Exercise of the Week: Face Pulls

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Face Pulls

In this edition of Exercise of the Week, I’m going to feature the face pull.  The face pull is an excellent exercise for developing the low and middle trapezius, as well as the external rotators of the shoulder.

Key points to remember when performing this exercise include:

–  Keep your chest out!  Many will collapse the chest at the initiation of the pull.  Instead, keep the chest out throughout.

–  Initiate the movement by pulling through your elbows and squeezing the scapulae together.

–  In the beginning, focus on a 1-2 second contraction at the midpoint.  Focus on squeezing the scapulae back/down.

The face pull is one of the premiere shoulder health exercises, and it should be a staple in your training routine.

Good luck and good health!


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