A simple wrinkle for better performance

Push-up ISO

Here at IFAST, we’re huge proponents of ISO’s.  ISO’s are a great exercise selection for several reasons:

– Decreases joint wear and tear (to some degree)

– Allows for the client to “feel” the appropriate body position

– Allows for the client to “feel” the appropriate muscle groups working

– Helps build stability in end-range

– Increases time under tension

– Helps build better movement patterns

In the form of EQI’s, ISO’s can add length (i.e. increase sarcomeres in series) to a short muscle

Quite simply, ISO’s are a very versatile tool that almost anyone can employ.  Currently, we use variations of the following exercises in an ISO fashion:

– Push-ups

– Split squats

– Bulgarian split squats

– Chin-ups

– Pallof Presses (multiple variations)

– DB flies

If a client is having issues getting into the appropriate body position or “feeling” the right muscles, have them try the exericse in an ISO fashion.  This subtle change could be all you need!

Stay strong



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