Bulletproof Knees and Back Seminar IS HERE!

Today is the day – the Bulletproof Knees and Back Seminar DVD’s are here!

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, here’s the link:

Bulletproof Knees and Back Seminar DVD’s

If you need a bit of incentive to act quickly, the price is discounted for this week ONLY. On Friday at midnight, the price will go up from $147 to $197.

Along those same lines, I’m not doing a traditional launch here; I’m doing all the marketing and promotion myself. However, I’m hoping that many of you will be willing to help me out!

Here’s what I need from you:

For every 25 people that either Re-Tweet this page, Share it on their Facebook wall, or post a comment below, I’ll give away a free copy of this DVD Series FOR FREE!

So if 25 people “act” on this, I’ll give away one copy.

100? 4 copies.

200? 8 copies.

Hopefully you get the picture 🙂

So again, here’s what you can do to help:

  • “Share” this on your Facebook wall.
  • “Re-Tweet” this to your followers on Twitter.
  • In the comments section below, please tell me one of two things:
    • What do you want to learn from this DVD series?
    • What are some things you’ve already learned from me with regards to knee and/or lower back health?

The freebie offer (as well as the sale) will end this Friday at midnight, so don’t delay! If you pick up a copy and you are selected as one of the winners, we’ll refund your money immediately. Don’t hope to get one of the free copies, because the price will jump $50 at midnight on Friday!

As always, thanks for your support!

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  1. * What do you want to learn from this DVD series?
    Would love to learn MORE from the best on top of what I already know for what I can do with my right knee ( had ACL reconstruction in 2005, twice. ), and similarly, my lower back with a slipped disc on L5-S1.

    With my current knowledge as a Fitness Trainer & Coach, I’m able to still compete actively, but who knows what new discovery can bring.

    * What are some things you’ve already learned from me with regards to knee and/or lower back health?

    everything here; https://robertsontrainingsystems.com/blog/18-tips-for-bulletproof-knees/

    But what’s lacking in detailed explanation, so perhaps a copy of the Bulletproof Knees and Back Seminar is all I need now 😉

  2. Sir,

    I see a need to help so many people I work with who have knee and back problems. From my experience in the military, knee and hip problems are the #1 reason people can’t accomplish their PT tests. Most of the time they have horror stories about the physical therapy that brought no real results. The average gym-goer I know has had a knee or back problem at some time. Too many people could benefit from this information.

    Off the top of my head, the biggest things I’ve learned from you are single leg training, glute activation (helped A LOT) and since I’m quad dominant, to focus on the hams a little more than I used to. Most importantly, that there really is hope for jacked up knees and backs. They truly can work normally and without pain again.

  3. * What do you want to learn from this DVD series?
    For a long time I’ve wanted to be a physical therapist and am currently working my way through undergrad but spend a lot of my time reading about and practicing the things you teach. I work with soldiers one on one who look up to me because I’m so passionate about correcting pain, and I want to have as many tools in my tool box to better assist them as I can.

    * What are some things you’ve already learned from me with regards to knee and/or lower back health?
    Just by reading your articles on t-nation, watching some of your products and free videos, and following all of your guidelines I’ve gone from shitty posture to bad ass posture which has completely rid me of injury for the longest time from my power lifting training. You’ve helped me to understand a lot about how the body works already and I’m very grateful and excited for when I can apply it when I work with others!

  4. I purchased the Bulletproof Knee’s manual as knee pain and low-back pain kept thwarting my training efforts. By applying the theory and technique in this book I was able keep training. In fact I started running again. I haven’t done that for over 3 years (since a torn Quadricep). Thanks Mike.

  5. thanks, Mike, so much for providing all these resources. You seem to hit upon trouble areas for so many athletes—whereas I did prescribed physical therapy (knees and shoulder) with zero results. You reminded that rest, ice, and a couple peepee exercises aren’t going to cut it for someone trying to be the best he/she can be. I do not want to quit training hard when I’m injured. Not until I realized my health and fitness was in MY hands did I get where I am–feeling better at 37 than I did at 30. I’ve read whatever I can get my hands on and read all of your T-nation articles. Better yet, I’ve implemented your advice and have seen my kneecaps gravitate back to there normal position and quit causing so much pain. Your advice has changed my training and health and certainly will add years to my training life. Thank you!

    • John –

      You’re one of our winners! Please check your e-mail for details on how to claim your prize.


  6. I’m really excited about Bulletproof Knees and Back. Im anxious to learn more about the different causes of back and knee pain, and specifically how hip function leads to pain in those areas. Preventing, managing, and relieving back pain is very important to me to get the best results from my clients, and I know Mike is an expert that can help me help them.

