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The Physical Preparation Podcast

The Physical Preparation Podcast is a one-stop-shop for trainers, coaches and athletes, where I’ll interview the best and brightest in our industry. Please subscribe via one of the links below to get updates for every new show!

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Leo Totten on Coaching the Olympic Lifts at Every Level

Leo Totten has always had a fondness for athleticism. As a child, he knew he wanted to be a teacher and coach, so after completing his degree in Health and Physical Education at West Chester University, he became a high school P.E. teacher, coaching students in several sports. This background in physical education helped Leo […]

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Matt Hauck on Sports Science and Load Management in Professional Soccer

Matt Hauck was once a high school athlete who was curious about how he can improve his performance. This thirst for knowledge drove him to become a collegiate athlete and began his career in sports science while he was studying. Later, Matt graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Cum Laude at Western Oregon […]

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Stephanie Mock on Developing Better Systems, Coaches, and Athletes

Stephanie Mock is the Head Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach at Mississippi State University. While attending West Virginia University for her Bachelor’s in Sports Science, Stephanie played on WVU’s Women’s Volleyball team and it was during this time that she found her niche and passion for strength conditioning – and how her training in […]

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Marcus Martinez: How to Unleash the Power of the Kettlebell

Marcus Martinez has loved fitness and physical training from an early age. He always wanted to own a gym, so he studied finance at Chapman University to learn how to run it as a business. While he was in the finance and accounting world, Marcus continued working on fitness training and received his first training […]

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Radley Haddad on Assessment, Evaluation and Coaching in Pro Baseball

Ever since he was a child, Radley Haddad has been passionate about baseball. Born and raised in Indiana, Radley started playing when he was six years old with his friends in their backyard. He played travel ball in high school and soon started his baseball career at West Carolina University, where he played for two […]

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Kim Schaper on Why Women Are NOT Small Men

Kim Schaper is a holistic wellness coach and certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping women claim their health and wellbeing. At age 19, Kim developed anorexia, which eventually paved the way to anxiety and depression. She frequented many different treatment centers over the years that followed. When she finally overcame her struggles in […]

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4 Key Ingredients to Client and Athlete Success

An athlete’s triumph lies in more than just training inside the gym or following a routine. After all, while many coaches take their clients and athletes follow specific training programs, not all of them achieve success on the field. In that case, what separates good athletes from great ones? What are the key factors that […]

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Venus Lau on Movement, Energy and Flow

Venus Lau is a certified trainer specializing in movement & flow since 2007 and located in Los Angeles. She has coached professional athletes, other coaches & movement professionals, celebrities, physical rehabilitation, kids, elderly, your average Jill & Joe, and everything in between. Venus has created several online fitness programs— and just launched her own VenusFit […]

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Menachem Brodie on Strength Training for the Competitive Cyclist

Involved in the health & fitness fields for nearly 25 years and coaching since 2000, Menachem Brodie’s last 12 years have focused on strength training for cyclists & triathletes. Over that time he has become the world leader on strength training for cyclists & triathletes, speaking & presenting internationally on the subject and having developed the […]

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Brian Pannuzzo on Building Habits and Long-Term Success

Despite a successful, high-paying career in Wall Street, Brian Pannuzzo risked it all to move across the country with his family and start a new career. He worked as a financial advisor and bond trader for firms like Merryl Lynch, but after realizing that his stellar career came at the cost of his health and […]

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9 Ways to Level Up in 2020

As we are about to begin a new decade, many of us are starting to make plans and goals we want to achieve for the new year. But personally, I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, because statistics show that around 90% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by the end of January. […]

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Dr. Keith Baar on Building Bulletproof Tendons

As a former athlete who considered himself mediocre, Dr. Keith Baar became curious as to why some people respond well to a training program and grew stronger while others didn’t adapt the same way. He followed this curiosity into an internship in strength and conditioning at the University of Michigan’s football team for his undergraduate […]

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Tony Holler on Coaching, Sprinting and Feeding the Cats

With a father whose entire life was about coaching and a mother whose two brothers became career football coaches, Tony Holler has an apparent coaching bloodline. So, it’s no wonder that he lives his life as a coach, coaching track for 38 years, football for 28, and basketball for 14. As a father, he has […]

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Chris Duffin on Building Superhuman Strength

Growing up, Chris Duffin was what he called a “little skinny nerd,” but once he started weightlifting to balance his intellectual and physical aspects, Chris found a new confidence that positively impacted other parts of his life. He maintained this passion for strength building, coaching on the side of an 18-year leadership career in the […]

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Mike Nilson on Leadership and Becoming a Complete Basketball Player

Mike Nilson eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. From junior high through college, Mike has performed on the court – playing for the Gonzaga Bulldogs during their Sweet 16 and Elite 8 runs where he earned the WCC Defensive Player of the Year award. Unfortunately, during his senior year, Mike experienced an Achilles injury which forced […]

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