Bulletproof Athlete IS HERE!

Bulletproof Athlete

This project has consumed the last 1.5 years of my life, but I know the final product is worth the wait.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in the Bulletproof Athlete training system:

16-weeks of done-for-you training programs. I’ve written all of your workouts for the next 16-weeks. All you have to do is show up and train!

3 Programs for 1 Price! I hate one-size-fits-all training programs, so so I created three workouts that you can choose from to determine which is best for you given your needs, goals, and time available to train.

160+ Exercises in the Video Database. I coach and cue every exercise in the program to make sure you’re doing things right. No guessing on how to perform movements – just follow along and you’re good to go!

Weekly Nutrition and Recovery challenges. Every week I give you a nutrition and recovery goal to help you build solid habits. After all, it’s not how hard you train, it’s how fast you recover that’s important!

And you want to know the best part?

You can have the entire Bulletproof Athlete training system for only $97!

If you’re serious about getting leaner, stronger and more athletic, pick up your copy of Bulletproof Athlete today!

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  1. Hey Mike,

    I was part of the beta program of BPA and wanted to say that I loved the program. My strength went up in all my lifts (Bench 315 – 335, Squat 315 – 335 and Deadlift 500 – 530). I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Felt great and strong throughout the 4 months

    • Chris – This is awesome man, and the results are definitely nothing to scoff at!

      What I love is that people are responding a bump in their lifts, but they’re also moving and feeling better. That’s a win-win if you ask me!

    • I provide alternatives to pretty much everything in there, but the one thing you can’t get away without having is a barbell and rack. In months 3 and 4 you’ll have to have that.

      Otherwise, you can work around just about anything. Great question!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Looks like a great program. How much space would you say is needed to complete the program? I should have most if not all the equipment needed, but my gym is in my basement so I am limited in space.

  3. Congratulations! I too, was part of the beta program and also enjoyed it. Do any of use who participated in the original BPB get any update of the program? I’d like to go back to the program but wanted to know if there were any significant changes to it.

    Best wishes,

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