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The Myth of Neutral Spine

Neutral spine is a myth. Or at least, the way we currently have this concept burned into our brains is at least a little flawed. Let me explain… When you set someone up to squat or deadlift effectively, there is most definitely a “neutral” position you want them in. I believe this is the optimal […]

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Cuing Good Neck Posture

I love talking about spines; it’s just a fascinating piece of machinery and I’m always trying to learn more about them. And when you consider the fact that 80% of the US population will suffer from low back in their lives (90% if we include neck pain), it’s no wonder people like reading about them!

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Coaching Neutral Spine

One of the most powerful tools we have in our toolbox can be purchased at your local hardware store for less than a couple of bucks. A simple piece of PVC pipe can help you coach and cue neutral spine with your clients and athletes, consistently getting them in the appropriate position. Neutral spine is […]

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