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Kyle Pfaffenbach on Turning the Screws with Principle-Based Nutrition

From his experience working with elite athletes, Nutrition Consultant Kyle Pfaffenbach knows all too well a pitfall athletes tend to have: While they are driven for success, they can be too strict with everything from training to nutrition. Kyle is an Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance at Eastern Oregon University, where he teaches […]

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Joe Kenn on 32 Years of Continued Success in Physical Preparation

What does it take to have a long, stable career in the world of sports and physical preparation? And how do you make yourself stand out in a competitive industry where everyone is welcome to enter? Veteran Strength & Conditioning Coach Joe Kenn, whose career spans more than 30 years, is a well of wisdom […]

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Chris Barnes on the Evolution of Sports Science in Professional Soccer

Sports science is a common thing in elite and professional sports today – but it hasn’t always been that way. Over the past 25 years in his career at high-level sports, sports scientist and consultant Chris Barnes has seen how sports science has evolved and gained prominence. When he began his career as a sports […]

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Why Do YOU Coach?

The other day I was walking our dog, Finn, and asked myself this fairly simple question… Why do I coach? It made me think back to when I was a little kid and how much I loved sports. Growing up in the country – with literally ZERO kids my age within miles of me – […]

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Mike Coval on Developing a Complete High School Athlete

It can be challenging to coach a high school athlete. Caught between training and studying, these young athletes have a lot of things going on in their lives and can be prone to fatigue and exhaustion. Especially during the COVID-era. Former IFAST intern Mike Coval knows this all too well. Mike is the owner of […]

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How to Turn Every Client into An Athlete

Let’s face it, most personal trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches have a burning desire to work with athletes.  But, why? Maybe it is because working with athletes is associated with a higher career status; such as collegiate programs or professional sports. Maybe it is because you think you have more options with […]

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Donovan Santas: The Evolution over 21 Years in Pro Baseball

Over his 21-year-long career in professional baseball in different capacities, Donovan Santas has seen some of the most momentous changes and shifts in the sports industry – from how strength training is implemented to how the strength & conditioning coach’s role has gained prominence. But Donovan didn’t always have the fancy tools he has access […]

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Jon Pope on Resilience, Stress Physiology, and Changing Beliefs

Jonathan Pope is an embodiment of what it means to be resilient. As a high school athlete, Jon was a six-foot, 150-pound, right-handed baseball pitcher who could throw a ball 90 miles an hour. But he needed to get bigger and throw harder if he wanted to play at the Division I level. Thinking that […]

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The CAR’s Approach to Client Success

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but training clients and athletes is a weeeee bit different here in 2021 than it was this time last year. Gyms are constantly in flux – opening and closing on a regular basis. Clients are struggling to find their rhythm and get back into shape. And one […]

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Ashley Jones on Planning, Programming and the Quadrant System in Rugby

Early in his life, Ashley Jones had aspired to become a professional rugby player, but a shoulder injury derailed him from becoming an elite-level player. That didn’t stop him, though. Ashley continued to realize his love for rugby and sports by getting into a training role. He went on to earn a degree in Physical […]

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Joey Burton on the Life and Times of an NBA Skill Development Coach

Basketball Skill Development Coach Joey Burton saw at a very young age what bad coaching looked like. As a high school player, Joey felt frustrated over his coaches’ blatant display of politicizing and favoritism. Though this experience discouraged him from playing in high school, Joey remained passionate about basketball and eventually played in college. Being […]

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What’s THE Goal?

A wise man once said: The goal is to keep the goal, the goal. – Dan John Now when it comes to this time of year, it’s easy to get excited about New Year’s Resolutions and goal-setting. And for good reason! Who doesn’t want to come in and crush the New Year? But when you […]

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