Michael DeSanti on the 3 Commodities: Time, Love and Energy

The author of New Man Emerging, Michael DeSanti, has always had a fascination for the human condition.

He dedicated much of his younger years to learning about spirituality, psychology, human design, health, and wellness.

However, it wasn’t until later—when he was working in the corporate world—that he discovered that his passions for human development and helping people could be turned into a coaching career.

Today, in accordance with his life’s mission, Mike serves the world as a Men’s Fulfillment Coach, helping people shift their mindset from success to fulfillment.

Mike joins me today to discuss the difference between success and fulfillment.

He shares how he found his passion for coaching others while working for his uncle’s company.

He explains what it means to “keep death close” and describes the chapter in his life that inspired that philosophy.

He discusses why and how the mind is a tool that can become out of control and differentiates what it means to be responsive or reactive.

And last but not least, Mike also underscores the value of cultivating focused energy and highlights how claiming our uniqueness is a step toward serving humanity.


Success is an achievement in only one domain of life—typically in career or finance. But fulfillment is where all life’s domains receive the appropriate amount of love and affection. – Michael DeSanti


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Mike’s career arc and what led him to become a coach
  • The “Foundations for Fulfillment” and the different domains of life
  • How being mindful of mortality and death can help us live more fulfilling lives
  • The difference between being “in the mind” and “in the moment”
  • Passages from Michael’s book, New Man Emerging
  • Shutting down the “side-line basketball guy” and why Michael never solicits feedback from spectators
  • How commitment and discipline gives us more freedom in life
  • Why we need to claim our uniqueness and inner gifts


Connect with Michael:


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