  7. I would honestly like to finally end my back pain and prevent a potential knee injury. I have been struggling with a bad back (counter-rotated disks) for almost a decade now from going to concerts and landscaping work and my spine has paid the price. Ive tried yoga, several different “back pain fix” programs, stretching weight lifting, etc… nothing ever relieves the pain more than a little bit. I also have a running history of knee problems in my family, both my sister and father have blown out their knees several times and it goes way back. I’d like to learn the exercises to strengthen and stabilize my knees to their fullest potential. I am also an avid snowboarder who’s on the mountain every weekend and in the gym 2-3 days a week so my knees take a pretty hard beating as it is and I’d really like to learn the tools that it takes to safeguard both my back and my knees from these demanding activities.

  8. What do you want to learn from this DVD series?
    I would like to learn how to this affects both genders and how to treat both genders since I am a personal trainer and work with both. I would also like to learn more about the causes of the knee and back pain and the differences between genders again as well in terms of the causes.

    What are some things you’ve already learned from me with regards to knee and/or lower back health?
    I’ve already learned the value of muscle balance, getting the proper muscles to fire when doing exercises , how important the glutes are, and the value of single leg training.

  9. I am seriously excited about this product. I have had to fairly major injuries to my knees in the past two years and have had back issues for years. As a soldier, my body takes a beating and I require it to be healthy to do my job. I already have used A&C to great effect on my shoulder and hips. Also Mike’s Blog is always filled with useful information for a guy who has a lot of old injuries yet refuses to not be active. Keep up the good work Mike!

  10. Your information on kinetic anatomy has absolutely changed my life as well as those around me. From the DVD, I would love to learn how to program corrective exercise as it pertains to the back and knee with circuit style training. Heavy barbell lifting, cable stacks, kettle bells etc. I think it would be cool to be able to train hardstyle, but to still be able to perform auxillary moves that will address postural imbalances. I’ve already learned to eradicate lumbar flexion exercises from my programming which has worked wonders for my clients and my own performance. On the knee, I love your concept of the joint-by-joint approach, and I’ve learned from you that the knee is a slave to what’s going on above and below it at the hips and ankles. Discovering you has been an absolute godsend to my health and it’s made my business boom as well because I’m much more effective at writing great programs.

  11. I have gotten several Robertson Training products in past and have always been quite pleased with the content. I first learned of them via a joint product (no pun intended) with Eric Cressey who I already knew to be very credible. I am confident this will be of the same high standard.

    All the best,


  12. What do you want to learn from this DVD series?

    I can’t wait to view this product! I’ll be starting up my own fitness business this summer, and I know this product will give me an edge over other trainers to get a great client base. With so many people out there with knee and back pain I need to know the following:
    1. How to rid someone of chronic pain by fixing imbalances at other areas of the body.
    2. How to bulletproof my clients and myself so that we don’t experience these problems.
    3. How to get a training effect by training around these conditions.

    What have you already learned from me?

    Your blog and your products (Building the Efficient Athlete, Assess and Correct, and Magnificent Mobility) have taught me a great deal about developing proper movement patterns and how to assess/correct dysfunction. I used to think knee pain was all about the VMO, and lower back pain was simply caused by a weak core.

    Thanks for creating what will be another great resource!

  13. I will be inevitably purchasing this product in the future. I am an aspiring CSCS and I’ve got a lot to learn. Assess and Correct will most likely come first though.

  14. I have followed the Robertson Training Systems for years and the results and information have been most beneficial for my clients and myself. “The Bulletproof Knees and Back Seminar” DVD series is just what this “older” man needs. The knees aren’t what they use to be and any information and exercises that can provide results and relief would be welcomed and a blessing for me. …and most definitely I would pass this along to my clients.


  15. Boy; would I love to learn a way to make my knees less painful, short of replacing them!! I’m a 72yr old female retired General Contractor. I’m in good health and it’s depressing that I can’t be the active person I want to be because of knee pain. I try to keep my leg muscles as strong as possible but I am limited in what exercises I can do because of pain. I’m never sure if I’m making things better or worse trying to exercise them. I would sure love to have your DVD’s!!!


  16. Hey Mike,
    I’m a daily blog reader and follower of many of the tips you give us!

    Here is, in my opinion, the most important thing I have learned as it pertains to BOTH the knees and the low back: the HIPS are king…weak gluts can lead to dynamic valgus at the knee leading to PFPS. Also, if the hips are weak, the lumbar spine will move from a stability roll to a mobility roll to make up for the decerased movement at the hips. This can cause low back pain due to overuse, porr postures or compensation. Train glut med to stabalize the pelvis and the hips and low back will thank you….that is what you have taught me 🙂

    Thanks for al l you do!


  17. Can’t wait to get my hands on this new product. I have all of Mike’s other products and can’t say enough about the quality of the content. As always thanks for futhering our industry.


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