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RTS Testimonials

The past few weeks, I’ve had some great feedback from my online clients.  I thought you might be interested in some of this, so here goes!


“When I came to Mike, I’d been having nagging shoulder and knee problems for the last 4 years and.  Despite my time in the gym, I was making no progress at all.

Through the wonder of the Internet, Mike made a thorough analysis of my posture and movement patterns and gave me the verdict: I was a caveman!

I was sitting far too much and displayed all the classic features of the computer guy; rounded shoulders, tight hip flexors and forward head posture. The program he gave me addressed all of the above ailments but without losing focus on improving strength.

In 3 months my posture has vastly improved and I’m a lot stronger. The great thing about training with Mike is that he also takes things like off day training and postural correction strategies throughout the day into account.

Suffice to say the motivational boost in knowing that every single training session brings your closer to your goal, as it is custom tailored to address your specific needs, is tremendous. Furthermore Mike was always available for whenever I hit a rock on the road or had questions.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend anyone who wants to progress in whatever sport they pursue to reach out to Mike.”

Hubert M.


“Mike Robertson’s training programs are the real deal. His methodology is thorough and pointed. I credit his programs with increasing my mobility and core strength, as well as helping me overcome a lingering injury. Because of his programs I can now participate in long-term, high-impact Marine Corps training while staying healthy.”

“I thought I was a hard worker in the gym…then I started on the Mike Robertson training program. Now I know that I am the hardest working person in the gym and serious power lifters and body builders try and keep up with my training.”

John O.


Back in 2008, I was searching for info on shoulder problems from a surfing incident (a partial thickness tear left rotator cuff). A link to T-nation led me to Mike’s site, and eventually taking the long drive from northwestern Illinois to Indianapolis for an assessment and on-line programming.

Besides the shoulder, I’ve had a lot other issues (back injury, broken ribs, 25 years as a mechanic so tons overhead work, and a four year stint at a desk job), so long story short my posture sucked and I had some bad movement patterns.  I was looking to correct my weaknesses and increase my muscle mass.

One of the unique things to myself is that I am a surfer on Lake Michigan, essentially a land locked surfer who travels three to four times a year on surf trips.  I have a lot down time to workout compared to someone living on the west coast.

My programming with Mike started with fixing some serious hip issues, as well as addressing my shoulder strength.   It has progressed to everything from a fat loss program, to shoulder endurance, to plyometrics to increase my pop up speed, and the difference in program types has kept my training from getting stale and made huge inroads into my general overall health.

The best part of training with Mike is the looks I get at my commercial gym as I am standing on a Bosu ball doing arm curls!  Just kidding – Mike’s programming has done wonders for my posture and movement patterns.

If any one says online programming doesn’t work, they are full of it.  My long-term goal is to be in better shape at fifty than I was at forty five. So far I am on the way, and have lost fat and gained muscle in my forty’s so it can be done with good programming and hard work. I just returned from a five-day surf trip, surfing two to three times a day, every day, with no issues.

Thanks Mike – keep up the good work!

Bill Z.


If you’re interested in our online training services, please head over to our services page for more information.

Stay strong



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