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In case you’ve been living under a rock the last four days, today is the last day you can get Eric Cressey’s latest product, Show and Go, for the introductory rate of $77 and save yourself 50 smacks in the process!

In case you need a bit more prodding, here’s a quick list of why I think you’ll love the product.

1 – It’s written by Eric Cressey.

This may not sound all that impressive, until you realize that Eric also writes programs for professional boxers and baseball players, triathletes, Winter Olympians, and everything in between.

If you want a fantastic program from a guy that gets results from athletes of all shapes and sizes, then Show and Go could be a perfect fit for you.

2 – You don’t have to do a thing except train.

With Show and Go, every aspect of the programming is laid out for you.  Foam rolling, mobility/warm-up exercises, strength training, optional cardio/energy system training, etc.

Perhaps most importantly, the programming is supported by a video archive with over 170 exercise demonstrations! You really can’t go wrong here – with the programming and the videos, you’ll be ready to hit the gym running.

3 – He knows a thing or two about being strong, too.

While many powerlifters are more than ok with taking their power-bloat and scale weight to astronomical levels, Eric has demonstrated that you can be strong even at a lighter bodyweight.

At a bodyweight under 200 pounds, Eric boasts a bench press of 365 pounds and a deadlift well over 600 pounds.  I don’t care who you are; those are pretty damn impressive numbers!

Quite simply, if your goal is to get strong, you could learn from someone worse than Eric.

4 – He gets to hang out with Tony Gentilcore daily.

Let’s be honest – Eric is fine and dandy, but Tony is the real star of the show over at Cressey Performance. 🙂

He’s jacked, routinely writes blog posts that make you want to laugh out loud, and perhaps most importantly, chicks think he’s cool and want to hang out with him.

Need I say more?

5 – The $50 off sale ends tonight!

If all of the points above didn’t sway you, I’ll end with this one.

The introductory Show and Go offer ends TONIGHT at midnight EST! If you are going to pick up a copy, as Arnold would say:

Do it!  Do it NOW!!!

Show and Go

Have a great weekend!

All the best



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  1. hi mike, i am keen to buy show and go and for some reason only got your email now, obviously the offer has expired. would you/eric be willing to sell it for 77 dollars?

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