Andy McCloy on Impact, Influence and Finding Balance

Andy McCloy is the owner of BCI Sports Performance and Fitness, an Alabama-based fitness company providing a wide range of performance enhancement and strength training programs to clients ranging from high school and college players to pro athletes.

Their goal at BCI is to have each client reach a higher level of athleticism which will translate to higher levels of performance. His philosophy is built around what he calls the “Wheel of Conditioning,” where the body is the wheel and each aspect of fitness is equally recognized so it rolls efficiently.

Andy joins me today to discuss his program and how they help their clients achieve peak physical performance. He shares the story of when he had his hips replaced and how it changed his life, as well as his career, for the better.

He describes the scholarship program they offer and the clients they accept for it.

And he reveals why being connected is not the same as being engaged and the significant changes he applied in his personal life that enabled him to achieve a balance between his life, career, and fitness.

Put in your family and your self-care first, then build everything else around it. – Andy McCloy

This week on The Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Andy’s passion for fitness and how having hip replacement surgery impacted his life and career.
  • The changes he applied to his everyday life and how it changed the way he provides service.
  • How his scholarship program works and what it offers clients.
  • Strategies he implemented that helped him find better balance.
  • Why connectivity is both a blessing and a curse.
  • What his everyday routine looks like and how he sustains it.
  • The mistakes he made and the lessons he learned from them.
  • Advice to up and coming coaches who want to be more successful.
  • His career highlights as a coach and his plans for the future.

Andy McCloy’s Life & Training Advice for Young Athletes:

  • Do not trade connections for engagements.
  • It’s impossible to balance two things when they don’t weigh the same

Connect with Andy McCloy:

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