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Jill Coleman on How to Build a Successful and Rewarding Online Fitness Business

In case you’re unfamiliar with Jill Coleman and her story, here’s a brief synopsis… Like many of us, Jill was tired of working 50, 60 and 70+ hour weeks in the gym – just to barely scrape by. But instead of lamenting where she was at in life and continuing to trudge along, Jill decided […]

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Joe Kenn on the Evolution of Strength and Conditioning

You know some guests really need no introduction, but in case you’re unfamiliar with Joe “Big House” Kenn, let me fill you in real quick on this guys’ rap sheet…. He’s a 30+ year vet of the strength and conditioning game. He’s worked – and had success – at every level of physical preparation, from […]

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Terrence “TK” Kennell on Annual Planning, In-Season Training and Tissue Prep

Terrence “TK” Kennell has worked in pro baseball, to women’s professional soccer, to men’s college basketball, and now a job with UFC. Working in all these areas has given him a broad set of experiences, and helped forge his approach to training. So in today’s episode, we’re going to look at some of the global […]

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Andrew Hauser on Punching Holes & Filling Gaps to Build Your Return to Play Model

Andrew Hauser has worked in a number of capacities in professional baseball both in the strength & medical capacities, most recently as the Director of Performance Rehab for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Director of Player Health & Performance for the Atlanta Braves. And he has recently made the dive into the private space […]

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Ben Shear on Merging Tech and Performance Training in the Private Sector

If you opened a gym 10-15 years ago, you know the struggle was REAL when it came to selling sports-performance training. Not only were you trying to sell people something – which is almost never easy – but you were trying to sell them something they often didn’t even know existed! So imagine doing that […]

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Nick Winkelman on the Language of Coaching

Have you ever fallen TOTALLY FLAT when coaching or cuing a client? You’re pulling everything out of your playbook, and for whatever reason, it’s just NOT working? If so, welcome to the club! I know this has happened to me in the past, and it has most definitely happened to today’s guest Nick Winkelman. At […]

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Dr. Sean Pastuch on Bridging the Gap Between Training and Healthcare

Dr. Sean Pastuch, DC, grew up around the fitness, health, and wellness industry. And when he graduated Chiro school, he ended up opening a clinic and a CrossFit gym, he didn’t want to be that Chiro who tells you, “You need to this exercise and be on “X” program.” Then, pat you on the back […]

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Anthony Mucurio on Side Hustles, Hedging Your Bets, and Transforming Young Athletes

Anthony Mucurio is a professional coach for people looking to improve their physical capabilities for sport. In addition to building beasts on the field, he is also dedicated to helping people stay HEALTHY so they can reach their FULL physical potential in life. His vision is to bridge the gap between modern sports science and […]

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Molly Galbraith on Dealing with Womens’ Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Social Media

Molly Galbraith, is the cofounder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), the world’s largest platform providing evidence-based, interdisciplinary health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy education for women and the health and fitness professionals who work with them—including industry-leading certification programs and coaching. She’s also the creator of the GGS Academy, which houses those certifications and has students and […]

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Nick Lambe on Sleep, Seminars and the Future of Continuing Education

Nick Lambe has been a coach for the last 10 years. He has always aimed to and prided himself on being different in his approach to working with clients. Nick is a massage therapist, strength coach, sleep coach and health coach but envisions himself firstly as a healthcare practitioner. With regards to lifestyle interventions,  Nick […]

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Shanté Cofield on Identifying Your Why and Building a Brand

Physical therapist turned entrepreneur, Dr. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, is the host of Maestro on the Mic, and the founder of The Movement Maestro LLC, a social-media based company that provides both online and in-person education for health and movement professionals around the world. Shanté’s professional pursuits center around providing business coaching, with […]

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Joel Jamieson on the Business of Conditioning, Recovery and Online Fitness

Joel Jamieson really needs no introduction. Joel is a best-selling author and one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength, conditioning, and energy systems. His training strategies have been used by thousands of elite performers and top athletes worldwide, including the Navy SEALS, UFC champions, and dozens of teams from the NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA, […]

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