Bulletproof Athlete Review

Bulletproof AthleteSince I’ve released the Bulletproof Athlete program, I’ve gotten a ton of interest about the materials.

The biggest question people are asking is, “Is this program right for me?”

If you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at the product (including training and a nutrition challenge video) you’ll want to watch this video.

I basically cover why I created the program, how the Beta test worked, and show you specific elements of the program.

I hope you enjoy it!

Get The Bulletproof Athlete Training System HERE

EDIT: The audio from my video clips didn’t agree with the Screencast, so here are the video clips for you to review. Enjoy!

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  1. With this program what equipment will I need. I am not a member of a gym at home I have a power rack, a straight bar, bench, and a bunch of bands.

    • David –

      As I mention in the video, if you have a rack/barbell those are the main pieces of equipment. However, you will need dumbbells, too, but I try to give alternatives whenever possible.

  2. Hello Mike, I’m presently in phase one of your Bulletproof Knees program due to some light anerior knee pain on one knee and some light medial knee pain on the other knee. I also ave some lower back pain. Can I go for a program like this or should I wait a few months till I’m on phase 2-3 of the knees program?

    • Benjamin –

      You MIGHT be all right with BPA, as there’s a lot of foundational movement stuff early on.
      If you choose to go that route, just ease into the program and start light.

      Hope that helps!

  3. I had a couple questions for clarification on different parts of the BPA program. Regarding the Regenerate part of phase 1
    of the Monster workout, for the tempo training, do we assume body weight
    resistance or with resistance added? The second questions is in week
    five, it outlines the goals as being three strength training sessions
    however only two are listed for that week. Is one of them to be
    repeated? This same thing appears in later weeks in the program such as
    week 8 for example. Thank you for the clarification. I’m looking forward
    to starting this program.

    • Mike I have the same question as Andrew for Monster Phase 2 do we repeat one of the strength days minus the HRI?

      I don’t have a spin bike so what do you suggest? From the EST video I understand it should be at Anaerobic Threshold for 3 mins. I’m thinking kb snatches or jerks



  4. Hey Mike,
    I’ve been looking over the BPA and couldn’t find videos for Reset (1A) crocodile or supine breathing and wall press abs 1

  5. Mike was hoping you could answer something for me.
    I understand that alone foam rolling and the like are limited but when combined with a strength program that accounts for mobility and stability deficits they are quite powerful. The problem I have is, how do you incorporate them into a program and ensure that the warm up doesn’t blow out to 40 plus minutes. You and many have mentioned that foam rolling isn’t something that can be rushed through, yet whilst I value its importance I find it near impossible to address SMFR pre training without my sessions blowing out ridiculously.

    • Christian – Hard to say what the issue is without watching you warm-up.

      Sometimes people take too long foam rolling, doing up to a 1 minute per body part.

      Some talk in between all their exercises.

      Others just have too many exercises.

      I can tell you this, though – I have a pretty extensive warm-up (5 foam rolling exercises, 2-3 resets, and 6-8 warm-up exercises) and I can get through it in 15-20 minutes tops.

      Hope that helps at least a little bit. If it’s the actual warm-up exercises, you may be trying to “correct” everything at once.

  6. And yes I watched your free videos on the issue and others in their entirety(I appreciate you sharing them with us) and noted you siggestion that SMFR can be less emphasised with program progression. I love the response I get from SMFR, so you think perhaps pre sleep is a more manageable option?

    • Christian – Absolutely. This is actually a preferred time for me, as it works into the entire night-time routine.

      Glad you liked the videos too!

  7. Hi Mike. I suffer from major back and neck pain. I just finish 1 year of physical therapy. I still have a lot of chroni c pain and hyperla ity everywhere. What do you think about it?

    • Sorry Dan but you should probably see a qualified physical therapist to help you with this sort of issue

  8. The link for the forum in the ebook doesn’t seem to work. Gives me a page not found 404 error… 🙁

    I’m also wondering if the material covered in the Magnificent Mobility and Inside Out DVDs are pretty much included in the Bullet Proof Athlete program or is there a lot of additional information in the DVDs/manuals?

  9. Hi Mike,
    I got the BPA manual sometime back.
    Q1: I’m still confused if I should quit the way I used to train. I used to do 1) foam rolling 2) a bunch of mobility exercises 3) starting strength exercises (Back squat, overheadpress, deadlift on day one) ( Back squat, Benchpress and power cleans on day two ) 3 times a week with linear progression.
    I was out of the gym for a month (recovering from patellar tendonitis) and want to start fresh. So is BPA for me ?

    Q2: From page 171 – 223 there are sections for FAT burner, weekend warrior and monster. with headings pahse 1 day1… phase4 day 1.. Is it different from the one mentioned earlier with heading week1 -day1 …. week16 day 3.

    Q3: Also I understand that if I follow the fat burner program it is 2 days a week for initial 3 weeks and 3 days for the last week . How should the days be spaced ?

    Q4: How do I decide what weight should I be using ? In my earlier program it was just 5lb increase every session.


  10. Hello Mike,

    I think your Bulletproof Athlete program looks very interesting, I was just wondering (as many others) whether it is right for me: I’ve been doing a basic barbell program for a few months and I’ve generally had some trouble when after a while some aches/pains or issues with mobility come up and halt my progress. And after resting for a while and then looking at my form and addressing any issues, then not long after something else will come up again and halt my progress again, which is very demotivating. I have never really done any sports and I’m definitely a desk jockey, so I think basic movement patterns are one of the things I need to fix. I often notice my body compensating some instability/inflexibility with bad movement patterns. If I want to build a solid base of basic movements to make my progress quicker and easier, and make me feel less awkward doing basic barbell exercises, is this the right program for me?

  11. Mike,

    I have the same question as Andrew and Dave below regarding Week 5 of the Monster Program. The program and goals page outlines 3 strength training sessions for this phase. However, only 2 strength sessions are listed for each week. What do we do for the 3rd strength session? Please let me know.


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