Chris Duffin on Building Superhuman Strength

Growing up, Chris Duffin was what he called a “little skinny nerd,” but once he started weightlifting to balance his intellectual and physical aspects, Chris found a new confidence that positively impacted other parts of his life.

He maintained this passion for strength building, coaching on the side of an 18-year leadership career in the engineering, high-tech manufacturing, and related industries.

But more than turning-around companies, Chris realized that he loved transforming people’s lives through strength building.

He took this calling for coaching with him and in 2007 started posting content on YouTube while writing on different platforms to reach people around the world. After seeing a lack of education and information on strength building, Chris co-founded Kabuki Strength, a coaching and equipment company dedicated to creating a better world through strength.

His autobiography, The Eagle and The Dragon, is equipped with lessons to help readers find and understand their values in life, underscoring Chris’ mission of transforming people.

In today’s episode, Chris and I talk about how he went from “skinny nerd” to become one of the strongest men in the world, holding a Guinness World Record for deadlifting 17,010lbs in one minute. Chris discusses how his injuries led him to where he is today and what inspires him to use his platform for charity work. Chris also shares what led his successful powerlifting career, how to deadlift 1,000lbs, and how attention to detail can change weight training.


We have to start with the basics. Somehow, the more basic we get, the more people would want to overlook it. – Chris Duffin


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • What led Chris to powerlifting, and his inspirations for coaching
  • Why people who train should set specific goals
  • How to deadlift 1000lbs
  • Breaking down work capacity, axial loading, and force vectors for weight athletes
  • The importance of maintaining torso rigidity in weight training
  • Bringing conscious awareness to weight training
  • How Chris got started in manufacturing weight training equipment


Connect with Chris:


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