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Ankle Dysfunction and Knee Pain

I’ve talked about it for years – if you want to have healthy knees, you better assess (and program for) the ankles and hips as well. A new piece of research seems to agree with this notion, especially as it regards to the ankles. While the article hasn’t been formally released yet, here’s the jist […]

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An Interview with Mark Young

Last week, my blog about Experience vs. Knowledge really caused a stir. And for good reason – it was meant to get you all fired up a bit! Now I’m not saying that knowledge isn’t important. Quite the contrary – knowledge is huge! What I wanted you guys to understand, though, is that it’s important […]

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Mind Blowing Research Article…

This is one of those “No-Duh” type studies that you’ll see from time-to-time.  First, let me give you the abstract: Shoulder Joint and Muscle Characteristics in the Recreational Weight Training Population. Kolber MJ, Beekhuizen KS, Cheng MS, Hellman MA. Department of Physical Therapy, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kolber, MJ, Beekhuizen, KS, Cheng, MS, […]

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