Physical Preparation with Fred Eaves


Fred Eaves is the head strength and conditioning coach at Battle Ground Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.

And while you may not have heard of Fred before, I promise – this is a guy you can learn from. Fred is on the forefront and making a real difference with regards to the long-term athletic development of his student athletes.

But perhaps most importantly, he’s gotten buy-in from the administration, to the coaches, to the parents, which may be his greatest feat!

Show Notes

Here’s an overview of what Fred and I covered in this episode:

  • Fred’s journey throughout the strength and conditioning world.
  • How he ultimately ended up at Battle Ground Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • How Fred gets coaches to buy-in to the concepts of long-term athletic development and playing multiple sports.
  • The response Fred has gotten from parents in regards to LTAD and multi-sport development.
  • If Fred can alter the space-time continuum, one thing he would change.
  • The ever-popular “Lightning Round.”

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