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The Physical Preparation Podcast

The Physical Preparation Podcast is a one-stop-shop for trainers, coaches and athletes, where I’ll interview the best and brightest in our industry. Please subscribe via one of the links below to get updates for every new show!

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Dr. Amy Bender on the Science of Sleep

As soon as Dr. Amy Bender’s aunt took her to a sleep lab, she became fascinated about sleep research. In fact, she was so fascinated that she eventually found herself landing a job as a sleep technologist at Washington State University, where she would go on to complete her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, focusing on […]

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Chris Chase on Establishing Standards and Improving Performance in Basketball

With a truly pragmatic approach to training, Chris Chase emphasizes establishing standards in his programs. KPIs, he notes, provides a framework that helps players get to where they need to be. Perhaps this is wisdom drawn from experience; after all, Chris has coached at every level there is. He has served as Strength and Conditioning […]

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Molly Galbraith on Training during and after Pregnancy

Like many people, Molly Galbraith was unhappy with her body when she was 18 and would spend years struggling with insecurities. But, when she discovered how she could stop comparing herself to other women, Molly dedicated her life to supporting women and helping them feel strong, confident, and empowered in their lives and bodies. She […]

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Wil Fleming on Assessing and Implementing VBT in Olympic Weighlifting

Running Force Fitness and Performance was great, but Olympic weightlifter and sports performance coach Wil Fleming wanted to focus on his true passion… …coaching. After 10 years of owning and operating Force, Wil decided to sell the business in 2018 and founded 1Kilo Weightlifting. At 1Kilo, Wil specializes in coaching Olympic weightlifting for athletes both […]

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Brady Howe on the Power of Soft Skills in Leadership and Athletic Development

Brady Howe has had many titles throughout his career. He has been an athletic trainer, strength coach, and equipment manager for various institutions and teams, including the Utah Flash, Weber State University, the Salt Lake City Stars, the Idaho Stampede, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Phoenix Suns. But the common threads that run through these […]

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Eric Cressey on the Evolution of Baseball-Specific Training

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Eric Cressey’s work ethic is incomparable. In addition to being the Co-Founder and President of Cressey Sports Performance—widely considered one of the premier facilities for baseball-specific training—Eric is a prolific writer who has authored over 500 articles and five books, including Maximum Strength and The High Performance Handbook. […]

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Scott Fuchs on Body Types, Training and KPIs for Throwing the Javelin

Two-time All-American javelin thrower Scott Fuchs didn’t start his athletic career in track and field. Nope, Scott started off in baseball, which took over his life when he was 13 years old. Knowing that he could play at the collegiate level, Scott went on to play for a Division III institution right out of high […]

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Big Picture Program Design

Whether you’re new to the game or a savvy veteran, many coaches struggle with designing programs for their clients and athletes. While some feel challenged because they don’t understand the fundamentals of program design, others may feel hindered by a lack of design systems and principles. And trust me, I know…because I struggled too when […]

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Jelani Floyd and Dan Poneman on the Life of an NBA Agent

Becoming NBA agents wasn’t part of Jelani Floyd and Dan Poneman’s plan…like many people, they wanted to play for the NBA as kids. While Dan was in high school a website in high school where he ranked top basketball players in the state. He later found his niche in athletics not as a player, but […]

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Ben Eisenmenger on Strongman Training, Competition and Life

Ben Eisenmenger’s passion for training and physical preparation began early in his life, when he started doing workouts from muscle magazines in his basement using his father’s weights. Much of his inspiration came from his father, who lifted weights despite having cerebral palsy. Ben eventually pursued wellness and training full-time after college and trained for […]

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Ron McKeefery on Creating Community, Culture and Success

The best rewards of working in the world of physical preparation and strength and conditioning aren’t always financial, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build monetary stability while doing what you love as a strength coach. Ron McKeefery, Assistant Athletics Director for Fresno State University, exemplifies how that’s possible. In fact, Ron—who is recognized internationally […]

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Scott Caulfield on the Wide-Ranging Journey of a Physical Prep Coach

If you’re passionate about helping people, coaching is one of the best careers you can have. But Coach Scott Caulfield didn’t initially know he could make a full-time career in physical preparation. After completing his undergraduate degree in Physical Education from Castleton University, Scott only coached at a local gym as a side-hustle. Once he […]

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Bill Miller on Tracking, Competition and Developing Rotational Power

Bill Miller has been enamored with baseball, strength training, and physical improvement for as long as he can remember. When Bill was in 5th grade, his brothers became enthusiastic about strength training, and he found himself following their footsteps, using baseball as his avenue for physical improvement. He took his passion for the sport and […]

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David Grey on Co-Contractions, Systemic Movement and Knee Health

David Grey was originally an athlete himself, but as he was playing in relatively higher-level sports, he was plagued with pain and injuries. He followed the “traditional” model of rehabilitation, which included isolated stretching and strengthening, and soon found himself frustrated by the process. David knew he had to take matters into his own hands, […]

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Tyler Williams on Process-Driven Load Management in the NFL

“You have to fail forward. You can’t be afraid to fail.” That’s Tyler Williams’ advice on using sports science technology alongside implementing load management – but he might as well be talking about life. Like many in the industry, Tyler had always been interested in sports despite his lack of genetic advantages. He worked to […]

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