Updated Training Log of Sorts

Caroline Radway

I get questions quite frequently about how I’m training, so I figured since I disbanded the training log that I’ll do a little update here.

I’m a little conflicted, to be honest.  The body is feeling quite good these days, albeit at a much lighter body weight than I’ve been at in the past 2-3 years.  Back then, I was consistently walking around at 215-220.  As I’ve gotten back into consistent training and coaching, my bodyweight is back around 200 pounds on a day-to-day basis. Not only do I feel and look better, but most importantly I’m moving much better.

With the feeling good comes the desire to lift heavy things frequently.  However, I also have the RKC certification coming up in mid-April, so lifting heavy things and lifting lighter things repetitively don’t always work well together.  My goal is to get back to previous levels of raw strength, while simultaneously working on conditioning via KB Swings, snatches, etc.

I must admit, however, that I never realized what a great conditioning tool kettlebells can be.  The other day I did 50 snatches with the 16 kg, rested a minute, then did 30 more.  Needless to say, I was gassed!  I need to be consistent with my training, as I need to snatch the 24 kg 90 times in five minutes to pass the test! I needed some technical work on snatching, however, so the 16 kg was the prudent choice in that case.

I think what I like the most about the upcoming certification is the looming deadline.  While it’s definitely not a powerlifting meet, I love the fact that I’m training for something again.  Even with travel to Boston and Australia on the itinerary, I’m planning to get plenty of sessions in while I travel; because if I don’t, I’m going to get my ass kicked in April!

Beyond the basics, the only other thing I’m going to be really focusing on is getting a diesel upper-back, courtesy of our new Elite Fitness Systems chest-supported row.  This thing has the longest lever arm I’ve ever seen, and frankly, I’m sick and tired of doing dumbbell rows.  We’ve even considered doing some before-afters here at the gym, as all the meatheads are pretty stoked that we made this purchase.

So there it is – I’m not sure if there’s anything too note worthy here, but I’ll do my best to keep you posted on how the strength and conditioning are coming around.

Stay strong


BTW – Thanks to KB trainer Caroline Radway for use of her photo in this blog post and my recent article at FigureAthlete.com.  You can find Caroline online at http://kettlebellebody.blogspot.com/.


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  1. Mike! Glad to see that you're doing well. It's amazing how different body shapes and sizes suit us differently, at different times in life. It will be great to follow along with your progress. Somehow I think you will do great, and manage find all kinds of nuggets of knowledge in the bumps along the way.

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