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How to Perform the Glute-Ham Raise

Glute-ham raises have been a staple in my programs since 2001. After a trip to Westside Barbell, I knew that this exercise could be an absolute game changer for my strength in the powerlifts. But little did I realize how impactful it could be for virtually every athlete I worked with from that day forward! […]

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Dana Santas on Breathing, Mobility and Becoming “The Mobility Maker”

Dana Santas developed a deep passion for Yoga, movement, and sports while attending college to earn her degree in Sociology and Marketing & Communications. Driven by her passion and the determination to achieve the American Dream, Dana left a cushy corporate job as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing to become a Yoga instructor […]

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How to Split-Stance Low Cable Row

Last week we talked about how you can take your standard dumbbell rows and make them a bit more sexy and athletic. So if you liked that variation and want something that’s a bit more off the beaten path, then you need to try the split-stance low cable row! In this variation, you get a […]

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Ian Kadish on Athleticism, Work Capacity and Arm Care in Baseball

Since he was a kid, Ian Kadish has always been drawn to the world of sports and the weight room. Throughout his childhood, Ian participated in a wide variety of sports – everything from football, baseball, and soccer – and even basketball. So it’s no surprise that his passion for sports and performance eventually led […]

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The Athletic Dumbbell Row

We all know that dumbbell rows are an awesome exercise for developing the upper back. But sometimes I feel like rows can get a little blocky and mechanical. Now don’t get me wrong – especially if you’re just learning the movement, simply thinking about reaching long and then squeezing back is totally fine. But once […]

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Nick Lambe on Becoming a Sleep Coach

Nick Lambe is a health, strength, and sleep coach as well as a massage therapist. He is the owner of ProActive Health and Wellness, a company that also serves as a training facility for clients who want to get their lives back on track. Nick is recognized as “The Online Sleep Coach” due to his […]

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Build Shoulder and Core Stability with Med Ball Arc Walks

When it come to writing programs, the exercises I use have to check a couple of boxes… They need to build better movement, They need to be challenging, and They need to be fun! The med ball arc walk covers all of these bases. Not only does it give you a ton of bang for […]

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Why I Hate the Term “Movement Quality”

In the fitness industry, it’s funny to hear the phrases that flow in and out of our vocabulary over the years. And one phrase that’s been around far too long is “movement quality.” I’ll get to that in a minute, but for now, let me tell you a quick story… A few weeks back young […]

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Becky Rogers on the Science and Practice of Ultra-Endurance Racing

Becky Rogers is a an ultra-endurance athlete, microbiologist and mother of 4. Her list of accomplishments in the ultra world are too numerous to list here, but let’s just say 50 mile races might consist of a warm-up to her! In this show, Becky and I talk about how a trained microbiologist became a hardcore […]

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Build Rotary Core Stability with the Pallof Press

As trainers and coaches, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to train our core. But sometimes, it’s easy to fall back into our staple exercises – you know, the planks, bears, dead bugs, etc. And while those exercises are fantastic, one big limitation is that they’re all very focused on the sagittal plane […]

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3 Tenets of Squat Technique and Overall Badassery

Note from MR: Tony Gentilcore is one of my favorite fitness writers, simply because he makes reading a ton of fun. In this article, he dives into three things you should consider when coaching or training the squat. And if you enjoy this article, definitely check out Tony’s Even More Complete Hip and Shoulder Blueprint, […]

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Lee Taft on the Biggest Coaching Mistakes in Speed Training

Lee Taft is a speaker, consultant and coach for people across the globe who want to get  faster. Whether it’s working with high-level athletes, or taking a staff and helping them take their speed game to the next level, Lee is a guy that can help you get there in record time. In this show, […]

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