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Neck Pain

Should you stretch your neck?

The year was 2003. I was working in a chiropractic rehab facility, and I clearly remember rehabbing my first neck pain patient. Even being the over-confident 25-year-old that I was, I had this unique blend of excitement and straight-up fear over working with someone like this. “Mary” was this amazing lady, probably in her early […]

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Cuing Good Neck Posture

I love talking about spines; it’s just a fascinating piece of machinery and I’m always trying to learn more about them. And when you consider the fact that 80% of the US population will suffer from low back in their lives (90% if we include neck pain), it’s no wonder people like reading about them!

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What I Learned from Charlie

Charlie Weingroff isn’t just smart – he’s wicked smart. Last month, we were lucky enough to have Charlie come into IFAST for the afternoon and drop knowledge bombs on us left and right. With no real itinerary or schedule, we simply asked Charlie one question and over the next 3.5-4 hours, he finally got to […]

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No More Neck Pain, Part II

One of the frequent recommendations trainers make is that if you have neck pain and/or headaches, you should stretch your levator scapulae.  But is this really a good idea? If someone has a forward head posture, this may not be good advice.  The levator scapulae is responsible for producing a posterior shear force at the […]

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August 4, 2008

In This Issue – Testimonials – Nutrition Tip – Exclusive Interview:  Pavel Tsatsouline – Upcoming Interviews – New Articles and Blog Posts – Schedule Testimonials:  Bulletproof Knees and Inside-Out “Hi Mike, Onica and I like the Inside-Out and the Bulletproof Knees products. We operate an acupuncture clinic and most of our patients are here because […]

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