Brian Pannuzzo on Building Habits and Long-Term Success

Despite a successful, high-paying career in Wall Street, Brian Pannuzzo risked it all to move across the country with his family and start a new career.

He worked as a financial advisor and bond trader for firms like Merryl Lynch, but after realizing that his stellar career came at the cost of his health and relationship with his family, Brian decided to take control and change his life.

Today, inspired by his journey through self-development, Brian helps other men improve their lives.

In this week’s episode, Brian and I discuss how to build better habits. He explains why he left his high-paying career in finance to become a health and nutrition coach. He shares strategies on creating better habits and emphasizes the power of making small habit changes.

Next we discuss the importance of maintaining a to-do list and prioritizing time for family, and he also shares his advice to his younger self, his reading list, and the reason he consistently tortures himself with cold showers. 


If we do the little things more often, more often they stack-up on each other. Next thing you know, you’re in a skyscraper. – Brian Pannuzzo


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Why Brian left his high-paying Wall Street career to be a health and nutrition coach
  • Brian’s strategies for building better habits
  • How making small habit changes can make a huge impact
  • How Brian encourages his clients to do their workouts
  • The best nutrition and diet for sedentary people
  • How morning routines can impact the rest of the day
  • How self-awareness can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • The power of to-do lists, prioritization, and time management
  • Brian’s advice to his younger self and why he takes cold showers


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  1. Amazing
    Love the realness, love the talk about life. Would love to hear more from Brian about his struggles. Feel like any man and father can benefit, love the family ideas.
    Great job Mike and Brian

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