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Luka Hocevar on Collecting Role Models and Hunting Skillsets

My good friend, entrepreneur and coach, Luka Hocevar, always seem to move a thousand miles an hour. And with the many hats he wears, you may get a different answer every time you ask him what he does. While he dabbles in real estate, he is also the Founder, Owner, and Operator of Vigor Ground […]

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Joel Smith on the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Elastic Training

Joel Smith considers himself a “born mover.” As a young athlete, his passion for developing his athletic outputs—from movement and sprinting to jumping and dunking—led him to play at the national level in track and field and athletic performance coaching. However, his mentality towards athletic development revolved around strength. It wasn’t until learning from other […]

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Jeremy Frisch on Plugging the Holes of Youth Athletic Development

According to youth sports coach, Jeremy Frisch, playing sports can open up whole new worlds for any person. Jeremy’s the Director and Owner of Achieve Performance Training, a physical fitness facility in Clinton, Massachusetts that focuses on youth athletic development. Jeremy believes that it’s essential for kids to explore experiences, making it more critical for […]

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5 Things I Need to Say

The thing about change is—whether it’s good or bad—it forces you to reflect on where you’re at, where you’re going, and where you want to be. So many pivotal moments in my life—from meeting my mentors, opening a gym, to raising kids—have taught me about being a coach, entrepreneur, and father. With the amount of […]

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Brett Jones on Kettlebell Training, Movement Screens, and the Evolution of a Coach

Brett Jones is grateful to the many mentors who have provided opportunities for him and allowed him to stand where he does now in his career. He’s the Director of Education at StrongFirst, the school of strength founded by Pavel Tsatsouline, who introduced Russian kettlebell to the West in 1998. Brett has been teaching—and swinging—the […]

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Keir Wenhamm-Flatt on Reverse Engineering, Pre-Season Testing and the Optimal Block

To the strength and conditioning coach, speaker, and consultant, Keir Wenham-Flatt, asking the right questions is as crucial as getting the right answers. Keir is the founder of Strength Coach Network, a platform that helps strength and conditioning professionals climb the coaching career ladder. He has presented at major sporting organizations, including the NFL, NBA, […]

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Glenn Robinson III on Basketball, Fatherhood, and Leaving a Legacy

Glenn Robinson III is someone I’m privileged to call a friend. I remember watching his father, Glenn Robinson Jr.—also known as “The Big Dog”—when I was a young player growing up. I loved watching the Big 10 and seeing The Big Dog himself go at it. So, many years later, when I got to work […]

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Michael DeSanti on the 3 Commodities: Time, Love and Energy

The author of New Man Emerging, Michael DeSanti, has always had a fascination for the human condition. He dedicated much of his younger years to learning about spirituality, psychology, human design, health, and wellness. However, it wasn’t until later—when he was working in the corporate world—that he discovered that his passions for human development and […]

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How Do I Master a New Topic?

In our industry, it can be overwhelming to dive into a new topic that you’re unfamiliar with. After all, how do you even begin to learn a massive topic like speed, strength or conditioning? Well I’ll tell you the first thing…it’s not listening to every random on the Internet that has an opinion on the […]

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The CARS Approach to Coaching

Here’s a big question to ponder… Why do clients or athletes come to train with you? How can you create a better connection with them? Or help make sure that they not only enjoy your training, but that they stick with your for the long haul? This is obviously a pretty deep topic, but here […]

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Joel Jamieson on the Train, Recover, and Repeat Mindset

When Joel Jamieson, Founder and CEO of 8WeeksOut, began working with athletes and clients in his gym 20 years ago, he realized the key role of recovery, as well as its unpredictability. While the results of training were driven by recovery, recovery was, in turn, driven by factors coaches couldn’t track inside the gym: sleep […]

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Dr. Amy Bender on the Science of Sleep

As soon as Dr. Amy Bender’s aunt took her to a sleep lab, she became fascinated about sleep research. In fact, she was so fascinated that she eventually found herself landing a job as a sleep technologist at Washington State University, where she would go on to complete her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, focusing on […]

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