Casey Zavaleta on Building a Strong and Healthy Female Body

Casey Zavaleta is a functional strength coach at All Day Fit, a personal training gym based out of Toronto, Canada. Prior to her time there, Casey also worked for Toronto FC of the MLS, and got a double-major in neuroscience and dance from Indiana University.

I originally crossed paths with Casey a few years back while training her husband, Eriq Zavaleta. She was always great to chat with, and I loved how focused she was on continuing education and becoming a better trainer.

In this show, Casey and I talk about why women “aren’t just tiny men,” how to help your new clients build ownership over their training, the diet culture we’re wrapped up in and how to repair your relationship with food, how she explains stress to her clients and athletes, and why she recently started her own podcast.

This is a really great episode, and one I think you’re going to take a ton of practical information away from.


Show Outline

Here’s an overview of this week’s show:

  • Show Intro
    • Vacation
    • My Birthday
    • Summer League
    • The Certification!
  • Deep Thought: Tell the People You Love You Love Them!
  • Interview with Casey:
    • How Casey got started in the world of physical preparation.
    • How a double major in neuroscience and dance from Indiana University ended up in Toronto.
    • The biggest differences between training men and women
    • Why people should spend more time focusing on how they want to FEEL, versus how they want to LOOK.
    • What a typical session would look like with Casey at All Day Fit.
    • “Repairing Your Relationship with Food” – what it means, and why it’s so important for many of our clients and athletes.
    • How we can help clients to tune into their bodies.
    • Casey’s thoughts on relaying stress to our clients and athletes, and why it’s such a critical piece of the puzzle.
    • The BIG Question.
    • A really fun lightning round where we talk about pros and cons of being married to a pro soccer player, continuing education, her experience starting her own podcast, and what’s next for Casey Zavaleta.


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