Old-School Article of the Week

Nastia Liukin

In this week’s edition of the Old-School Article of the Week, we’ve got an oldie but a goodie.

I get questions all the time about stretching.  While my opinions have changed over the years, most people flat-out need to stretch more.  The article this week is Hardcore Stretching, Part II.

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Two things I will note to get more out of the program:

1 – Always emphasize hip mobility vs. lumbar spine mobility.  On stretches where your back is involved, focus on maintaining the arch in your lower back.  This is applicable primarily to hamstring and adductor stretches.

2 – Get rid of the low back/upper back stretches.  While there could be merit in specific populations, chances are you’ll get a ton of return on investment from simply performing the rest of the routine.

Good luck!

Stay strong



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