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26 Tips for Bulletproof Knees!

Let’s be honest – knee pain sucks. You see, waaaaayyyyy back in 2008 I created a manual called “Bulletproof Knees,” and my goal was simple… …to see less people suffer and “deal with” knee pain. And even though I’m admittedly biased, I thought the program was pretty darn good. But like all things in life, […]

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Tyler Williams on Process-Driven Load Management in the NFL

“You have to fail forward. You can’t be afraid to fail.” That’s Tyler Williams’ advice on using sports science technology alongside implementing load management – but he might as well be talking about life. Like many in the industry, Tyler had always been interested in sports despite his lack of genetic advantages. He worked to […]

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Mike Camporini on the Journey from PT Student to the Real World

Mike “Campo” Camporini got his first taste of the physical preparation world while in elementary school. A long-time athlete, Mike’s passion for physical fitness and playing sports led him on a career journey to become a physical therapist. Today, Mike works as a PT and strength coach based in Phoenix, Arizona. He holds a DPT […]

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Adam Menner on the Role of Speed Development in Basketball

Adam Menner started his college career as a psychology major, but when he interned at Defrancos Training Systems, where he did rehab work and contributed to coaching and programming, he discovered his passion for the world of physical preparation. Though the internship inspired Adam to change his major to Kinesiology & Exercise Science, he saw […]

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Derek Hansen on Con Ed, Microdosing, and Bringing Speed Training to the Masses

Derek Hansen is an international sports performance consultant specializing in speed development, strategic performance planning, return-to-competition protocols, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation programming. As a life-long athlete with a passion for speed and sprint training, Derek’s career initially began in Track and Field, where he provided coaching and training programs to sprint athletes of all ages. […]

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Zach Dechant on Movement over Maxes and the Mistake of Chasing Strength

Zach Dechant grew up in a farming community in Kansas, where the population is 300 people (or less, depending on the day). Their high school didn’t have a weight room, nor a coach who knew anything about strength and conditioning. But Zach knew that if he was going to become a college athlete, he’d need […]

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Dave Schoch on Experience, Stories, and Stimulating the Change with the Gen Pop

Though athletes and general population clients may seem different, they have the same reason they go to the gym: to change. Whether it’s to change their athletic performance or their capacity to do their daily chores, IFAST morning coach Dave Schoch suggests that the job of coaches and trainers is to facilitate the changes clients […]

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Ken Vick on Sharing, Speed Development, and Being a Radical Centrist

Although Ken Vick – President and High-Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance – loved sports in high school, he didn’t begin his career in coaching right away. Ken completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Sound Engineering & Acoustic Design. It wasn’t until later, when his wife worked in the […]

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10 Important Lessons I’ve Learned from Coaching Youth Sports

When you have kids, you start seeing the world through their eyes – and you definitely learn a lot from them. I played a lot of sports growing up. And by a lot, I mean if you can think of it, I’ve probably played it at some level. For me, personally, I enjoyed sports because […]

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Mike Kay on Training with Intent and Windows of Adaptation

Many young, aspiring coaches think that the path to becoming trainers is as smooth as just graduating from school then landing their dream job. Sometimes, there are lots of stops and hiccups along the way. Sometimes, there’s a lot of detours involved. Take Michael Kay, a Doctor of Physical Therapy based in Phoenix, Arizona. He […]

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Max Schmarzo on Plyometrics, Jump Training and Elite Athleticism

Playing sports initiates all things performance, whether it’s about trying to be a better jump shooter or a better athlete. And that’s exactly the catalyst that sparked the passion of applied sports scientist and educator Max Schmarzo. After playing Division III Basketball for Coe College, where he also completed his degrees in athletic training and […]

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Danny O’Rourke on the Transition from Athlete to Coach

Danny O’Rourke has seen soccer from the vantage point of both athlete and coach. After playing collegiate soccer at Indiana University – where he played 83 games, who back-to-back National Championships and the MAC Hermann Trophy – Danny had an 11-year MLS career. In the early years of his career as a professional soccer player, […]

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