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6 Ways To Be a Better Coach Today

Better Coach Today

As you get older, it’s natural to reflect on your early days, especially when it comes to your career. From 2000-2002, I was an intern/volunteer/assistant strength coach at Ball State University. There, I got my feet wet as an aspiring strength coach, and absolutely fell in love with the job. Looking back, I can’t help […]

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5 More Thoughts on Energy System Development

A few weeks back, my article 10 Nuggets, Tips and Tricks for Energy System Training got some great reviews. However, I don’t feel as though people should take what I say as gospel, either. There was one comment in particular from a reader that stood out: Not that I’m against this style of training, I […]

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10 Nuggets, Tips and Tricks on Energy System Training

Energy system training (EST) is always a hot topic in the fitness and athletic development industries. And unfortunately, I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to EST. With everyone looking to get leaner, more “toned,” or just look and feel like a sexy beast, it’s natural to assume that glycolytic and/or […]

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Patrick Ward Interview

Today’s guest interview features Patrick Ward, a great strength coach and massage therapist I love learning from. If you don’t read his blog already, be sure to check it out. Enjoy!

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Mike’s Top 12 Training Resources

One thing that really pisses me off about our industry is some of the ridiculous “number” posts you see. For example, a few months back I saw a post that was something along the lines of “The Top 50 Fitness Bloggers” or something alone those lines. I won’t claim to be the all-knowing, but I […]

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The Deep Front Line

(Note from MR: Patrick Ward is someone that I haven’t met, but I’ve followed for quite some time online.  He’s a pragmatic and rational coach/therapist, and that’s why I knew he’d deliver a great piece of content to the site.  Enjoy!) ———- Thomas Myers, a former student of Ida Rolf (the founder of Rolfing), has […]

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