Joel Jamieson on Merging Fitness and Technology to Unlock Human Potential

When 8 Weeks Out founder and best-selling author Joel Jamieson began his career in the fitness industry, he immediately learned the importance of data in gauging the factors that affect fitness and recovery.

But what’s interesting is that those factors are often found outside the gym.

Without an objective technology that can monitor these factors, coaches’ decisions on their client’s fitness programs will revolve around guesswork.

Joel, one of the world’s authorities on strength, conditioning, and energy system development, is passionate about closing this gap between technology and fitness, which is why he created Morpheus, a fitness platform designed to accelerate recovery and fitness.

Joel joins me today to highlight the role of information, data, and technology in optimizing fitness.

He emphasizes the importance of conditioning in any fitness goal and explains how a coach can create an effective conditioning program.

Joel reveals how factors that don’t seem to be related with training or working out can significantly impact fitness results.

He also underscores how data can help prevent injuries while supplementing performance and explains how technology can assist coaches in decision-making.


Coaching without data is a very guess-based process. You can use information in your decision-making process, but without some technology behind that, you’ll have no idea what people are doing. – Joel Jamieson


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • How a late-night post in a forum led Joel to write his Ultimate MMA Conditioning book
  • Why general population coaches should emphasize conditioning in their workouts
  • The goals and elements of conditioning
  • Why long-duration, low-intensity programs get a bad rap
  • The benefits of low-intensity workouts and how to make them less boring
  • How having a training program is different from “working out”
  • How to gauge and track progress in conditioning programs
  • Using technology to guide and support working out
  • What the Morpheus system is and why Joel built it
  • The power of data in coaching and fitness
  • Predicting the future of technology in fitness and sports
  • Getting caught up with collecting data without deriving insights from it
  • Joel’s “Recover to Win” course and the most significant factors that impact recovery
  • The role of recovery in reaping the benefits of fitness training


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