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10 Reasons You Should Attend a Seminar at IFAST This Summer

As you may (or may not) know, we are really big on continuing education here at IFAST.

This summer alone, we’re hosting two blockbuster courses that I think you’d enjoy.

The first is Diagnosis Fitness: The Complete IFAST Assessment System. This is the first time we’ve ever run this course, and it literally takes you step-by-step through our assessment process.

We’ve had clients come from literally every corner of the United States to get assessed, as well as Bulgaria, Japan, and Australia. I think it’s safe to say we’re well known for our assessments!

The second is our annual Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar. This year it’s a three-day event, with world-renowned speakers like Bill Hartman, Lee Taft, Joel Jamieson, Chris Mohr, and the incomparable Dan John.

Just for fun, here are ten reasons you should attend a seminar at IFAST this summer!

10 – Bill Hartman knows more about assessments than anyone I know, and that’s saying something.

9 – It’s said that Dan John has forgotten more about training than most of us could ever hope to know, and I agree. Plus, he is one of the most entertaining speakers in the industry.

8 – It’s Indianapolis, it’s summer, I’m sure it will at least by 90+ degrees and 90+ percent humidity like it is every year…

Wait, just forget I said that…. 🙂

7 – When Joel Jamieson isn’t training UFC fighters, he just hangs out and writes industry-changing books on energy system training and heart rate variability. I think he can teach us all a thing or two about block periodization!

6 – I bet you spend a couple of hundred dollars every month on eating out and on gourmet coffee. How much more money could you make if you invested that cash into a seminar that’s guaranteed to make you a better trainer?

5 – If you register before August 1st, you get to attend Pat Rigsby’s business event on Friday, absolutely free! This course alone would run $199 if we decided to charge for it, but we do this yearly to make sure that people aren’t just learning about training, but how to grow their own fitness business as well.

4 – Lee Taft. I mean, the guy is one of (if not THE) premier multi-directional speed coaches in the world. Jimmer Fredette (of the Sacramento Kings) may have a sweet “J,” but I know that Lee (who happens to be Fredette’s uncle) has taken his athleticism to all-new highs.

3 – Chris Mohr works with NFL teams, as well as Under Armor. Plus, he has two of the cutest kids in the world. Who doesn’t want to support cute kids?

2 – Did I mention that Sunday you could literally spend an entire day with Dan John? The guy who’s so awesome they gave him two first names?

This guy alone is worth the price of admission!

1 – If these aren’t two of the best seminars you attend all year, I will personally give you your money back – no questions asked.

The early bird registration for both events is July 1st. At midnight on July 1st, the rates will jump anywhere from $100-$200, so don’t delay!

Register now, and I’ll look forward to meeting you in the coming months!

All the best,



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