Bill Miller on Tracking, Competition and Developing Rotational Power

Bill Miller has been enamored with baseball, strength training, and physical improvement for as long as he can remember.

When Bill was in 5th grade, his brothers became enthusiastic about strength training, and he found himself following their footsteps, using baseball as his avenue for physical improvement.

He took his passion for the sport and played at the collegiate level at Trinity Christian College, where he graduated with a degree in Exercise Science.

Later, Bill played independent baseball with the Frontier Baseball League, where he eventually pivoted from playing to training other athletes.

Today, Bill is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who works with Little League athletes and professionals.

Taking his passion for educating and training others to improve their performance to the next level, Bill authored the book Swing Fast: A Guide to Developing Rotational Power.

Bill joins me today to discuss developing rotational power in baseball athletes. He shares his methods for assessing and profiling and explains how often KPIs should be tracked.

Bill describes the value of fostering healthy competition among athletes and shares the biggest velocity improvement he has seen off-season.

He also highlights the importance of tracking progress and underscores how training in the weight room develops baseball players for the long term.


Whatever you do, measure it. Make some competition amongst your athletes and if you can get more intent out of what they do. It’s the best way to go about training – Bill Miller


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Bill’s backstory and what inspired him to get started in the world of physical preparation
  • How he transformed his passion for baseball into his career today
  • Helping rotational athletes increase their power and Bill’s training philosophy
  • The key similarities and differences between developing rotational power and general power
  • Tracking KPIs, assessing rotational power, and what indicates a good exit velocity
  • Why Bill prefers to use lighter medicine balls
  • Bill’s methods for force velocity profiling and how often athletes should be tested
  • The importance of laying the foundations of strength and hypertrophy
  • How training in the weight room provides joint strength & stability and helps athletes avoid injuries
  • The mistake of getting enamored with the weight room and forgetting the sport


Connect with Bill:


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