Greg Everett on the Coaching and Culture of Olympic Weightlifting

Greg Everett is the owner of Catalyst Athletics, head coach of the USA Weightlifting National Champion team Catalyst Athletics, author of the books Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches and Olympic Weightlifting for Sports, director, writer, producer, editor and everything in between of the documentary American Weightlifting, co-host of the Weightlifting Life Podcast, and publisher of The Performance Menu journal.

Greg is also a fifth-place finisher at the USAW National Championships, masters national champion, masters American Open champion, masters American record holder in the clean & jerk, and Olympic Trials coach.

In this show, Greg and I talk about the changes he’s seen in the Olympic lifting culture over the past decade, his thoughts on coaching newbies both online and in-person, and his response when people say that “coaching the lifts takes to much time.”

It was really great catching up with Greg, and I think there’s some awesome back and forth in this show.

This Week on the Physical Preparation Podcast

  • MR Monologue: How do we fix the injury epidemic in youth sports and training?
  • How Greg got his start in the world of physical preparation.
  • His career path, and how he ultimately wound up in Oregon
  • The moment he knew Olympic weightlifting was his jam.
  • How the culture around Olympic lifting has evolved over the past 10 years, especially with so many people now getting into the sport.
  • How he’d reply to someone that said the “Olympic lifts take too long to coach.”
  • The difference between online and offline coaching, and how he works with new athletes in both domains.
  • The BIG Question
  • The lightning round where we talk about Greg’s biggest influences in Olympic lifting, the books he’s reading right now, and what’s next for Greg Everett.


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