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The Physical Preparation Podcast

The Physical Preparation Podcast is a one-stop-shop for trainers, coaches and athletes, where I’ll interview the best and brightest in our industry. Please subscribe via one of the links below to get updates for every new show!

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Matej Hocevar on Training Adults, Sports Science and Movement Culture

Matej Hocevar is the Owner and Co-founder of VigorGround and the Head of Strength and Conditioning at NK Olimpija Ljubljana. For years, Matej has been helping people develop their physical performance and has worked with clients from all walks of life, from national and youth athletes to general population and senior clients. His passion for […]

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The BIG Coaching Q&A Episode

Career development, continuing education, and program design: These are three KEY areas in coaching. But they could be a little overwhelming for everyone! From side-hustlers who want to coach full-time, to coaches who want to take their program to the next level, people raise a lot of questions about these topics: How do you design […]

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Maria Mountain on Building Elite Ice Hockey Goalies

Maria Mountain began her career working as a trainer in a fitness center and worked her way up to become an Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and founder of Goalie Training Pro. In 2005, she opened her strength and conditioning company, Revolution Sports Conditioning (RSC), where she worked with athletes of different sports. Committing […]

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Steffan Jones on Speed, Power and Stiffness in Cricket Bowling

Steffan Jones is a former professional fast bowler for Somerset, Northamptonshire, Kent, and Derbyshire County Cricket Clubs. As a graduate of Sports Science at Loughborough University, Steffan has always been driven to take ownership of improving his physical capabilities. This led him to do his own research on human performance, coaching himself to be the […]

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Alex Wanee on Success and Setting the Standard in Professional Motorsports

Alex Wanee is the Performance Director at PitFit Training, a motorsports performance training facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. After recovering from an illness that caused him to drop out of school, Alex discovered his passion for helping athletes realize their full potential. Inspired by this discovery, Alex began working in the human performance industry while he […]

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Matt Johnson on Building People, Teams and Culture in College Hoops

Matt Johnson’s passion for physical preparation started with a failure when he was 15. Despite his love and talent for basketball, Matt didn’t make it to the Junior Varsity team, so Matt sought out to make himself stronger. Along this journey, he met and trained with Lee Taft, and eventually earned his Master of Science […]

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Karen Smith on Reaching YOUR Strength Potential

Karen Smith has been a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer for over 20 years. Karen specializes in kettlebell and bodyweight training and is currently a Master Instructor for StrongFirst. In the two decades of her career as a coach, Karen has trained students of all fitness levels, from beginners to US Special Forces. She has […]

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Aaron Guyett on Habits, Rituals, and Discipline

Aaron Guyett is an entrepreneur, educator, retired Marine Corps Staff Sargeant, and devoted husband and father. Aaron founded the Innovative Results Fitness Playground after he served at the Corps, and, after becoming a Battle Ropes Master Coach for Onnit Academy, founded Battle Ropes Education, now part of Living.Fit. Aaron is dedicated to developing “leaders of […]

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John Noonan on Sacrifices, Success and Mentorship

John Noonan is a Consultant, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Director of Noonan Performance. John has worked with professional youth, seniors, and international athletes from wide a range of performance sports – from professional football (soccer), rugby union/league, boxing, hockey, golf, and motorsport racing. Since his early childhood, John has always had a fascination with […]

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made in Programming and Coaching

Over the last 20 years of my coaching career, I’ve definitely made every mistake in the book when in terms of writing programs and coaching athletes and clients. I got serious about coaching way back when I was at Ball State University in 2000, and ever since, I’ve done everything from one-on-one to large group […]

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Brian Buck on the Intersection Between Sports Science and Coaching

Brian Buck grew up a huge sports fan. The love of sports eventually parlayed itself into an opportunity to play college baseball in Southern California, and eventually, play in the minor leagues. This experience in professional baseball led him to the field of sports performance, working as a coach and trainer for several teams and […]

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Geoff Girvitz on Programming and Coaching for the Gen Pop

Sports and athleticism used to feel like learning a second language to Geoff Girvitz, but he felt compelled to dig deeper into fitness. Today, as a fitness coach, writer, and the Founder of Bang Personal Fitness, Geoff supports his clients in making fitness a part of their life by reducing the complexity and confusion around […]

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Lee Taft Talks Training Adults, Combines, and Strength Training for Speed

  Lee Taft – aka the Speed Guy – is a highly-respected and world renowned athletic movement specialist. Lee is devoted to sharing his training philosophy and teaching his multi-directional speed methods to performance coaches and fitness professionals worldwide. As a former physical education teacher, Lee has been teaching foundational movement to beginners and helping […]

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Erik Huddleston on The Life of a Serial Intern

Erik Huddleston is the Director of Performance at IFAST. Determined to become the high-level coach that he is today, Erik worked five Strength & Conditioning internship roles for private facilities and universities, including Texas Tech University and Indiana University. Erik received his degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University and his Master’s in Exercise […]

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Martin Rooney on Coaching, Motivation and Culture

Martin Rooney is a fitness expert, entrepreneur, presenter, and the best-selling author of Coach to Coach. A child of a physical education teacher and sports coach, Martin has always loved sports and fitness. He later received a track-and-field scholarship and completed his Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy degrees at the Medical […]

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