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The Physical Preparation Podcast

The Physical Preparation Podcast is a one-stop-shop for trainers, coaches and athletes, where I’ll interview the best and brightest in our industry. Please subscribe via one of the links below to get updates for every new show!

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4 Key Ingredients to Client and Athlete Success

An athlete’s triumph lies in more than just training inside the gym or following a routine. After all, while many coaches take their clients and athletes follow specific training programs, not all of them achieve success on the field. In that case, what separates good athletes from great ones? What are the key factors that […]

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Venus Lau on Movement, Energy and Flow

Venus Lau is a certified trainer specializing in movement & flow since 2007 and located in Los Angeles. She has coached professional athletes, other coaches & movement professionals, celebrities, physical rehabilitation, kids, elderly, your average Jill & Joe, and everything in between. Venus has created several online fitness programs— and just launched her own VenusFit […]

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Menachem Brodie on Strength Training for the Competitive Cyclist

Involved in the health & fitness fields for nearly 25 years and coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie’s last 12 years have focused on strength training for cyclists & triathletes. Over that time he has become the world leader on strength training for cyclists & triathletes, speaking & presenting internationally on the subject and having developed the […]

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Brian Pannuzzo on Building Habits and Long-Term Success

Despite a successful, high-paying career in Wall Street, Brian Pannuzzo risked it all to move across the country with his family and start a new career. He worked as a financial advisor and bond trader for firms like Merryl Lynch, but after realizing that his stellar career came at the cost of his health and […]

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9 Ways to Level Up in 2020

As we are about to begin a new decade, many of us are starting to make plans and goals we want to achieve for the new year. But personally, I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, because statistics show that around 90% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by the end of January. […]

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Dr. Keith Baar on Building Bulletproof Tendons

As a former athlete who considered himself mediocre, Dr. Keith Baar became curious as to why some people respond well to a training program and grew stronger while others didn’t adapt the same way. He followed this curiosity into an internship in strength and conditioning at the University of Michigan’s football team for his undergraduate […]

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Tony Holler on Coaching, Sprinting and Feeding the Cats

With a father whose entire life was about coaching and a mother whose two brothers became career football coaches, Tony Holler has an apparent coaching bloodline. So, it’s no wonder that he lives his life as a coach, coaching track for 38 years, football for 28, and basketball for 14. As a father, he has […]

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Chris Duffin on Building Superhuman Strength

Growing up, Chris Duffin was what he called a “little skinny nerd,” but once he started weightlifting to balance his intellectual and physical aspects, Chris found a new confidence that positively impacted other parts of his life. He maintained this passion for strength building, coaching on the side of an 18-year leadership career in the […]

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Mike Nilson on Leadership and Becoming a Complete Basketball Player

Mike Nilson eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. From junior high through college, Mike has performed on the court – playing for the Gonzaga Bulldogs during their Sweet 16 and Elite 8 runs where he earned the WCC Defensive Player of the Year award. Unfortunately, during his senior year, Mike experienced an Achilles injury which forced […]

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Dr. John Berardi on Becoming a Change Maker

Canadian-American health entrepreneur, Dr. John Berardi, knows first-hand the hardships involved in effecting positive change in people as well as across an industry. As the co-founder of Precision Nutrition and the founder of the Change Maker Academy, John pioneered one of the industry’s first nutrition certification courses before getting certified became a “thing.” With the […]

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12 Things Every Coach Needs to Hear at Some Point in Their Career

Training and coaching clients to improve their health and fitness can be fun and incredibly rewarding – but it’s not always easy. There are many things we need to consider when coaching our clients to achieve optimal performance, and sometimes, our desire and passion for helping others can lead to putting our own needs and […]

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Dana Santas on Breathing, Mobility and Becoming “The Mobility Maker”

Dana Santas developed a deep passion for Yoga, movement, and sports while attending college to earn her degree in Sociology and Marketing & Communications. Driven by her passion and the determination to achieve the American Dream, Dana left a cushy corporate job as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing to become a Yoga instructor […]

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Ian Kadish on Athleticism, Work Capacity and Arm Care in Baseball

Since he was a kid, Ian Kadish has always been drawn to the world of sports and the weight room. Throughout his childhood, Ian participated in a wide variety of sports – everything from football, baseball, and soccer – and even basketball. So it’s no surprise that his passion for sports and performance eventually led […]

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Nick Lambe on Becoming a Sleep Coach

Nick Lambe is a health, strength, and sleep coach as well as a massage therapist. He is the owner of ProActive Health and Wellness, a company that also serves as a training facility for clients who want to get their lives back on track. Nick is recognized as “The Online Sleep Coach” due to his […]

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Becky Rogers on the Science and Practice of Ultra-Endurance Racing

Becky Rogers is a an ultra-endurance athlete, microbiologist and mother of 4. Her list of accomplishments in the ultra world are too numerous to list here, but let’s just say 50 mile races might consist of a warm-up to her! In this show, Becky and I talk about how a trained microbiologist became a hardcore […]

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