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Bulletproof Knees

Here’s a testimonial that I recently received.  Kane came to me a little over a month ago with some pretty debilitating knee pain, and, well, I think the testimonial speaks for itself.  Here goes:

As a college basketball player I suffered through 4 years of knee pain, which never allowed me to preform at my highest level. I saw countless numbers of doctors and chiropractors who all showed me ways to manage the pain to be able to play but never actually cured the problem. Everyone of them looked specifically at my knee, just assuming the problem was located there.
It was not until one of my teammates turned me on to the Bulletproof Knees manual that I started to see some improvement in my movements as well as knee pain. I knew I had to do something to get rid of the problem so I went to see Mike. Within 10 minutes of my initial assessment he was able to determine the problem, my left hip/glute, that none of the doctors ever saw. After only a month on his program, I am now almost completely pain free and playing basketball at a much higher level. I also feel much stronger in all of my everyday movements.
I recommend Bulletproof Knees to anyone with knee pain and my only regret in the whole process was that I did not go see Mike sooner!


If you can visit us here at IFAST, then that’s the optimal way to go.  We can evaluate you in person and develop a program that will address any dysfunctions you might be suffering from.
If you can’t visit us here, you could do a lot worse than picking up a copy of the Bulletproof Knees manual.
Your knees will thank you!
Stay strong


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