having crappy workouts on Monday. Were they having too much fun on the weekend? Not recovering enough? Or was there something I was missing? It wasn’t until I started tracking the recovery of my clients and athletes that I realized what […]

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The BIG Coaching Q&A Episode

Career development, continuing education, and program design: These are three KEY areas in coaching. But they could be a little overwhelming for everyone! From side-hustlers who want to coach full-time, to coaches who want to take their program to the next level, people raise a lot of questions about these topics: How do you design […]

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