Aaron Guyett on Habits, Rituals, and Discipline

Aaron Guyett is an entrepreneur, educator, retired Marine Corps Staff Sargeant, and devoted husband and father.

Aaron founded the Innovative Results Fitness Playground after he served at the Corps, and, after becoming a Battle Ropes Master Coach for Onnit Academy, founded Battle Ropes Education, now part of Living.Fit.

Aaron is dedicated to developing “leaders of leaders,” a passion he discovered during his time at the Marine Corps. To this end, he offers certifications, consultations, and workshops for a variety of leaders across the country.

Aaron joins me today to share his ideas on habits, leadership, and fitness training. He describes his experiences with the Marine Corps and how he started in the fitness industry.

He shares his philosophy in fitness training and underscores the importance of bringing back fun and play into the gym. He also discusses how our beliefs create our lives as well as shares his advice on cultivating better and more powerful habits.


We build our belief systems, and then it builds us. The same could be said about our habits. – Aaron Guyett


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • What led Aaron to the world of physical preparation
  • How Aaron pivoted from the marine corps to the fitness industry
  • The importance of leadership development
  • The power of bringing fun and play into fitness training
  • Why battling ropes are the most powerful training tools
  • What it means to be a ‘leader of leaders’
  • The definition of ‘post-traumatic growth’
  • How to use belief systems to create a better life
  • Aaron’s morning routine and how he created it
  • How to cultivate better habits through consistency
  • Aaron’s transition from gym owner to educator


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