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Assess and Correct

The praise keeps rolling in for our new product, Assess and Correct.  Here are two plugs that have come in over the past few days:

I have had an opportunity to view Assess and Correct, the latest work from Cressey, Hartman, and Robertson. The materials provided in this package are fantastic and empowering.

The DVD’s and manuals allow one to easily identify limitations, dysfunctions, and asymmetries.  From there, you’ll work toward correcting them, all in an easy-to-follow and efficient manner.

I enthusiastically recommend this product to all athletes, coaches, and movement therapists.

Josh Renkens, DC, MA Ed., ART, MAT
Nashville, TN

Here’s another from a former online client of mine who suffered from undiagnosed patellar tendinosis for years while playing basketball and volleyball in college:

Hey Mike, I’m doing great!

The knee has been feeling great for a while now and I still cannot thank you enough for all your help. By the way, I just have to tell you how great of a product A&C is. Truly the best product on the market today!

The feedback definitely does not lie; Assess and Correct could be the final piece in your training puzzle. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or performance enhancement, why not determine your limiting factors and address them in 2010?

Make it your best year ever; check out Assess and Correct today!

Stay strong



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