Just when I think I’m out….

The Godfather

“Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”

(Please enjoy the gratuitous Godfather reference).

I definitely feel this way when it comes to the sport of powerlifting.  I made some serious progress in the past and hit some decent numbers, but I never felt like I achieved what I was capable of.  Let’s just say that there were goals for myself that I hadn’t yet achieved, and that still irks me a little bit.

When I moved to Indy in 2005, I had every intention of picking up right where I left off.  A move, a job change, a ridiculous work scheulde, and trying to make time for my wife and a social life have forced my hand a little bit in this regard.  Let’s be honest: When you are trying to be competitive in any kind of strength sports (bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, etc.) it takes a certain amount of time, dedication and sacrifice to compete at a high level.

With that being said, I’m feeling like if I’m going to make a run at those goals, it’s now or never.

I’ve settled into something of a routine at the gym with regards to my schedule.

I’ve got a strong group of people around me to help me push myself.

I’ve got a program (5-3-1) that I think will work great for me, given all of the above.

And most importantly, I think I’m mentally armed and ready to go.

The tentative game plan is a meet sometime next April.  That will give me several months to groove the lifts, get my strength back, and put myself somewhere near my old PR’s.

I have no clue what really to expect, but I know that’s it go time.  I’ll do my best to chronicle the results as I go.

Stay strong



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